Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28 petitions and more

  1. Protest please!! Dog Meat, South Korea!
    Protest please against the Dog Meat trade in South Korea!
    Sending separate emails might be better
  2. Ban Ki Moon UN Sec Gen (World Education) - kids in your OWN COUNTRY are taught to torture dogs?? This is a hypocrisy.
  3. Cárcel para los que maten, pongan veneno o hieran a cualquier animal
    Jail for those who kill, poison or injure any animal
  4. Brazil: Government Fosters The Trafficking Of Animals
  5. Save the Hong Kong Pink Dolphins
  6. Make Sure FWS Gets the Message: Americans Want Wolves to Stay Protected!
  7. Justice for Brownie
  8. Dear TIME Magazine we would like to see John Unger - Person of the Year
  9. Glacier and Bob Marshall Bears Need Your Help
  10. Shocking Footage Exposes Cruelty and Abuse on Farms Supplying Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Distributor
  11. No viole la Ley de Bosques! URTUBEY: ¡BASTA DE DESMONTES!
    Argentina: No more deforestation in protected areas. Do not violate the Forest Act
  12. Stop the Alabama Beachfront Boondoggle
  13. Victory: Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Chetco River Protected from Mining!
  1. Reform Wildlife Services’ Predator Control Program
  2. End the United States Government’s Attack on Wildlife
  3. Do Not Increase Wolf Hunt Quotas in Wisconsin
  4. Congratulate Scientists on Conservation of Galapagos Albatrosses
  5. Halt Construction of Dams on Major Chinese River
  1. Elephant killed for teeth: KVIC promoting ivory products in India - Abhishek Kadyan
  2. Остановите убийство диких животных для пополения бюджета!
    Russia: Stop the killing of Wild Animals for the Budget of Popoleniya
  3. End Dog Racing on Macau: Nearly 400 Dogs Killed Every Year
  4. Dr. Songabe, DAFF director: Veterinary Public Health: stop ships of shame - live animal export
  5. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development: Stop the Culling of Alberta's Wild Wolf Populations
  6. Craiova City Hall and Police Department: Stop the illegal slaughter of dogs in the public shelter
  7. Gobierno De España: Endurecer La Ley - Cazadores Y Galgueros No Los Abandonen Ni Ahorquen - Gov. of Spain: ACT and Uphold the Law so that Hunters do not abandon or hang their Galgos!
  8. Marcos Alberto Covarrubias Villaseñor: Justicia Para Dingo, Agresor: Ramón Santiago Pineda Villalobos - Mexico: Justice for Dingo who was tied up and hit with a hammer on the head!
  9. Al gobierno de la ciudad de Mexico: Prohibiendo la venta de animales en el mercado de sonora. - Mexico: Prohibit the sale of animals at Sonora market!
  10. Stop Killing and injuring Koalas in blue gum plantations.
  11. Gobernador Rodrigo Medina: La Jungla de Timo, explotación y maltrato hacia los animales. - Mexico, Gov. Rodrigo Medina: We protest against the exploitation and mistreatment of animals at Timo Jungle
  12. Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach, Supervisor John Benoit: Demand that dog suffering and death in the desert killing fields be stopped
  13. Desert Dog Animal Abuser Arrested- Demand She Be Kept In Jail
    27-13 UPDATE! Bernadette Schwenn in custody.  Arraignment is 7-29-13:
       - 10 Counts Felony Animal Cruelty
       - 2 Counts Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty
       - 18 Counts Improper Care and Attention of Animal
    KEEP MOMENTUM GOING! TAKE ACTION TODAY by emailing Riverside County D. A. Paul Zellerbach, and call/email Sup. John Benoit (760) 863-8211 (Even you great get voice mail, leave a message AND email). Thank you! It's working. Keep the momentum going. Without this, she wouldn't be in jail.
    1. Demand the D.A. and Supervisor Benoit push for NO Bail, she is a flight risk
    2. Demand the D.A. and Supervisor Benoit make certain that if she makes bail, she is not be allowed to keep any animals while waiting for her trial
    3. Demand that all puppies under the care of Bernadette's friend from the July 1, 2013 arrest be immediately turned over to Animal Control as evidence.
    4. Demand that NO dogs be euthanized, and let them know that the Animal Legal Defense Fund will pay for all medical needs and behavioral evaluations of the dogs
  14. The City of Postville, Iowa: Remove the ban on pitbull type dogs
  15. Sri Lanka: Stop the practice of Hakka Patas used to KILL elephants!
  16. Fire Jamie P. Olson from Wyoming Wildlife Services
  17. Fvta/navta Student Chapter Of Ft. Lauderdale: spreading awareness to rasie the status of the Veterinary Technicians.
  18. Miami-Dade County: End Breed Specific Legislation
  1. Boiled and skinned alive!
  2. Demanding Justice for Brownie
  3. Stop Animal Cruelty Within The Cosmetics Industry
  4. Stop Elephant Camp Abuse in Ayutthaya
  5. Animals should not be classified as property
  6. K-9 death in Police Patrol Car ...
  7. BAN Atrazine and other pesticides that are slowly killing the frogs population!
News & Polls:
  1. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO! 58.3 % now.
  2. Latest News in Gloucestershire Scroll down for polls on the right side:
    Should the Ban on hunting with Dogs be repealed? Vote NO! Only 48%
  3. Mass Poisoning of Dogs in Bugojno, Bosnia
  4. Judge sets bond at $25K for man accused of attacking raccoon
  5. Appeals Court: Beating a puppy to death with baseball bat is not torture
  6. Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring
  7. Victory! 11 States Reject Bills to Help Cover Up Animal Abuse
  8. Animal welfare and animal protection for the first time into the main subjects Veterinary Medical College Core Curriculum
  9. The Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Banned in San Diego
  10. Marty, Brooklyn and Penny: Chihuahua rescue in South Central LA. [VIDEO]
  11. Heroic Firefighter Revives a Lifeless Dog with CPR

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