Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 28 petitions and more

  1. Suspend the mayor, an animal torturer of his duties
    Stéphane Gendron, mayor of the town of Huntingdon, Quebec boasted repeatedly over his acts of animal cruelty! (confirmation needed)
  2. Bosnia, urgent, letter to send! - The letter is adapted again!
  3. Write Letters to Politicians and Businesses that Can End the Seal Hunt
    Seals are clubbed to near death, but 47% is skinned alive! Most important addresses at the bottom of the list! Scroll down the page to send automated letters.
  4. Sign the Animal Bill of Rights! (US)
  5. The Endangered Species Amendments Act (US)
    Please OPPOSE this hideous bill to amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973!
  6. Stop selling Angora wool!
  7. Make a law animal abusers are tried as if a human was abused
  8. End the sinceless killing of dolphins
  9. Stop pitbull fights in Hawaii
  10. Urgent forming of "Animal Police" in Macedonia is required
  11. Stop the mass extermination of cats in Macedonia!
  12. L’Oreal: Stop botox testing on horses in France!
  13. Stop cruel dog testing in Taiwan!
  14. Lift the Veil of Secrecy Surrounding Animal Testing
  15. This airline needs to learn some respect
  16. Oil companies are bombarding the seabed with soundwaves.
  17. It's time to end trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest.
  18. Shell, no more ties with Gazprom!
  19. Denver Post: Meet Obligation, Cover TPP
  20. Tell Congress: Keep Toxic Pesticides out of our Water (US)
  21. Tell Chelsea Handler that chimps should not be used in shows
  1. Stop the slaughter of dogs skinned alive
  2. NO to animal experiments!
  3. Stop Animal Testing At Oxford
  4. Tell South Africa to stop importing marine mammal products.
  5. For the Safeguarding of wolves in France
  6. Petition against the tanneries discovered in Switzerland that sell cat skin
  7. Prevent the destruction of the Riviera Maya (confirmation needed)
  1. STOP à la Fédération de la Chasse du 70 et à cette honteuse destruction d’espèces protégées en bande organisée à Noroy-le-Bourg!
    Stop the killing of protected species!
  2. Stop Melissa Bachman killing our animals
  3. Rabbits tortured, butchered and plucked alive for the manufacture of angora fur
  4. Do not expel Nadia and her rescued cats
  5. Exemplary punishment for this animal torturer
  6. For the Safeguarding of wolves in France
  7. Stop Foie Gras Farms
  8. For the resignation of the directors of the SPA
  1. Stop Primate Torture at University of Minnesota
  2. Protect Taiwan’s Stray Animals
  3. Support Action to Reduce Seal Clubbing
  4. Protect Fragile Habitats from Overfishing
  5. Save Island Wildlife from Toxic Waste
  6. Praise Author for Exposing Slaughterhouse Atrocities
  7. Support Nonprofit Worker Unjustly Accused of Calf Abuse
  8. Establish Standard of Care for Rabbits
  9. Praise Ban on Cruel Circus Elephant Performances
  1. Governor of Lagos Hon Babatunde Fashola: Ban the Nigerian Dog Meat Trade - Lagos
  2. Kiev's dog hunters: Stop killing homeless animals
  3. Government of Ukraine: Stop the massacre of the stray dogs in Kiev
  4. FIBA EUROPE Basketball: NO Eurobasket 2015 in Ukraine!
  5. Renewed protest against the shooting of stray cats on the Borkum island
  6. Justice for a small dog killed with machetes in Durango!
  7. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: Stop spotlight hunting of coyotes in red wolf area
  8. @HarveyNichols: Stop selling real fur
  9. Save Jake from New York's Dept Of Health: Stop Jake From Being Killed
  10. Putnam County, FL Sheriff's Dept./Animal Services: Be lawful, and end the cruel 'heart stick' method of killing animals.
  11. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service: Stop the Killing of Wildlife in Great Smokies National Park
  12. Spain, Park San Amaro, Mr. Morey: the animals are NOT taken care of!
  13. STOP animal abuse; Replace animal welfare legislation in Haryana - Sukanya Kadyan
  14. Amend legislation relating to restricted dog breeds to allow citizens the opportunities through training and testing to have their restricted breed exempt from having to be muzzled in a public place
  15. Bing Lee: Stop the offer of a free turkey with fridge or freezer purchase
  1. Stop the Mass-Killing of Romanian Dogs
  2. Stop the University of Wisconsin Madison (UW) from testing on animals
  3. Trial Set for 4 Men Charged with Animal Cruelty in Tennessee Dog-Fighting Operation
  4. Stop magazine TV-Familie from promoting fur and fake fur in their magazines
  5. Brazil: Stop Raping and Killing Street Dogs.
  6. End the Faroe islands whale/dolphin killing festival
  7. No Horse Slaughter Plant in Oklahoma
  8. Stop the selling and adopting of animals online!
  9. Ask John Baird to Bring Home Paul Ruzycki and Alexandre Paul
  10. Protect Threatened Species from Uranium Mining in New Mexico
  11. Protect Our Waters and Wildlife From Pesticides
  12. Don’t Let Water Companies Drain English Rivers
  13. It's Time to Limit Carbon Pollution from Power Plants
News and Polls
  1. FB group: Stop All Animal Killing Contests and Culling
  2. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? - Vote several times a day NO! Pay attention: 'NO' - position changes with every load of the page!
  3. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  4. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story
  5. Learn "HOW TO" Vote For The Red X Project In GlobalRockstar Competition - quick & easy! - Vote for the Red X Project, Elephant Nature Park Thailand
  6. Public Eye Awards 2014 - Irresponsible business practices in the spotlight! Vote!
  7. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  8. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for either "Eastern Pacific Hawsbill Initiative" or "Save the Frogs". US only
  9. FB event: Christmas time for Viktor Savoshchenko's animals!!
    Latvia, Baltic Region, N-Europe: Victor Savoshchenko and his wife try to take care of 107 dogs and 4 cats, they need help! English text as well!
  10. FB page: Refugio la esperanza del sur  Urgent plea! Podencos Spain
  11. Donation project: Cat Shelter Felix Repairs in Serbia
  12. An update on the petition Urge the South Korean Government to Respect Global Animal Protection Laws and Oppose Legalization of the Dog Meat Trade Scroll down to read it all! "The UK has no legal grounds to intervene or take trade measures against those countries where consumption of dog meat is regarded as normal practice."
  13. Shelter over-capacity with unwanted animals, tough choices have to be made
  14. How the fur trade is exploiting children
  15. Victory: After tampering claim, company stops selling mink oil
  16. UPDATE: Cat Set On Fire In Olney Adopted By Philadelphia Firefighter

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