Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 18 petitions and more

  1. Don't let Congress block EPA rules on toxic coal ash
  2. Yes on 522 - Label Genetically Engineered Foods
  3. Federal: Stop “Pet Theft” for Illegal Trade in Animals Sold for Research
  4. Ask Spain to ban bullfighting
  5. Save Glacier National Park's Grizzly Bears
  6. Help Ban Horrifying Animal Abuse Videos in the Philippines
  7. Ja! zur Einführung der Tierschutz-Verbandsklage auf Bundesebene
    Yes! the introduction of the animal welfare group action at the federal level (confirmation needed)
  8. Stop Violence Against Lenca Communities Now!
  9. Don't Let Them Wipe Out Animal Protection Laws
  10. Demand Justice for the Killing of Sea Turtle Hero Jairo Mora Sandoval
  11. Lend us your face to demand honest labelling
  12. Stop the Alabama Beachfront Boondoggle
  13. President Obama: Your climate legacy starts by saying no to Arctic drilling!
  14. Take bee-harming pesticides off the market
  15. Protect Jordan Lake and clean water (NC residents only)
  16. Protect our communities from unsafe oil transport
  17. Say No To U.S. Financing for Coal Plant in Vietnam
  18. Say no to the suffering of millions of EU pigs!
  1. Don’t Stereotype Dogs: Stop Breed Specific Legislation
  2. Encourage Permanent Pesticide Ban to Save Bees
  3. Demand Investigation of Dog’s Shooting by Police
  4. Shut Down Abusive Rodeo
  5. Support Beer Brewers’ Clean Water Campaign
  6. Urge County to Ban Breeder and Puppy Mill Sales
  7. Demand Bebe Stop Selling Cruel Fur Products
  8. Demand University Stop Use of Rabbits in Laboratory
  9. Reform Wildlife Services’ Predator Control Program
  10. Commend President Obama for Protecting Africa’s Wildife
  11. Crack Down on Illegal Mining
  1. Sheriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County Sheriff's Department: Replace Officer Ken Jewell-Animal Control Director of St. Clair County
  2. STOP ALLOWING Hoarder to Kill Dogs- Riverside County California
  3. City and County of San Francisco Planning Commission: Formula retail cond.use permit for Pet Food Express/Cat Adoption on Lombard
  4. Stop Cats Protection North Shropshire Branch from closing
  5. British Government: Put pressure on the Japanese government to stop the slaughter of whales.
  6. Prohibir la caza de zorro en Argentina, habilitada desde el 19/06 hasta el 9/09 del 2013 - Ban Fox 'sport' hunting in Argentina, enabled from 19/06 to 9/09, 2013
  7. Gobierno de Nuevo León: Que desaparezcan las tiendas + kota de Nuevo León. - Government of Nuevo Leon: No more Yokota stores; new rules on the sale of animals!
  8. Gobernador de Cordoba Argentina: BASTA DE EXPLOTACIÓN A LOS GALGOS!
    Governor of Cordoba Argentina: Stop the exploitation of Galgos!
  9. Al intendente de Mar del Plata en Argentina, Gustavo Pulti, : Que se prohiba la traccion a sangre haciendo cumplir la ley! - Mayor of Mar del Plata, Argentina: No more "blood traction"; enforce the law for these Horses!
  10. Al Gobierno De Mi Provincia: No La Traccion A Sangre
    Prohibit the 'Feast day' of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 21 and 22 Sept, because of the mistreatment of Greyhounds
  12. Swiss Federal Council: Stop hunting stray and feral cats for 'population control.'
  13. Alcadesa de San Luis de Cañete Perú: Prohíba el consumo de gatos en el festival Curruñao - Mayor of San Luis de Canete Peru: Prohibit the use of cats in the festival Curruñao
  14. Resguardar y crear nidos de golondrinas en Barrancas del Rio en Rosario
    Authorities: Safeguard and create nests of swallows in Barrancas del Rio in Rosario, Argentina
  15. Radnor Township, PA: Do not impose laws that would create a ban on feeding feral cats
  1. Missouri - Cats and Dogs are Not "Livestock"
  2. Rhode Island- Support Better Protection for Elephants
  3. Help Stop Desert Dog Death Camp
  4. Stop Animal Abuse In Puebla Mexico
  5. Save the Wild Donkeys of Inagua (Bahamas) from Extinction
  6. Make North Carolina a Mandatory Spay/Neuter State
  7. Surabaya zoo must close immediately - No second chances!
  8. Stop the poaching of African rhinos before extinction!
  9. Rescue the abandoned animals in Uttarakhand
  10. The Forgotten Mules of Uttarakhand
    The Forgotten Mules of Uttarakhand (2nd petition)
  11. Save the South China Tiger
  12. Save the Vaquita
  13. Protect the Grand Canyon from Dangerous Coal Pollution!
  14. Protect Our Appalachian Mountains and Waterways
  15. Make Your Outdoor Space Wildlife-Friendly
  16. Let grass verges grow wild flowers on side of roads
  17. Save Ancient English Wood from Quarry
  1. Japan offended by accusations it lied to world over whaling
  2. PETA Finds Itself on Receiving End of Others’ Anger
  3. New ALF guide puts fur farmers on alert
  4. It's a real dog's life as Sean Le Vegan prepares to live like a stray in kennels for 35 days and nights
  5. Animal Protection Voters New Mexico: News & Action Alerts
    Download 2013 Animal Protection Voters' Scorecard (.pdf)
  6. Dissection choice signed into Connecticut law
  7. Rescued Pit bull who survived years of dogfighting finds his forever home
  8. A New Life for Greyhounds - Video
  9. Two Former Circus Elephants Spared Euthanasia in France
  10. Super Playful Dog Loves the Strangest Toy - He Goes Nuts For It
  11. 21 Reasons A Dog Is The Best Investment You Will Ever Make (PHOTOS)

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