Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16 petitions

  1. Stop Bird Massacres In Lebanon
  2. Say NO to HYDROGEN CYANIDE being used to kill animals in the beautiful Taygetos Mountains of Greece
  3. Establish Environmental Standards for the Hardrock Mining Industry
  4. In Defense Of Animals Offers $1,500 Reward In Grizzly Bear Killing
  1. Applaud Online Resource for Encouraging Green Lifestyles
  2. Tell Republican Lawmakers To Stop Denying Climate Change
  3. Help Save Endangered Sharks
  4. Stop India’s Speeding Trains From Colliding With Elephants
  5. Stop the Abuse of Racing Greyhounds
  6. Eliminate the Ivory Trade
  7. Don’t Sell Our National Parks
  1. Congress: Pass mandatory spay/neuter laws so the US doesn't continue to euthanize 4 million healthy cats and dogs each year
  2. The Government of the Republic of South Africa: Deny future entry to Melissa Bachman.
  1. Costa Rica - close the loophole that allows legal shark finning!
  2. Stop Blogger and Google from allowing and promoting thrill killing/hunting of animals.
  3. Demand justice for the appalling death of a dog crushed in a garbage truck
  4. Make it a crime to kill Grey Wolves
  5. Stop Melissa Bachman!
  6. Pledge to Boycott Costa Rican tourism until they stop killing sharks for the purposes of finning
  7. Outrageous demands death penalty for jaguar in Nuevo Leon!
  8. Stop Keystone XL
  9. Stop Clear cutting trees
  10. No Shooting Of Dartmoor Ponies! Foster A Pony Scheme Now
  11. Demand an end to the horse-drawn carriage trade in Melbourne
  12. Stop the slaughter of dolphins in the Islands Faroe each year
  13. Stop advertising animals Gumtree.

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