Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 23 petitions

  1. Keep Radioactive Frack Wastewater off our rivers
  2. Help stop the transfer of whale products through EU ports
  3. Urge the Rose Parade to Cancel SeaWorld’s Float!
  4. Hialeah Fair To Host Banana Derby Monkey Jockeys
  5. Argentina: Stop cockfighting in Tucuman!
  1. Commend Plan to Help Animals to Get Adopted
  2. Commend Furniture Retailer for Investing in Wind
  3. Demand BP Apologize for Online Harassment
  4. Ban University’s Cruel Dental Experiments on Dogs
  5. Encourage China to Preserve Tibet’s Environment
  6. Support Challenging Root Causes of Animal Abuse
  1. Ban Hunting of Red Panda in China
  2. Stop the Amendment on the Farm Bill
  3. Tell Congress To Fight Wildlife Trafficking
  4. Take Action to Bring Back the Greater Sage-Grouse
  5. Support Women’s Health to Save Wildlife
  6. Tell the FDA our pets deserve safe food rather than salvaged spoiled, rotten human foods
  7. Stop shark finning NOW!
  8. Stop horse slaughter now!
  9. Get rid of animal abuse on Youtube
  10. Stop use of illegal Heart Stick euthanasia in PUTNAM Co.
  11. Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji
  12. Encourage Federal Licenses and Stronger Laws against Internet Puppy Mills
  13. Demand Congresswoman Blackburn Stop Opposing Efforts To End Horrifying Horse Abuse!
  1. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? NO!

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