Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14 petitions and more

  1. Tell our new PM to honour our marine reserves!
  2. Save Australian animals from live exports
  3. Urge Taiwan Not to Inject Puppies with Rabies
  4. Stop the Animal Brutality in Para, Brazil
    Marcelo Pamplona, mayor of Para, Brazil, used spay/neuter funds as bounties to brutally kill dogs!
  5. Tell Senate Committee: Reject "Grazing Improvement" Act (US)
  6. Demand from your state to register animal abusers in their communities.
  7. Abolition of bullfighting in the State of San Luis Potosi (confirmation needed)
  8. Bulls Ripped Apart in Barbaric Ritual--Take Action Now!
  9. Petition to ban fur farming in Poland
  10. Beyond words - this bull should make Australia weep. (AUS)
    if you're not Australian you will be given a link to international petition
  11. Against English badger 'cull'
  1. Justice for Bomber, the horse mutilated and killed in Tennessee, US!
  2. Stop the cruel death of cats in Minsk, Belarus!
  3. STOP Turkey’s dog massacre law!
  4. Stop torturing and killing animals during military training exercises!
  5. Say No to Euthanasia in Romania
  1. Que se apruebe la Ley contra el maltrato animal en Costa Rica.
    A Law against Animal Abuse in Costa Rica!
  2. Change the way American laws look upon animals. Enforce severe penalties, fines, and imprisonment for animal abuse.
  3. Castigo Ejemplar Para Luis Soza Cuevas, Maltratador De Animales, Que La Fiscalia No Solicite Salida Alternativa
    Exemplary punishment for Soza Luis Cuevas, an animal abuser!
  4. No Al Sacrificio En Perrera Municipal De Adeje (Tenerife)
    No killing in the dog pound of Adeje, Tenerife!
  5. Stop and penalize dolphin hunting on the coast of Peru
  6. For the Protection of Wolves in France
  7. For The Real Animal Protection Law in Russia
  8. Stop the slaughtering of Sweden's wild animals!
  9. Mauritius, Stop The Live Import of Cattle And Other Farm Animals!
  10. No pig farm in Dargelütz
  1. Stop Killing Wolves in Minnesota
  2. Support Endangered Iberian Lynx Breeding Program
  3. Stop Police from Shooting Dogs
  4. Commend Stylist for Advocating Cruelty Free Fashion
  5. Defend Endangered Forests and Indigenous Rights
  6. Commend Organization for Saving Rhinoceros from Poachers
  7. Stop McDonald’s from Torturing Chickens
  8. Commend Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses
  1. Coach Inc - Stop Selling Rabbit Fur Products!
  2. UTZ: Add animal welfare clauses to the UTZ Certification criteria
  3. European and Romanian Authorities for Justice and Human Rights, Romanian Attorney General, Bucharest Attorney General, MAI, Romanian Police, Bucharest Prefect, Ministry of Justice, CEDO: Investigate and Punish Mr. Sorin Oprescu, Razvan Bancescu, Ion Tincu
  4. Outlaw halal certification to the non kosher/halal population in the UK. Re-instate the stun laws for slaughtering in the UK (target?!)
  5. Gobierno de España: Una ley donde se proteja a los perros de caza
    Spain: Implement a law that will protect hunting dogs/hounds
  6. Beto Richa: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Paraná.
    Brazil: Create an Animal Protection Police in Paraná!
  7. Abschaffen des Jagdgesetzes insbesondere des § 29! Stoppt das legale Töten unserer Haustiere durch die Jäger!
    Germany: Stop the legal killing of our pets by the hunters!
  8. Gobierno del Estado: No pedimos, exigimos la salida de Leslie Bustamante, encargada hoy de antirrabico de Cd. Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, esta mujer es extremadamente cruel al asesinar a los perritos.
    Mexico: Fire Leslie Bustamante, a woman who is extremely cruel to animals.
  9. Monsieur Akouz Mustapha : Interdire les Rodenticides
    Brabant, Belgium: Ban Rodenticides!
  10. Ban declawing of domestic animals in the State of Colorado.
  1. Stop the Anti-Wolf Agenda in Wisconsin!
  2. Tell Fish and Wildlife to Protect Wolves!
  3. Who's Killing Endangered Red Wolves in North Carolina?
  4. Abolish Climate Changing Subsidies
  5. Ban Canned Hunting of Lions Now!
  6. Save Costa Rica's Wildlife from Electrocution
  7. Stop Killing Elephants In Train Accidents In India
  8. Destroy the Canadian Harp Seal Hunt!
  9. The law which bans hunting and extermination of dolphins and whales
  10. The Yellowstone iconic grizzly bears need to be protected
  11. Stop the RSPB from carrying out a cull of wild goats at Loch Lomond.
  12. Stop the Destruction of Endangered Species' Habitats!
  13. Put an End to Whaling Today
  14. Stop poaching the African Elephant
  15. Stop the bad treatment of dogs in Greece
  16. Stop the needless killing at Arizona animal shelters
  17. Justice for Piglet
  18. Save the Staten Island Turkeys
  19. ACT NOW: NO MORE oil drilling but MORE hydrogen and renewable energy power plants; 17 December 2013
News and Polls
  1. (use translator please)
    November action for Buzau dog pound, Romania.
    50 dogs need to be rescued before winter begins!
  2. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  3. Help rescue horses during their rehabilitation. Vote please
    Project 171 for Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital or Vote for this if you have another email address. First time you need to confirm the address, later you can vote without confirmation.
  4. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story.
  5. Press Release: Spain's dignity seriously damaged by declaration of bullfighting as cultural heritage of the country.
  6. Alleged Cruel Crush Video Producers Standing Trial in Philippines
  7. FB page: Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists
  8. SAFE : Rodeo abuse (New Zealand)
    SAFE is delighted to announce that the International Rodeo event, the largest rodeo in the country, will not go ahead this year.
  9. Israel Will Trap, Neuter and Return 45,000 Street Cats
  10. GAIA Newsletter: Ipsen will stop testing botox on mice at the end of 2014
    (use translator please)
  11. Funny Dogs Escaping Compilation 2013 [VIDEO]

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