Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8 petitions and more

  1. Ban Fracking Now
  2. Scotland: Include vital whale and dolphin habitat in their proposed marine protected areas (UK)
  3. Protect Wildlife on America's Farmlands (US)
  4. Take Action For Lucy
  5. EU must intervene and stop the slaughter of dogs in Romania
  6. Madonna with a rifle for the hunters?
  7. Egypt must STOP killing MILLIONS of migrant insect-eating birds before FAMINE and PLAGUE kills MILLIONS of Africans.
  8. Save Canada's Endangered Greater Sage-Grouse
  9. Demand an animal abusers registry in your state. (US)
  10. Tell Senator Boxer to save wild horses from slaughter
  11. Submit comment opposing dolphin carrying torch at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014! (use translator please)
  12. Save Laniakea (Lani’s): Stop the barricade! (US)
  13. Ban Horse Slaughter & Transport (US)
  14. Take Action: Stop the Anti-Wolf Agenda in Wisconsin!
  15. Government must act urgently to avert a tree planting crisis. 
  16. Keep Michigan Wolves Protected | Ask Governor Snyder to Stop the Hunt
    Gov. Snyder: STOP the November 15 wolf hunting season! (MI residents only)
  17. Sound the alarm before even more wild horses disappear from Stan Palmer's property (US) - To post your message, go to Senator Barbara Boxer fb page.
  18. Help us campaign against new beagle breeding facility
    Send the following sample message to the provided email address:
    "Planning Committee, I ask you politely to reject Yorkshire Green's application to build a new facility to breed and supply dogs and rodents to the research industry! Thank you!" ->
  19. FB event: Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law!
    Send the sample email to the provided addresses.
  20. FB event: Free the NIBSC Primates- Online Action- Now! (UK)
    Post a message please: No more cruel, sadistic and useless primate experimentation, let these monkeys go to a sanctuary!
  21. Keep the 400 Remaining Sumatran Tigers Alive
  22. Vote for Animal Welfare in the EU - Pledge please
  23. UK Consumers want ALL Ritually Slaughtered Meat LABELLED with a simple 'RS' no matter how stunned or what its source is.
  24. Stop Foston Pig 'Prison' - say NO to intensive US-style pig farming
  25. Taiwanese Government: Cancel plans to expose unvaccinated beagle puppies to the rabies virus now! (US)
  1. End Gadhimai: The World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice
  2. Reprimand Couple for Hoarding and Abusing Cats
  3. Support Positive Steps to Protect Animals
  4. End Live Animal Trade in Australia
  1. Sign for a fur free Netherlands
  2. Stop illegal animal slaughter: Replace toothless legislation's - Miss Sukanya Kadyan
  3. HSBC & DBS Bank: Stop investing in Bumitama Group
  4. South Korean Government: All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.
  5. Presidente Dilma Rousseff: Proibição aos testes animais para cosméticos no Brasil
    President Dilma Rousseff: Ban animal testing for cosmetics in Brazil
  6. Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China
  7. Justice For Cabella. Punishment to the fullest extent for his former owner/killer.
  8. Stop the Gas Chamber Abuse Horrors at the Randolph Animal Control!
  9. Para que o Estado faça justiça para combater os abates do Lobo Ibérico pelos caçadores e população.: Que a queixa crime feita pela morte da Bragadinha, uma loba com crias e coleira GPS, no PNPG vá ávante e os caçadores sejam devidamente punidos - Justice for the killed wolf and punishment for the hunters!
  10. Papa Francisco onora il nome del santo che porta ed è posizionato contro la crudeltà sugli animali - Pope Francisco: speak out against the animal cruelty!
  11. Stop bullfights in Portugal
  12. We Demand the Protection of the Cyprus Fox
  13. Justice for Giggles the Fawn
  14. SeaWorld: Please free Tilikum and your other orcas to a Sea Pen for rehabilitation!
  15. Governments of UK & Ireland: Amend the Pet Travel scheme rules between UK & Ireland
  1. Give Lynx in New Mexico Federal Protection
  2. Thank Jakarta for making Masked Monkey Shows Illegal
  3. Tell Fendi to Stop Using Rabbit Fur
  4. Ban the Consumption of Lion Meat in Illinois
  5. Help Save the Northern Long-eared Bat
  6. Who's Killing Endangered Red Wolves in North Carolina?
  7. Help Keep Thousands of Marine Mammals Out of Fishing Nets
  8. Demand Craig Ferguson remove the mounted Rhino head trophy from his Late Show set
  9. Stand Up and Say NO to Animal Cruelty in Queensland
  10. Demand the end to puppy farming and the export of live puppies to Singapore to sell in pet shops
  11. For "Porpoise" Sakes! China's Threatened Finless Porpoise
  12. Demand an end to the suffering. Shut Down the Melbourne Cup
  13. Improve Lives of Elephants
  14. Ask America's Auction Network to stop selling ivory and conducting "Ivory Sale Week"
  15. Nov. 18 Deadline! Urge the National Chicken Council to Improve Animal Welfare
  16. Humane Livestock Transportation
  17. Release Axel and Angus
  18. Demand justice for the two puppies killed and thrown away like trash in House Springs Mo USA
  19. Animal Registration system
  20. Demand The Tenney School Rose Martinez, Principal on leave or terminate her for animal abuse.
  21. Stop the NSPCA from forcing their outdated rules on smaller branches!
  22. Lift Up Plummeting Bats
News and Polls
  1. Death row dog skirts the needle, disappears before arriving to forever home
    A woman in Kentucky is desperate to find a dog who disappeared in Cypress, Texas
  2. Reward Tripled to $7,500 for Information on Illegal Killing of Red Wolves in North Carolina
  3. Akcja Taka, Tona Karmy Dla Zwierzaka! - Short Video, if the film gets seen by 500,000 people, the shelter in Poland will receive 1000 kg of free food for the animals, which means a lot! Now on 431,490 views!
  4. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life
    Please scroll down to vote for this story! If we win the following contests it could mean $50,000! Can you imagine how many puppy mill dogs that could save? Please vote daily!
  5. Vote YES to Abolish Bullfighting!
  6. FB event: Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law!Update: Amendments that should prevent kill provision are proposed. The responsible committee shall initiate debate on the proposed law and submitted amendments. Donation project: Stop kill-law in Bosnia-Herzegovina!
  7. U.S. appeals court halts slaughter of horses for meat
  8. Website: Soi Dog Foundation - Dog and cat rescue, Thailand
  9. Newsletter from Hillside Animal Sanctuary
    Feeding Hungry Horses and News about Franklin the Puppy...
  10. Website: Home | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project
  11. FB video: SHARE and watch the love between a kitten & baby deer!
  12. People vs Winter [VIDEO] just for a laugh
  13. Take a Minute… | Howling For Justice

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