Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7 petitions and more

  1. Stop Swedish company Stena from investing in arctic oil drilling
  2. Que la justice octroie une très sévère punition contre la cruauté envers les animaux
    Severe punishment for the owner of pizzeria Castle in Brissac-Quince for his cruelty towards the cats!
  3. Tell Colruyt Group To End Plastic Packaging Insanity
  4. Oppose the opening of a dolphinarium in Amneville zoo
  5. Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport
  6. Add your name to join us in protecting our forests
  7. Animals Are Hurting on Irish Fur Farms – Call for a Ban Now!
  8. Suspend Wolf Hunting In Minnesota
  9. SHARK calls for firing of Wisconsin state employees in armed raid that killed “Giggles” the baby deer -> sample letter is HERE
  10. Stop Selling Fur, Barneys! (US)
  11. Let's Ban Trapping in National Wildlife Refuges! (US)
  12. Speak Out Today for Illinois House Bill 2991 (IL) Lions are not Meals!
  13. Boycott Travel & Tourism to South Africa
  14. Sign up to Say Non to Air France
    We are calling on Air France to end its involvement in the cruel transportation of primates destined for the research industry.
  15. Convince the UK Government to make the cleaning products truly cruelty-free
  16. France, sign for the 100 Horses that were rescued from the slaughter. (confirmation needed)
  17. MI: Require Large-Scale Breeders to Register with the State!
  18. Help free imprisoned Greenpeace activists.
  19. Email the Russian Embassy to Free The Arctic 30
  20. Protect Red Desert Landscapes from Oil and Gas
  21. Bats Are Crashing -- Help Save Them
  22. Tell Congress: Our national parks are not for sale (US)
  23. Tell the IRS: Revoke the NFL’s tax-exempt status (US)
  1. Secretary Jewell: Don’t Abandon the Gray Wolf
  2. Keep Grey Wolves on the Endangered Species List!
  3. Pledge to Protect Michigan's Wolves!
  4. Grey Wolves Should be Protected, Not Hunted!
  5. US Government: Give Panthers Room To Roam!
  6. Stop the Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter
  1. Preserve Brazil’s Jaguar Population
  2. Thank Conservation Group for Saving Thousands of Acres of Forest
  3. Stop Unsustainable and Dangerous Whaling Practices
  4. Don’t Treat all Pit Bulls Like Criminals
  5. Support Zero Tolerance Stance on Wildlife Trafficking
  6. Stop Vineyard from Destroying Rare Redwood Forests
  1. Expliquen públicamente la retirada y "sacrificio" de los gatos callejeros de la ciudad y reúnanse con las protectoras para consensuar un plan de gestión de colonias basado en el método de captura-esterilización-retorno.
    Spain, Almeria: Stop the killing of cats, apply the Trap-Neuter-Return plan!
  2. Quick Kill Hunting Act
  3. Mrs Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Mayoress of Craiova: Unless you address the horrors in your shelter, you can only dream of becoming a European Capital of Culture!
  1. Stop Hunting Cougars with Hound Dogs in South Dakota
  2. Air France- Stop Transporting Research Primates
  3. Stop the Illegal Slaughter of Leopards for Religious Clothing
  4. Ban Horse Carriages in NYC
  5. Stop the Anti-Wolf Agenda in Wisconsin!
  6. Shut down the "Wisconsin wolf hunting" facebook page
  7. Save Zimbabwe's Elephants And Other Wildlife Now
  8. Ban Elephant Culling
  9. Spread the word to Stop Poaching in the Botswana Savanna
  10. Save BC's wild horses!
  11. Stop The Trapping/Murder of Innocent Animals!
  12. Stop slaughtering and capturing of dolphins in Taiji, Japan
  13. Stop destroying the wild life habitat
  14. Stop horse slaughtering plant from opening!
  15. Demand to End Commercial Whaling
  16. Stop Sick Programmes Like "Swamp People" And "Duck Dynasty" From Being Broadcasted On Sky TV
  17. Save the Zimbabwe Zebras
  18. Demand Kankey pay for starving over 100 horses
  19. Demand recognition of our first environmentalist Jesse Benton Fremont
  20. Save Kishantos, Hungary's outstanding organic farm and education centre!
  21. Lets save Tilikum and all the other orcas and set them free from Sea World
  22. Help the “Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals” better the lives that brighten ours!
News and Polls
  1. Vote to Name the National Zoo's Panda Cub!
  2. FB event: Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law!
    Bosnia, to assist the activists in their final campaign, ensuring that the amendments are voted AGAINST!
  3. Akcja Taka, Tona Karmy Dla Zwierzaka! - Short Video, if the film gets seen by 500,000 people, the shelter in Poland will receive 1000 kg free food for the animals, which means a lot!
  4. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Please scroll down to vote for this story!! "If we win the following contests it could mean $50,000! Can you imagine how many puppy mill dogs that could save? Please vote daily!"
  5. Yes To The Abolition Of The Corrida - Please VOTE
  6. Should the kill quota on cougars be increased in New Mexico? NO
  7. Czerkawski, Puppy Doe's abuser, will be deported to Poland
  8. Dozens of cows suffocate on Melbourne flight
    Authorities are investigating after dozens of cows reportedly suffocated to death on a flight from Melbourne to Kazakhstan.
  9. Demand Justice for the Murdered Innocents (Beijing, China)
  10. Romania: The dogs are slaughtered
    Article by Claudia Weber (use translator please)
  11. Woman wants to shut down bullfighting school based in San Diego
  12. Kellan Lutz Helps Stray Animals While Filming ‘Hercules’ In Bulgaria
  13. Video: Hero risks life to care for abandoned pets in Fukushima nuclear wasteland
  14. NAVS Animal Action Report, Fall 2013 (.pdf file)
  15. Newsletter: Animal Spirit Austria (use translator please)
  16. Not Just Cats - Article about cats personalities
  17. 'Nobody's Dog' rescued in east end of Houston by animal advocates

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