Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2 petitions

  1. Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa
  2. Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (US)
  3. NY: You Can Help Dogs in Puppy Mills Today (NY)
  4. Los Angeles' proposed Citywide Cat Program needs greater protections for community cats! (Los Angeles residents)
    Deadline for comments is 4:00 pm November 4th
  5. Tell Instagram to Stop Allowing the Sale of Live Animals
  6. Protect Rare Wetlands for Swamp Rabbits
  7. Don’t Put Whales and Polar Bears at Risk (US)
  1. Demand that Romanian Prime Minister Cancel Environmentally Dangerous Mining Project
  2. Commend Indonesia for Deal to End Illegal Logging
  3. Demand Rigorous Conservation of Indonesian Coral Reefs
  4. Support Safer Pet Food
  5. Create an Ocean Reserve in Antarctica
  6. Protect Diverse Rainforest from Destruction
  1. Save the Amazon: Support Indigenous Women to save Life and the Environment
  2. Quincy Police Dept and ARL: We want to thank you for all the hard work and tireless efforts in the "Puppy Doe" case!
  3. New York City Department of Parks & Recreation: Give Lincoln Terrace Park A Dog Run!
  4. Help make bestiality a felony in every state!
  5. Harsher Punishment for Animal Abusers
  6. Allen County Council Members: Ban Animal Circuses in Allen County, IN
  7. Mayor Ray Mann and council of Park City, KS: End Specific Breed Legislation
  8. Tell New Hampshire Lawmakers: Helping Animals Is Not A Crime!
  9. The NJ State Senate: Create More Humane Statutes For Animals Kept Outdoors
  10. Dallas Safari Club: STOP buying & auctioning any permits for the KILLING of endangered species, like Namibia's Black Rhino. Don't go through with the hunting event of a rare, Critically Endangered species, the Black Rhino.
  1. Stop Selling Dog Fur
  2. Philippine Airlines- Stop Transporting Research Primates to Laboratories
  3. No Irish Greyhounds to Spain
  4. Protect Our Wild and Scenic Rivers from Big Oil
  5. Tell President Obama: No deals on Keystone XL!
  6. Tell President Obama: We Don't Need a Keystone XL Oil Spill
  7. Protect Grizzly Bears' Habitat!
  8. Stop Killing OUR Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountain States, Wisconsin, Montana, and Alaska NOW
  9. We want the maximum charges for the death of "Kilo" a Shepherd Mix Puppy
  10. Stop Walmart buying from pork suppliers that use torture on their pigs
  11. Demand that Anthony Bourdain stop hindering progress on the seal hunt ban
  12. Encourage strong regulation of commercial trade in bumblebees
  13. Help Grivita, disfigured dog from Romania ?!
  14. Environmental Hazard/Animal Cruelty - Mink Fur Farm Erecting in Haliburton, PEI
  15. Ban Lion Trade: Stop Sales Of Lion Bone
  16. Abuser Needs To Be Punished For The Abuse And Death Of Dog
  17. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management - No more leases!
  18. Longline Fishing Kills Indiscriminately

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