Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 17 petitions and more

  1. Demand the Full Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses We Were Promised
  2. Help Get Anti-Trapping Legislation Across the Finish Line In CA (California)
  3. Geese in a wildlife refuge should not have to die (NY)
    Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge turned into a killing field as hundreds of Canada geese are slaughtered
  4. This Land Is Our Land -- Don't Frack It Up
  5. VIOLENCE on Facebook! Bulgarian group called "Let's kill all the stray dogs!"
    Always report  them first! Filing a Complaint with the IC3
    & Send a message to INTERPOL
  6. Belleville Craigslist Ad With Graphic Photo of Dead Pet Says: "A Good Dog Is A Quiet Dog"
    A pledge to share to find the person who posted this picture on Belleville Craigslist
  7. Demand that SeaWorld "Empty the Tanks" and Release Orcas Back to the Wild
    Close Puppy Mills in Europe!
  9. URGENT: Tell Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter Once and for All! (US)
  10. No Dissection of Animals in the Classroom. (confirmation needed)
  11. Don't Drill the Amazon – Defend It!
  12. Petitions to stop the Korean dog & cat meat consumption
  13. Tell Congress to Suspend Bee-Toxic Pesticides
  14. Protect Seals | The Humane Society of the United States
  15. Protect the Top End from oil, gas and seabed mining
  16. Hurry! Senate vote to confirm Gina McCarthy TODAY (US)
  1. Tarzan Zerbini Circus and Two Tails Ranch: Retire aging Asian Elephant pair Marie and Schell to a sanctuary
  2. Justice for Two Puppies Hurled to Their Deaths
  3. Stop the Oakland County 4H fair from using African Elephants and white lions in their circus show which is performed by the company Circus Pages
  4. Exigimos que el maltrato animal sea delito en Puebla
    Mexico: We demand that Animal Abuse is considered to be a Crime in Puebla!
  5. The Republic of Cyprus Government: Inaugurate a Republic Society for the Protection of Animals RSPCA
  6. Seogwipo(Jeju Province), S. Korea! Please stop the construction of large scale illegal dog farm and crack down on existing dog farms immediately!
  7. General Russian Prosecutor General Yury Yakovlevich Chayka: SEND HEARTLESS BARBARIC KILLERS TO PRISON
  8. Stop dogs massacre in city Rustavi (Caucasus, Georgia)
  9. Commission Européenne : Arrêtons le massacre européen aux Iles Féroé (Grindadrap)
    EU Commission: Stop the barbaric Dolphin and Pilot Whales Slaughter at the Faroe Islands, Denmark!
  10. Генеральна прокуратура України: Запретить использование животных в фотобизнесе!
    The General Pros. Office of Ukraine: Prohibit the use of animals in the photo!
    (It's mostly related to Smuggling Wild Animals and killing the mother.)
  11. UNESCO: NO al Toro Jubilo como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial
    UNESCO: the Toro Jubilo is NOT an Intangible Cultural Heritage!
  12. Let s stop the French magazine that promotes forbidden hunting!
  13. Autoridades de Ecuador : ¡¡ No a la Caza !!
    Ecuador:  No to Hunting!
  14. A los Gobiernos extranjeros: Un hogar para los perros expiatorios de México
    Foreign governments: A home for dogs scapegoats of Mexico
  15. Llamado a los gobiernos extranjeros: Un hogar para los perros expiatorios de Mexico
    Call to foreign governments: A home for dogs scapegoats of Mexico
  16. Sagen Sie NEIN zum illegalen Welpenhandel auf willhaben.at
    No to Puppy Farms on the Internet!
  17. Comercial Mexicana: pedimos una seccion de productos veganos en sus supermercados
    Commercial Mexicana: we want a vegan product section in your stores
  1. Make Cockfighting a Felony in All 50 States
  2. Commend Researcher for Being an Ally to Sharks
  3. Demand Harshest Punishment for Dog Trainer Charged with Animal Cruelty
  4. Thank Food Chain for Eliminating Cruel Pig Cages
  1. Investigate The Death of an Elephant Who was Found Dead and Slaughtered in Aceh, Indonesia
    Investigate The Death of an Elephant Who was Found Dead and Slaughtered in Aceh, Indonesia (2nd petition)
  2. Retire Harvard's Research Primates to a Sanctuary
  3. Ban Glue Traps in New York City Parks
  4. Stop Animal Cloning
  5. Look With Eyes Wide Open, What They Do To Our Elephants!
  6. Save the Brazilian Wildlife
  7. Congress, Ban Coal Tar Pavement Sealant in All States
  8. Save the Dogs of China
    Save the Dogs of China (2nd petition)
  9. Bear Baiting
  10. Keep the Wind River Bear Institute Programs in Kananaskis Country
  11. We urge the Ministry of Agriculture Office to allow Turkish veterinary practices to obtain and admin
  12. Animals Are Harmed on Reality TV
  13. Tell the EPA: Keep our Water Clean and Safe
  14. Support a Bold Climate Plan
News & Polls:
  1. Latest News in Gloucestershire - News Stories & events
    Polls are at right, scroll down.
    Should the ban on hunting with dogs be repealed? NO! Only 47%! 
  2. Serbia: Is Rabies Now Being Invented by the Ministry Yet Again In Order to Undertake Mass Animal Killings ? – Maybe, As Serbia Has NOT Officially Informed the OIE of Any Outbreak, Which It Should If A Reality! 
  3. 17-July-13 # Latest 100 rescued dogs from Dog Meat Trade 
  4. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new cause: combating elephant poaching 
  5. Please like the FB page: Saving America's Mustangs and then vote for them by liking this page: Travel Nevada and clicking on "Cowboy Country" and voting for "Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort"
  6. Dog Fighter Sentenced Up to 6 ½ Years in Prison 
  7. Click to donate site: Clic croquette 4x par jour!
  8. The Resilient Rico
    After having his tongue cut out by a cruel human on a beach in Mexico, three nonprofits pave the path for this pit bull’s new life. 
  9. Tiny Mouse and Innocent Kitten Snuggle Sweetly Together

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