Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9 petitions

  1. Prohibit the sale of birds of prey on internet
  2. Retire all St Louis Zoo's Elephants to a Sanctuary
  3. Animal abuse can not go unpunished in Ecuador.
  4. Repeal the law on so-called "dangerous" dogs
  5. Build “Greenspaces” in Urban Metropolitan Areas
  6. Tell Gordon Ramsay to dump foie-gras
  7. Feed the animals at the Surabaya Zoo!
  8. STOP the man who abuses animals on NY streets for money!
  9. Sign now to stop the trade in primates for testing
  10. Petition for a new legal status of the animals
  11. Have your say on BC’s new Water Sustainability Act!
  12. Governor Brown: Stop Misleading Californians About Fracking!
  1. Protest Non-Recyclable Coffee Products
  2. End Cruel Bear Torture for the Sake of Entertainment
  3. Punish Companies for Destroying the Rainforests
  4. Save Rare Shorebird from Extinction
  1. Purina Pet Foods: Remove coal and petroleum based dyes from your pet food.
  2. Shell: Speak Out and Help Get My Dad Out of Jail!
  3. Frank A. Sedita III, District Attorney For Erie County Of New York State: Prosecute Michael J. Tortorrici to the fullest extent of the law for the heinous torture and killing of his dog.
  4. To All Animal Right Organisations: Report Gaybeast by the authorities and ban this site from the internet. HE SHOULD BE REPORTED TO ALL SITES THAT CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!! SHAME THAT STATES AND COUNTRIES DO ALLOW THIS :(
  5. Laverton knackery: Stop slaughtering horses whilst still alive, treat them with dignity
  1. Close the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia
  2. Save Giant Pandas in Unprotected Forests
  3. Stop this cruelty
  4. Shut Down Japanese Owl Cafes!
  5. Protect Orcas from Toxic Coal Terminals
  6. Urge Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger to Stand One With The Wolves
  7. Demand Oil Company Drop Lawsuit Against Homeowner Exposing Fracking Contamination
  8. Save Bengal Tigers from Electrocution

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