Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15 petitions and more

  1. Stand with the Philippines
  2. Say no to year round factory farming for cows
  3. Stop this barbaric behaviour with Tennessee Walking Horses
  4. Ask Costa Rican Congressmen to Say no to Animal Cruelty!
  5. Ecuador: Against barbaric animal cruelty in the army
    Warning, very graphic; please scroll down, to sign at your right
    Since it is a widget, while browsing I found the petition is closed: Dile al Presidente de Ecuador que prohiba el maltrato animal en la instrucción militar
  6. Federal: New Horse Slaughter Ban Proposed as U.S. Slaughterhouses Seek Approval to Resume Production
  7. Stop and penalize dolphin hunting off the coast of Peru
  8. Exemplary punishment for Soza Luis Cuevas, an animal abuser
  9. Save Sengdao, the elephant, Thailand
  10. Stop the deadly monkey shipments by Air France!
  11. Suspend Wolf Hunting and Trapping in Minnesota
  12. Tell Congress to Save Elephants, End Ivory Trafficking in U.S. (US)
  13. Dump the dredging at Abbot Point
  14. Protect Wasatch Wilderness! Support HR 2808. (US)
  15. Tell EPA: no fracking by the Everglades (US)
  1. Stop making cocktails with dog blood in Namibia!
  2. STOP butchering dogs in Serbia!
  3. Prison for animals abusers.
  4. Ban the GAC "Pick A Puppy" TV show!
  5. Tell Iowa Rep. Steve King to Stop Opposing Animal Protection
  6. Stop drinking cat’s blood for religious purposes!
  1. Shut Down Inhumane Puppy Mill
  2. Commend China for Phasing Out Animal Testing
  3. Chastise Kennel Owner for Shocking Abuse
  4. Applaud British Troops for Helping Save Elephants from Slaughter
  5. Don’t Sell Our National Parks
  1. UK Government: Demand President Basescu of Romania stops the brutal slaughter of millions of dogs
  2. Dallas Safari Club: Stop Auction to Kill Endangered Black Rhino.
  3. Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand's Prime Minister: Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  4. Angélica Rivera, Primera dama de la nación: Protección a los que no tienen voz: los animales - Angelica Rivera, First Lady of Mexico: Protecting the animals
  5. Sushri Mamata Banerjee, Honourable Chief Minister, West Bengal: To take adequate action to stop the mounting death toll of elephants on railway tracks in the Elephant Corridor of North Bengal
  6. Justice for Mozart
  7. Gary Black: Replace Alison Smith with an compassionate No-Kill Shelter Director at Walker County Animal Shelter, GA
  8. Consejera insular del Área de Medio Ambiente del Cabildo de Tenerife: No a abatir a tiros a un grupo de perros abandonados en Tenerife.
    NO to the killing of abandoned dogs in Tenerife!
  9. A Las Autoridades De La Provincia De Santa Fe: No Al Decreto 1088 No Sacrificar A Los Perros De La Calle - Sante Fe: No to killing stray dogs!
  10. Señor Alcalde Paúl Granda: Refugio de animales no eutanasico y clínica Veterinaria Municipal - Ecuador, Cuenca: A no-kill animal shelter and a veterinary clinic!
  11. Delegacias exclusivas para crimes contra animais no interior de São Paulo
    Brazil, Sao Paulo: Create a special police force against animal cruelty!
  12. Leopoldo González-Echenique, presidente de TVE: Que no se televisen corridas de toros, y mucho menos en horario infantil
    Spain, TVE: Do NOT broadcast bullfighting on TV again!
  13. Conselleria d'Agricultura, Medi Ambient i Territori del Govern Balear.: NO al exterminio de cabras salvajes para reforestar la Serra de Tramuntana.
    Balearic Islands: Do NOT exterminate wild goats to reforest Serra de Tramuntana.
  14. Mr Kevin Rudd Prime Minster Australia: Remove Aerial Culling from Brumby Management Plans
  15. Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires: No Quiero Mas Mateos En El Botanico
    No more dead animals at the Buenos Aires Botanico Zoo!
  16. Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y Presidencia de la Nación: Que no haya más carros tirados por caballos
    Buenos Aires: No more horse drawn carriages
  17. Aprobación de la Ley que prohibe la exhibición de animales para su venta en CABA
    Approval of the law that prohibits the display of animals for sale at CABA
  18. Müller Drogerie: Nerzöl-Produkte raus aus dem Sortiment
    No more mink-oil products in Müller drugstore!
  19. Her Sokağa Bir Hayvan Barınağı - Istanbul, Turkey: Grants for animal care-takers
  20. LXII Cámara de Diputados, S.H.C.P: No al I.V.A. a alimentos para animales y pequeñas especies - Mexico: say NO to VAT/high tax rate on pet food!
  1. Save Pangolins from Extinction
  2. Protect Tigers from Coal Mining in India
  3. Demand for conviction for man who beat 5 puppies to death in broad daylight!
  4. Demand that police department from Jinan city China arrest the person who slammed 5 puppies to death
  5. Time to End Cosmetics Animal Testing in Canada!
  6. Love ZOOS? Urge congress to stand against animal cruelty
  7. Ask Province Of Ferrara (Italy) to abolish the plans of killing the foxes
  8. Pass Confinement Bill A00424 to Ban Abusive Tiny Crates and Cages for Hens, Veal Calves and Pigs
  9. Save Guernsey's Amber Listed Species
  10. We want Antarctic ocean sanctuaries!
  11. Set Harsher Laws Against the Cruel Treating of Animals
News and Polls
  1. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with animal testing? No, definitely not
  2. Updated: Limited spring bear hunt allowed in North
    Poll: Should Greater Sudbury opt-in to the spring-Bear Hunt? NO!
  3. Vote for Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary
  4. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  5. Help rescue horses during their rehabilitation. Vote please.... or Vote for this if you have another email address. First time you need to confirm the address, later you can vote without confirmation: Project 171 for Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
  6. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life  - Scroll down to vote for this story.
  7. More reporting sources
  8. Website: Animal Defenders International
  9. Newsletter - eNews: A Milestone for Cats - Alley Cat Allies
  10. Website: Help 4 Strays | Rescuing, protecting, treating, caring about strays
  11. Newsletter - GYE-News: Idaho paradise/Winter use/Grizzly's future
  12. K9 Rescue Bulgaria » Borko Eviction Update - Justice has been served!
    K9 Rescue Bulgaria » Become a K9 Sponsor Angel!
  13. Paul McCartney's Letter to Vladimir Putin in Support of Greenpeace

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