Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8 petitions

  1. URGENT: Ask Spain to Make the Right Decision on Bullfighting
  2. Urge Congress to Crack Down on Puppy Mills
  3. Gray Wolves have to stay on the Endangered List!
    Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants: Gray Wolf (Canis lupus), Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)
  4. Take Action to Stop the Horse Meat Industry!
  5. "fur is green" is greenwash
  6. Justice for Molly - Baby Beagle Murdered
  7. Ban the use of neonicotinoid insecticides in Australia to protect our bees.
  8. No animal testing for psychoactive substances
  9. Help Us Protect the Arctic from a Dangerous Chemical That Killed Over 2,000 Birds
  10. Protecting Antarctica's Oceans
  11. Help us save our precious QLD bushland
  12. Support President Obama's Fight Against Wildlife Crime
  13. Take action for lab animals
  14. Circuses are no fun for animals! (UK)
  15. Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting? (UK)
  16. Please tell the Calgary Stampede to end calf-roping
  17. Stop Foston Pig 'Prison'
  18. It's time to pull back the veil of secrecy surrounding animal testing.
  1. Stop County Fair From Using Abused Animals
  2. Tell Oklahoma’s Governor to Save Sacred Mountain
  3. Support Innovative Dam-Removal Project
  1. Stop Canada's FURociousness!
  2. Rt Hon Edna Molewa & Rt Hon Carvalho Muaria: Erection of the Transfrontier Border Fence
  3. Ohio: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  4. U.S. Government: Support Rep. Moran's H RES 208 to Ban Animal Gas Chambers Nationwide
  5. Animal abuse promoter can't be a Guardian : Remove AWBI Chairman
  6. All friends: Please sign this paper to get justice for the abused dog, Karma! (target?!)
  7. Be part of getting a "Hot Cars Kill" Law amendment added to Georgia's "Responsible Dog Ownership Law."
  8. Dalton McGuinty : Stop the Ontario Pit Bull ban and deteriorate BSL
  9. Prevent cruelty to dogs and cats in China
  10. Governments worldwide, The UN.: To make animal police obligatory for every country
  11. City of Shasta Lake City Council: Restructure the City of Shasta Lake Animal Shelter!
  12. Pet food company Purina: Stop kangaroo cruelty implicated by pet food company Purina
  13. Intendente Municipal de Alte Brown.: Que Brown siga siendo NO eutanásico!
    Alte Mayor Brown: That Brown euthanasia remains NO!
  14. Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara: Prohíba los festejos taurinos de sus pueblos.
    Guadalajara City Council: Ban the bullfights of their people.
  15. à tous les partis politiques français: 1 fichier national contre la maltraitance animal
    All French political parties: one file against the national animal abuse
  16. Dr. Antonio Bonfatti: NO firme convenio con Nación (Decreto 1088) que permite matar animales
    Dr. Antonio Bonfatti: NOT sign agreement with Nation (Decree 1088) that kills animals
  17. Stop the mass killing of strays in the Ukraine (target?!)
  18. Ayuntamiento Beas de Segura de la provincia de Jaén en Andalucía. : Prohibición del Toro Ensogado
    City Beas de Segura in the province of Jaen in Andalusia: Prohibition of bull roped
  19. Asamblea Legislativa del DF: Prohibición de venta de animales en tiendas +Kota, Petland y similares.
    Mexico City Legislative Assembly: Ban the sale of animals in stores + Kota, Petland and the like.
  20. Iowa Bar Association: Remove Judge Joe Smith for giving woman who hanged dog no jail time
  21. South Carolina: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  22. Oklahoma: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  23. Kansas: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  24. Missouri: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  25. North Carolina: Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  26. Minnesota: Pass HF 391 to Ban Cruel, Archaic Animal Gas Chambers in Shelters
  27. Utah: : Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers to Kill Homeless Pets in Shelters
  28. Michigan: Pass Grant's Bill SB 354 to Ban Cruel, Archaic Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters
  1. Demand that Ridglan Farms Inc. Stop Raising, Skinning, Selling, and Torturing Animals
  2. Save Bengal Tiger Corridors from Coal Mining
  3. U.S.- Stop Tiger Breeding Without Permits
  4. Say NO to Cruel Crates for Pigs
  5. Tiny Dog Thrown Off Hotel Balcony (target?!)
  6. Keep Orca Whales on Endangered Species List
  7. To boycott "kumano" as a tourist. I will not visit "kumano" as long as Wakayama Prefecture continues
  8. No A La Caza Del Leon Que Se Escapa Del Circo En Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
    No hunt for a type of African lion (endangered species), who spent his life under unnatural conditions such as in a circus
  9. Ban this cruel fur trade!
  10. End the Ban of Pitbulls in Ontario
  11. Stop The Pit Bull Ban In all Southwest Arkansas cities
  12. Ban the Sale of Non-Rescue/Shelter Pets in Oshawa Ontario Pet Stores!
  13. Spread the idea of "lab-grown meat" (target?!)
  14. Ban the Use of Palm Oil in our Products & Foods
  15. Ask Dr. Oz to Only Promote Sustainable Palm Oil
  16. WALMARTs across the US start saying something about animals in hot cars!
  17. To stop dolphins and whales captivity in Japan. No more captives.
  18. Save Canadian Honey Bees from Deadly Pesticides!
  19. Ban Bee Killing Pesticides
  20. End The Dog Massacres In Turkey
  21. List Indochinese Tiger as Critically Endangered
  22. N. Carolina- Ban Exotic Animal Ownership
  23. Make Lion Meat Illegal in Illinois
  24. Register Dangerous Wild Animals in Texas

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