Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19 petitions and more

  1. Ask Southern Illinois University to End the Use of Pigs in its Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  2. Urge Ministry to Ban Testing Household Products on Animals
  3. Ban Animals From Circuses
  4. One Victory for Nosey the Elephant in Michigan, but She Still Needs Your Help Urgently!
  5. Don’t Let Congress Eliminate State Animal Protection Laws: Speak Out Against the King Amendment (US)
  6. Urge the California Senate to Protect California's Bobcats (CA)
  7. Help End Cruel Animal Tests
  8. Petition for Animals in South Africa
  9. Enact Ecosystem-based Approach to Fish Management
  10. Used for Hunting, Discarded Like Trash
  11. Cats and Dogs Are Pets, Not Food!
  12. Against the opening of supermarkets Halal / Kosher! (confirmation needed)
  13. Federal: New Horse Slaughter Ban Proposed as U.S. Slaughterhouses Seek Approval to Resume Production
  14. Take action for lab animals
  15. How Many Live Domestic Rabbits Are Sacrificed In An 18 Month Bobcat Rehab Program?
  17. Δήμος Σητείας - Sitia Municipality - Kreta. Leave a comment: Protest the Poisoning of Dogs on the Streets and in Shelters, PLEASE!
  18. Support Listing the Northern Spotted Owl as “Endangered” under the California Endangered Species Act
  19. Help stop trapping and killing of bobcats (US)
  1. End Gas Chamber Killings in Animal Shelters
  2. Condemn Animal Testing for Recreational Drugs
  3. Tell Adrienne Landau that Fur is Never in Fashion
  4. Demand Justice for Donkey Killed by Bulldozer
  5. Stop Dogs From Killing Captive Foxes
  6. Demand Schools Serve Cruelty-Free Pork
  7. Urge Shutdown of Inhumane Bear Zoo
  8. Commend Mississippi Lawmakers for Banning Hog-Dog Fighting
  9. Demand an End to Deforestation in Indonesia
  10. Commend State for Taking Steps Against Wildlife Poaching
  11. Halt Plans for Slaughtered Animal Museum in Sacramento
  12. Commend India’s Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics
  13. Urge County to Ban Breeder and Puppy Mill Sales
  1. Stop Imports of Endangered Rhino Trophies to U.S.
  2. Keep Grizzly Bears Listed as Endangered Species
  3. Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Ceremony Clothing
  4. Ban Drift Nets in California
  5. Stand With Wisconsin and Tell Governor Walker That His Animal Cruelty Dog Fighting SHOULD BE BANNED!
  6. Stop Poisoners In Kaina Now. Make The Council Take Responsibility!
  7. Maximum Sentence for Felony Animal Cruelty for RUDOLPH POPPE
  8. Minimum sentences for Rhino Poachers in South Africa
  9. Demand an end to the slaughter of seals in Namibia
  10. Save the Mountain Gorilla
  11. Stop the Badger Cull Vaccinate don't exterminate
  12. Idaho: Change the 3 day trap check time 
  13. Close Down All Puppy Mills!
  14. Foie Gras - Stop the force feeding!
  15. Stop the building of Playa Santos (grupo MIA) and save turtle nesting areas.
  16. Support your local humane society
  17. Protect wildlife in the Alps
  1. "Penalties for animal cruelty"strengthened… Amendment to animal protection law passed
  2. Paraná dice: Basta de maltrato animal
    Argentina, Authorities: Stop Animal Abuse, apply the Law!
  3. Don't Hoist, Bind, and Starve Bulls for Superstition!
  4. Sheila - misshandelt, ausgesetzt, ertränkt!
    Sheila - abused, exposed to drown!
  5. Karolinska Institutet: Stoppa djurförsöken på apor
    Karolinska Institutet: Stop animal experiments on monkeys
  6. Emilio Azcárraga Jean, Televisa owner: Stop showing bullfights as sports.
  7. CeX España: retire toda la publicidad inapropiada incita maltrato animal
    CeX Spain: remove all inappropriate advertising encouraging animal abuse
  8. Basta de bloquear a las mascoteras por luchar: "Contra El Maltrato Animal"
    FB: We can't fight against Animal Abuse if every time we share we get blocked
  9. Santa Fe Capital y Alrededores: Ayuda para SOS Caballos y Basta De Traccion a Sangre - Santa Fe: enough suffering for these Horses, stop 'blood-traction'
  10. PETS & THINGS, KALKASKA,MI: Stop the mistreatment of animals
  11. The Forests Of Indonesia Are Burning, Malaysian Companies Suspected
  12. Camara de diputados nacional: basta de cazar liebres
    Argentina: Stop hunting hares
News and Polls:
  1. Vote for Reforest the Barren Lands of Bethel, Haiti
    confirm email address please.
  2. Keep Michigan Wolves Protected MI Wolves EVENTS
  3. Poland rejects bill to legalize slaughter without stunning
  4. INTERPOL meeting strengthens response to wildlife crime in Southeast Asia
  5. Newsletter - Organic Bytes #387: Monsanto’s Going Down, Safeway Fires Back, & Moyers on Ag-Gag Laws
  6. FB Event: Sie gibt ihr Leben für die Tiere!
    Please help Silke Wrobel, Noah's Little Ark, Kreta, Europe!
    Website - Tierfreunde Kreta (English version)
  7. Should The Government Do More To Curb Animal Experiments?
    Vote AGREE! Read the debate. If you still AGREE after reading, vote again at the end (Step 3)
  8. The Netherlands pushes for labels on non-stun meat
  9. Hang gliding service dog takes to the skies
  10. Bobcat Kitten Being Rehabilitated

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