Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12 petitions and more

  1. Support Jean Beasley’s Protection of Sea Turtles
  2. Ban Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Horseracing
  3. Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong.
  4. Exigimos Que O Facebook Remova E Proíba Páginas Cruéis Na Rede Social
    Facebook: Prohibit pages showing cruelty!
  5. To Keep the stray dogs who were removed from the Colombo Katunayake Highway safe, unharmed & relocated, after CHOGM.
  6. Demand that Barnaby Joyce MP, Australian Minister for Agriculture, act now to protect Australian livestock overseas.
  7. Against English badger 'cull'
  8. NY - Ban Wild Animal Circus Acts (NY)
  9. Change the Fate of Wild Elephants (US)
  10. Lead the Charge for Renewable Energy (CA, MA, IL)
  11. Urgent Action Needed to Save Pennsylvania Wildlife (PA)
  12. Petition to DEFRA for permission to move Lloyd and Leila
    Spare lives of 2 cows please (confirmation needed)
  13. Send a Message to the UN: Haiyan is a Wake-Up Call
  14. Spain, San Luis Potosi: Abolition of Bullfighting! (confirmation needed)
  15. Ban the sale of young puppies & kittens without their mothers being present (UK)
  16. Tell the Government to stamp out puppy factories (AUS)
  17. Tell USFWS to Take Emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf! (US)
  18. Petition for Animals in South Africa
  19. Stop killing dogs with shovels at the Mihailesti animal shelter, Romania!
  20. Ban Snare Traps
  21. Taiwanese Government: Cancel plans to expose unvaccinated beagle puppies to the rabies virus now! (US)
  22. Demand Justice for the People of Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea
  23. Don't let Bayer overturn the ban on bee-killing pesticides
  1. Stop Killing Wolves in Minnesota
  2. Chastise Kennel Owner for Shocking Abuse
  3. Commend Adoption Fairs for Rescuing Animals
  4. Praise Vigil for Tortured Puppy
  5. Praise Germany for Criminalizing Bestiality
  6. End Brutal Animal Killings in Pornographic Videos
  7. Ban Insidious Plastic Rings to Protect Wildlife
  1. Criminal prosecutors in Santiago de Chile: Give Patricio Millar the maximum punishment for his abuse of dogs
  2. In connection with the barbaric killing of homeless dogs in Romania, we demand immediate intervention from the European Parliament
  3. Town of Cheektowaga Justice System: Impose Jail time for Michael J. Tortorici for crimes against animals.
  4. The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine units in Egypt: Stop the killing of stray dogs and cats in the streets and the use of poison and guns because this is against mercy and humanity
  5. EU: If EU don’t want to stop mass killing of stray dogs, I want out of EU!
  6. Provincia di Ascoli Piceno: Attiviamoci Contro Il Massacro Delle Volpi Ad Ascoli Piceno! - Italy, Ascoli Piceno: NO to the ruthless killing of 277 foxes!
  7. proteccionanimal@zaragoza.es: Que se investigue ,la matanza masiva por envenenamientos de los gatos ,que habitan en Garrapinillos
    Spain, Garrapinillos: Investigate the mass poisoning of cats!
  8. RSPCA: Get out of business with Animal Abusers
  9. European Parliament: Stop dolphin and whale massacre in Denmark!
  10. Coach: Stop Using Rabbit Fur In Your Clothing Line
  11. An den Landrat des Landkreises Paderborn: Änderung der Lebensumstände der Tiere im Tierpark Nadermann - Delbrück/Schöning
    Germany, Zoo Nadermann: Take better care of your animals!
  12. McDonald's: End gestation crates for sows
  13. Include Respect for Animals in School programs!
  14. Sainsbury's: Please stop shooting trapped birds!
  15. We want our pets to be able to travel with us on Ryanair
  1. Cancel Dolphin Performance at Sochi 2014 Olympics
  2. Prevent Dallas Safari Club from Importing Rhino Trophies
  3. Protect New York City's Environment
  4. Abolish Climate Changing Subsidies
  5. The Protection of Gray Wolves and other endangered predators
  6. Protect the wolves
  7. Showing bestiality - not a petition but a response from PETA regarding what to do when you encounter with this problem.
  8. UW-Madison - Stop the horrible brain experiments on cats
  9. STOP Animal Cruelty They Should BE JAILED!
  11. Ask Essie Nail Polish to STOP Testing on Animals!
  12. NO Cruel Crates for Pigs!
  13. Stop the cull of feral goats
  14. Demand NYC End Animal Mutilation in Their Watershed!
  15. PUPPYCIDE: The Documentary - not a petition but info about this documentary.
  16. Re-vegetate and re-stabilize Manila's dunes.
  17. Clean up Belews Creek Power Plant
News and Polls
  1. FB event: Romanian Public Shelter Dogs in Crisis
  2. Akcja taka, tona karmy dla zwierzaka! - Short video! If the film gets to be seen by 500,000 people, the shelter in Poland will receive 1000 kg free food for the animals, which means a lot! Now on 432,258 views!
  3. Gov. Snyder: Stop the Hunt [VIDEO]
  4. Wolf slaughters raise urgency for reform of state agencies
  5. Obama administration allows America's war horses to fall into slaughter pipeline
  6. Take Action | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  7. Clarksburg Cat Shelter needs a permanent home! (log-in to vote)
    Also click on "explore all ideas" to see more useful things for voting.
  8. Wild horse birth control programme starts in Danube Delta
  9. University of York society's ‘fox hunt’ bar crawl cancelled
  10. Video - Monkey Festival - National Geographic

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