Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3 petitions and more

  1. South Korean Food Torture Culture - dogs & cats boiled alive for ancient tonics and elixirs - Needs more signatures before Nov. 5 when the president of S. Korea is visiting the UK.
  2. Until The State Of Wyoming Halts Wolf Hunting, We Call For A Ban On Wyoming Tourism
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Animal Fighting Provision in Farm Bill Needs Your Help! (US)
  4. Email - One Click to Help Animals on Fur Farms Plus Last Call for Fur Free Friday Organizers (newsletter: 2 petitions and news...)
  5. Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse and Abandonment/Neglect
  6. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  7. Ask your member of Congress to oppose wolf delisting (US)
  8. Belgium: No killing of stray cats! (confirmation needed)
  9. Animals Are Not Needed in Military Training
  10. Save Pets From Abusive Research Practices
  11. Stop Big Ag From Silencing Whistleblowers!
  12. Please help remove King Amendment from final Farm Bill (US)
  13. Help free Greenpeace activists
  14. Save our marine sanctuaries
  1. Stop Cruel and Fruitless Experiments on Animals
  1. Mayor Theresa Surita of Boa Vista do Rio Branco, Roraima, Brazil: Investigation in case Cleytton Rasec and his two friends
  2. EU: We urge Romanian media inquiry by an European Commission for instigating to acts of violence and cruelty against humans and animals
  3. We demand Anghel family to be punished for negligence. Don’t blame innocent animals and people!
  4. Papst Franziskus, wir protestieren gegen die Hubertusmessen und Waffensegnungen - Pope Francis, we protest against the Hubertus Exhibitions and weapons blessings
  5. DEFRA and the E.U: Stop giving farmers and land owners Environmental Stewardship payments
  6. A las comunidades autonomas EspaƱolas: FIN del SACRIFICIO de animales
    Spanish autonomous communities: END the KILLING of animals in kennels
  7. Belgium government and minister Joke Van Schauvliege: Stop killing foxes in Belgium/Flanders
  1. Urgent: Last Chance to Protect America's Wolves
  2. Tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell: Put a Stop to this Delisting Catastrophe
  3. Help Save My Pitbull From Death
  4. Why Not Have A Spay and Neuter Clinic? (target?!)
  5. Demand an end to the torture of pigs
  6. Sign On to Stop Wildlife Crime
  7. Tell Russia to Release Greenpeace Activists and End Arctic Drilling for Good
  9. EPA - Save Our Sea Life (target is Care2?!)
News and Polls
  1. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  2. YOU Grant - Congratulations to the American Humane Association for winning the October 2013 $ 5000 Lakers Youth Foundation YOU Grant!
  3. Kennels for the Public Shelter Bistrita (Romania)  Please cast your VOTE
  4. Hunters' Association: Exterminate the Wolf from Sweden
    Should the wolf stay in Sweden? Vote Yes/JA
  5. Sarah Palin Responds To Piers Morgan With A Picture Of A Freshly Killed Bear On Facebook (PICTURE)  - Quick Poll: Whose team are you on?
    The poor bear who has just been savagely murdered for sport
  6. Books on animal liberation by Warcry Communications
  7. Woman trying to create new breed of animal using dead and live cats for Frankenstein experiments is arrested after 100 feline corpses are found in her freezers
  8. Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals
  9. Collars Not Cruelty
    Through the Collars Not Cruelty campaign, WSPA works with local partners and authorities to stop the killing of dogs and instead set up vaccination clinics. The dogs are vaccinated against rabies and given a bright red collar so the community knows these dogs are safe; preventing them from being killed and protecting everyone from rabies.
  10. Will You Walk Through Fire for Animals Too?
  11. All sentient beings deserve rights (use translator please)
  12. A liberated mink writes a thank you letter
  13. Very Sweet Video: Happy World Vegan Day (Amazing Cat feeding ducklings!)
  14. Pit Bull Rescue in South Central Los Angeles [VIDEO]
  15. Dawn the Fox wags her tail [VIDEO]
  16. Polar bear love: Cute polar bear cubs lovin' up their mamma [VIDEO]

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