Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6 petitions and more

  1. Help Stop LNG in its Tracks (a letter to send)
  2. Sign the Petition to Stop Fracking in BC!
  3. Don’t Let Research Animals Drown
  4. End trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest
  5. Take Action on Horse Fighting
  6. Hunting With Hounds
  7. Take Action on Badgers
  8. Take action for dogs in the Philippines now!
  9. SHARK calls for firing of Wisconsin state employees in armed raid that killed “Giggles” the baby deer
    Please politely contact Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and ask him to fire all of those who planned and participated in this raid, especially those who took such joy in it. Contact info is provided.
  10. Make it illegal to consume dogs and cats in Queensland, Australia
  11. No fracking the Beartooth Front
  12. Tell the Government to Act to Stop our Seabirds Dying (UK)
  13. Stop the mass-killing of Romanian dogs
  14. Stop Animal Abuse in the Russian Federation
  15. URGENT: Bulls Tortured With Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival!
  16. Stop the Illegal Sale of Dog Meat in the Philippines
  17. Ban the Dog & Cat Fur Trade (CA)
  18. Ask New Zealand to Be Cruelty-Free!
  19. Speak Out Against Horse Slaughter (US)
  20. Speak Out Against Walmart's Cruelty
  21. Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays
  22. Stop the slaughter of the horses and the consumption of the horse meat
  23. Kenyans against the slaughter of dolphins and other cetaceans.
  24. For routine stunning of animals before the slaughter.
  25. Mauritius, Stop The Live Import of Cattle And Other Farm Animals!
  26. Proibição Do Uso De Animais De Tração Em Todo O Território Nacional
    Brazil: Ban the abuse of working horses and other animals in the whole country! 
  27. BLM: Stop logging 300-year-old trees (US)
  1. Commend Obama for Creating Task Force on Climate Change
  2. Commend Green Car Company for Creating World’s Safest Car
  3. Create an Ocean Reserve in Antarctica
  4. Urge The Army To Stop Poison Testing On Monkeys
  5. End Live Animal Trade in Australia
  6. Make CEOs Responsible for Animal Abuse in Israel
  7. End Practice of Boiling Chickens Alive
  1. United Airlines: Have PetSafe Program policies changed to protect the animals
  2. eBay: Stop selling wolf pelts
  3. Demand American Idol not allow Jennifer Lopez back on the show
  4. Frikkie Du Toit Safari: Stop hunting endangered animals for profit.
  5. Schutz der Streunerkatzen um Katzenleid zu begrenzen
    Germany: Stop Stray Cats Suffering
  6. Minneapolis Animal Care & Control: Stop the effective banning of the Friends of MACC Facebook page
  7. Justice For PipSqueak Palm Bay, FL Judge: Harsh Punishment For Animal Abuse and Neglect
  8. Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria: Place these cruely neglected animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Mandatory Animal Testing disclosure on all consumer products.
  10. Russian government: Please, stop using and beating animals in the circus!
  11. France: Stop destroying eggs and poultry as if they are machinery!
  12. Person: Ban the captivity of Orcas!
  1. Stop Spain's Fire Bull Fiesta
  2. Stop the Cruelty of Fox and Coyote Penning
  3. Tell Supermarket Chain: Don't Sell Reindeer Meat for Christmas!
  4. Support Funding for Retired Research Chimps
  5. Urge Russia to Russia To stop breaking Zero Waste Olympic Pledge
  6. Don't Kill the Liger found in Indonesia
  7. Say NO to Hound Hunting and Baiting Black Bears in Montana
  8. Ban Fox Hunting & Scent Trail Baiting, Period!
  9. Make Sure FWS Gets the Message: Americans Want Wolves to Stay Protected!
  10. Stop hunting in Malta
  11. Ban Wolf Hunting to all European Countries (target?!)
  12. Help stamp out the trafficking of dogs for meat from Thailand to Vietnam
  13. Let Mr. Bojorquez and Mr. Miranda keep their dog shelter open!
  14. STOP sex with animals, in Denmark
  15. Foster/Rescue Cats To Be Kept On Residential Premises (target?!)
  16. Stop Live Export Globally (target?!)
  17. Stop The Slaughter Of Wild Horses For Meat To Send To China
  18. We Demand An End To Inhumane Harp Seal Killing
  19. Mexico: Ban on bullfights, circuses with animals and cockfighting in Zaca
  20. Take Action Now to Free The Arctic 30
  21. Keep Jill Rapaport's Bow To Wow Segment Alive!
  22. Lower desexing costs for pets
  23. Avoid the tax on pets food in Mexico (target?!)
  24. Demand an end to fireworks in residential areas in South Africa.
  25. Restrict the use and sale of fireworks
  26. Stop Hawaii Aquarium Fish Collection
News and Polls
  1. POLL: Should the kill quota on cougars be increased in New Mexico? NO
  2. Prince gives 5,000 pounds of cat food gift!
    Vote for Lenicka's Catshelter, located in Stg. Het Kattenbos, Lucaswolde, website: Recente Foto's - for 500 kg cat food. Fill in why you think this shelter deserves this food. Fill in your name and email address.
  3. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  4. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story!
  5. TV Report: Street Dogs in Romania (use translator please)
  6. Indian Activist Beena Mashi & Her Stray Animals
  7. Website: Jonathan Moylan - Jonathan Moylan is a 25 year old translator from Newcastle who is facing up to ten years in prison and a $765,000 fine for sending a press release highlighting ANZ’s role in funding the Whitehaven open cut coal mine in north-west NSW.
  8. Website: The shelter of Anna and Jesus is the season of hope!
    Spain. Fostering a rescued dog is only 15,- per month!
  9. Woman Carries Injured Pit Bull ½ Mile Down Mountain
  10. Funny Cats and Dogs Animal Videos [VIDEO]

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