Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18 petitions and more

  1. Bosnia: NO to Amendments, yes to TNR! (automated mailing system)
    For more: Anti Kill-Law Fight – How To Help
  2. Stop the Excessive Roundups of America's Few Remaining Wild Horses and Burros
  3. Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery!
  4. Protest letter against the dog meat trade in Vietnam (traveling agencies)
  5. FB event: Boycott update! Vietnam travel agencies now being targeted! Info on post that is pinned to top of event
  6. We Urge The Chinese Government To Stop The Yulin Festival Of Eating Dogs In Guangxi Province (June 21-23) (US)
  7. Mr. Constantin Octavian protect the dogs in Buzau (Romania) from freezing and starvation. (confirmation needed)
  8. Save the Elephants! End the Ivory Trade in the U.S.
  9. Protect Millions of Hunted Animals! Block the Sportsmen’s Act.
  10. Build “Greenspaces” in Urban Metropolitan Areas
  11. Boycott Travel & Tourism to South Africa
  12. Austria: Statement of Solidarity against hunting on private land
  13. Justice for Bomber, the horse mutilated and killed in Tennessee, US!
  14. Stop torturing and killing animals during military training exercises!
  1. Let's end with the sacrifice of dogs and cats in China
  2. Petition the Chinese government to stop the Yulin dog eating festival and pass animal welfare laws.
  3. Public feeding systems for stray animals in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Athens
  4. Amur Region: Revise and amend the Animal Protection Law!
  5. Government: Forgive the Debts of SUIPA in Rio de Janeiro and save their animals.
  6. New Zealand: Be honest about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.
  1. Stop India’s Speeding Trains From Colliding With Elephants
  2. Eliminate the Ivory Trade
  3. Stop the Abuse of Racing Greyhounds
  4. Commend China for Phasing Out Animal Testing
  5. End Animal Testing at Oxford University
  6. Commend Music Legend for Defending Hunted Wolves
  7. Prevent Show Horse Abuse
  8. Protect Marine Life from Deadly Fishing Practices
  9. Save Bats from Extinction
  10. Require Bear Safety Classes for Residents in Bear Country
  11. Ban SeaWorld From Rose Parade in Protest of Their Animal Abuse
  12. Thank Pope Francis for Supporting Anti-Fracking Efforts
  1. Minister of the Defence of the Russia Sergei Shoigu: Send bloody Monster Ivan Tumanin to jail forever
  2. Greek Ministry of Tourism: Enforce the current Law prohibiting the poisoning of stray Cats and Dogs which is being flouted by many communities and municipalities across Greece.
  3. Minister of Internal Affairs, Croatia Attorney General, Zadar Attorney General, Croatia National Police, Zadar Police, Prefect of Zadar County: Maximum jail time for the men who committed these atrocities
  4. Protect The Swedish Wolves! Stoppa vargjakt – flera valpar föräldralösa i vinter!
  5. President Obama, Sec Sally Jewell, Sec Tom Vilsack, Dir Dan Ashe: Stop the killing of the wolves, canis lupus in the U.S.A.
  6. Silenced Hoofbeats: End Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
  7. Rommy Rodriguez: I am asking for the maximum penalty 5yrs, and $5,000. This woman beat a poodle puppy to death for 20-30mins, in her home.
  8. Youtube & Google Inc: Remove ALL Melissa Bachman's videos from Youtube
  9. DIRECTV: Please drop The Pursuit Channel from your lineup
  10. Meijer: Stop promoting hunting
  11. Por la Protección y Conservación del lobo Iberico (Canis lupus Signatus)
    Spain: Protection and conservation of the Iberian Wolves!
  12. This page should be taken off of the net because you promote animal abuse and animals killing.
  13. Manatee County Department of TourismManatee Board of County CommissionersP. O. Box 1000, Bradenton, FL 34206-10001112 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205Phone: (941) 748-4501: Help save Buck and Bill
  14. Delaware Attorney General: Prosecute Lynn Lofthouse, Beth West and all Safe Haven board members
  15. The Canadian Government: STOP The Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline Project
  16. Prime Minister Perry Christie: Help Save The Bays before Paradise is Lost!
  17. Studentenwerk Tübingen Hohenheim: Jeden Tag ein Menü für vegane Studenten
  1. Oppose to dog eating festival starting 21st June.
  2. Stop The Wolf Harvest For State Of Minnesota
  3. Indian Railways to Reduce Train Speed, Stop Killing Elephants!
  4. Stop factory farming!
  5. Urge Shelter Reform to End the Killing at NYC ACC!
  6. Convert high kill animal shelters into no-kill shelters!
  7. Stop healthy race horse slaughter! (target/!)
    Stop slaughtering healthy horses! (2nd petition, target?!)
  8. Stop poisoning our dogs and cats
  9. Standing Together For The Horses at Otter Creek Ranch Miltown, WI (target?!)
  10. Stop the brutal abuse in Saudi Arabia
  11. Stop chem-trails and geo-engineering now and save the animals who are being poisoned!
  12. Stop Melissa Bachman
  13. Demand an end to the captivity of orca whales now!
  14. Mr. President, This Thanksgiving Pardon the Polar Bear
  15. Demand Stronger Safety Measures for Louisiana Oil Refineries
News and Polls
  1. FB profile: Bagdat Ozz  Romania, a plea to help out! Horrendous situation!
  2. Next week: important hearings for wolves! Your presence is needed!
  3. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  4. Updated: Limited spring bear hunt allowed in North
    Poll: Should Greater Sudbury opt in to the spring bear hunt? NO
  5. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  6. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story!
  7. Vote for Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary!
  8. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for either "Eastern Pacific Hawsbill Initiative" or "Save the Frogs". US only
  9. Help rescue horses during their rehabilitation. - Vote please.... or Vote for this if you have another email address. First time you need to confirm the address, later you can vote without confirmation: Project 171 for Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
  10. "Puppycide": Seeking a Solution to a Growing Problem
  11. FB event: Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law! (update)
  12. Website: FOUR PAWS International
  13. Success! No More Dogs Will Be Forced to Race in Bolton
  14. Botswana has officially banned hunting wild game for sport beginning January 2014. A first great success of our petition!
  15. Cat and Fox [VIDEO]
  16. My Dog Rescues Kittens
  17. Elephant spontaneously plays piano duet (VIDEO)

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