Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4 petitions and more

  1. Tortoise Torture
  2. No dog killings in Bosnia!
  3. Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa
  4. Have an RSPCA or DPI inspector at every horse sale.
  5. Italy: Recognize the Legal Rights of Animals in the Constitution
  6. Castigo a gerente y empleado de Plaza Náutica Mazatlan (Justice for this dog)
  7. Help save African lions (US)
  8. Reject seismic testing in the Atlantic (US)
  9. Endangered Belugas at risk! (US)
  10. France: For a New Legal Status for Animals!
  11. Petition to save the Asian Elephant
  12. The Truth About Chicken
  1. Demand that Thailand Stop Abusing Elephants
  2. Reinstate Food Stamp Benefits
  3. Praise Two Boys’ Efforts to Save Endangered Tigers
  4. End Practice of Boiling Chickens Alive
  5. Praise City for Banning Bullfighting
  6. Save Swamp Rabbit Homes from Destruction
  7. Commend Ban on Circus Elephant Abuse
  8. Create an Ocean Reserve in Antarctica
  9. Protect Diverse Rainforest from Destruction
  1. Bali Elephant Camp: STOP daily abuse!
  2. Last chance for Bosnian animals. Please vote AGAINST the amendment that will allow the killing of stray animals.
  3. To Attorney General of Russian Federation Chaika Yurii Yakovlevich: Help To Save Dogs From Barbaric Vivisection
  4. Lic. Miguel Márquez Márquez: En Guanajuato necesitamos código penal para el maltrato animal. - Mr. Miguel Marquez Marquez: Penal code in Guanajuato need for animal abuse.
  5. Stop canned hunting in South Africa!
  6. Attorney General for the State of Louisiana, James D. Caldwell: Investigate INTENTIONAL burning of dog (in her cage) by 9-year old in Baton Rouge.
  7. Governor Jay Nixon, Mayor Sylvester James: Make pet abuse in Missouri a crime!
  8. Australia: We call for an immediate ban on logging of native forest in conservation zones and plantations.
  9. Governor Nathan Deal: Investigate the Floyd County Rome, Georgia Animal Control and replace all staff with humane people who care about animals and mandatory policy reform.
  10. Sr. Enrique Peña Nieto: Que regrese el estatus de Parque Nacional al Volcán denominado "Nevado de Toluca". - Sr. Enrique Peña Nieto: Return the status of a National Park to the Volcano called "Nevado de Toluca."
  11. Stop Owl Sacrifices in India on Diwali - Miss Sukanya Kadyan
  12. Save and protect Turkey's #ArasRiverBirdParadise.
  13. Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach: Help stop the ban of Bully Breed Dogs in Colorado Springs
  14. Stop Bully Breed Restrictions: Stop the discrimination against certain breeds of dogs
  1. Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in South Korea!
  2. Ban monkeys in animal testing and appeals to the Karolinska Institute
  3. Raise the standards for passing puppy mill inspections USA
  4. Stop Bosnia from implementing kill law!
  5. Against Elephant Abuse In Thailand
  6. Demand to stop killing innocent wildlife in Africa!
  7. Tell the National Chicken Council to Put Welfare First!
  8. Keep Our Children Safe: Abolish Private hunting in Connecticut
  9. Sarge the Blind Husky belongs with Dave Hammer (target?!)
  10. Stop Factory Farming! (target?)
  11. Put a stop to airlines treating animals they fly as luggage.
  12. End the Slavery of Orcas
  13. Free Tilly (stop the capture of orcas for marine parks and let captive whales be freed)
  14. Dog Treats Recall Alert‏ (alert, not a petition)
News and Polls
  1. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  2. Rescuer Saves 8,000 Dogs From Puppy Mills
    Scroll down to Vote for this story please!
  3. FB event: Helping Hand For Radu Termure
    Romania, 700 animals from the street
  4. Donation project: Giving a Better Life to the Feral Cats of Bluegrass Field
  5. Website: Elemotion Foundation - Asian Elephants Foundation
  6. Elephant Suda... the Rembrandt of Painting Elephants [VIDEO]
  7. Donation project: Sir David Attenborough: Help us save the mountain gorilla
  8. KoalaTracker crowdsourced national koala map - the original koalamap mapping the location of koalas in the wild - is Australia's national koala map. This crowdsourced database and koala map is where members of the public report sightings of koalas in the wild, points of impact and causes of death and injury.  Every marker - green for alive, yellow for sick or injured and red for dead - is manually entered by an individual. KoalaTracker empowers local advocacy, effective risk mitigation, improved understanding and public policy, increased community awareness and engagement in saving the koala.  Join and report all koalas sighted in the wild in our national koala mapping project. See photos of koalas drinking water, search the national database for sightings, cause and location of injuries and deaths to make informed decisions for urban planning and koala research.  Previously known as Koala Diaries, Koala Tracker provokes essential koala research and evidence of location and health via a national koala map (
  9. Ex-N.M. governor vows to halt horse slaughters
    Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson vowed Saturday to fight a federal ruling that will allow U.S. horse slaughterhouses to operate for the first time since 2007.
  10. Verein RespekTiere protested against killing of stray dogs (use translator please)
    Mass demo in Salzburg against the horrific dog massacre in Romania
  11. SAFE : stop factory farming
    The Stop Factory Farming campaign works to stop the intensive indoor farming of animals in New Zealand.
  12. A Newborn Was Abandoned in a Park. Then a Furry Angel Saved Her.
  13. Funny Animals Jump for Joy on a Trampoline :) - Cute Videos

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