Monday, July 29, 2013

July 30 petitions and more

  1. STOP VIVISECTION (EU members only)
  2. Save the Arctic
  3. Ban Hydraulic fracking in UK
  4. Stop eBay selling fur from Chinese Fur Farms
  5. Immediate ban on using dangerous 111A tank cars to transport oil.
    Canadian postal code N8N 1T1
  6. Stop Big Companies from Burning Our Forests
  7. Raise your voice for Chitana, the Elephant
  8. Act Now to Save India's Tigers
  9. In view of the fact that the tiger in the wild is entering its Age of Extinction
  10. 1.000.000 Signatures To Stop Killing Of 1.000.000 Dogs In Romania And All European Countries
  11. Don't End Federal Protection for Gray Wolves
  12. Comments needed to Punish Greyhound Cruelty in West Virginia!
    To whom it concerns,
    I thank you for acting swifty and to the full extent of your statutory authority by revoking the licenses of Christopher Bever and James P. Grace and by suspending James E. Bloom.
    I ask you to not only revoke the license of kennel owner, Robert A. Mackey, but also to refer all these cases for criminal prosecution under the West Virginia anti-cruelty law.
    I read you have announced that you will better document your investigations and have now drafted a policy of referring cases involving cruelty to greyhounds for criminal prosecution.
    I support this new policy.
    Greyhound racing must be banned in West Virginia.
  13. Justicia para Kila y Lola, las dos chihuahua torturadas en Barcelona
    Justice for Kila and Lola, the two Chihuahua's tortured in Barcelona
  14. Stop à la création d'un abattoir halal à Gueret (Creuse)
    France: NO Halal Slaughterhouse in Creuse! (confirmation needed)
  15. Stop à un plan de capture de chats pour euthanasie mis en place illégalement versus plan pour stérilisation - France: Stop the killing plans for a colony of cats, instead of being sterilized! (confirmation needed)
  16. US Government: Give Panthers Room To Roam!
  1. Applaud Singer for Turning Her Back on Fur
  2. Demand Walmart Give Job Back to Employee Who Protected Dog in Hot Car
  3. Applaud Coca-Cola for Adopting a Rigorous Emission Reduction Policy
  4. Protect Endangered Tigers by Closing Loopholes that Permit Global Hunting and Trafficking
  5. Applaud Firemen for Saving Cats from Burning Building
  6. Demand Malaysian Government Reduce Logging
  7. Commend Removal of Illegal Logging Camps
  8. Investigate Death of Tens of Thousands of Eels
  9. Demand Protection for Threatened Honeybees
  10. Don’t Expose Port to Oil Pollution
  1. Burney Jennings, President, Biscuitville, Inc.: Stop trying to kill cats!
  2. Путину Владимиру Владимировичу: Остановить деятельность живодеров-догхантеров - Russia: Stop this torturous Dog Killing!
  3. Boycott All International Conferences in South Korea - Nation of Heinous Cruelty and Shameful Apathy!
  4. Cámara de Representantes y Juan Manuel Santos - Presidente Colombia -: En COLOMBIA la zoofilia y el asesinato de animales se consideren delito
    Colombia, Gov., Juan Manuel Santos, President: Make Bestiality and Killing Animals a crime!
  5. To All German Newspapers: Pubblicate Un Dossier Sullo Sterminio Di Cani Nel Centro E Sud Italia - Über Die Brutale Ermordung - German Newspapers: Publication of the Dossier on the Massacre of Dogs in South and Central Italy
  6. Alcalde de Tepoztlán, Morelos señor Francisco Navarrete Conde: Campañas de esterilización masivas y adopción - Mayor of Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico: We want Campaigns for Mass Sterilization and Adoption!
  7. Benson's Pet Center: STOP supporting animal cruelty by buying & selling ferrets from the abusive and notorious breeding facility *Marshall Farms*
  8. Deutscher Bundestag, Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin: Stoppen Sie die Diskriminierung von "Kampf"-Hunden!
    Germany: Stop Discrimination of 'Fighting' Dogs / BSL
  9. Police Chief Mike Freeman, Northridge Village, Ohio: Demand the firing of Humane Officer Barry Accorti
  10. Dekalb Humane Society: I want Lucy returned to me.
  11. The lawmakers of North Carolina: Ban the use of tasers on domesticated animals
  12. Mission Hospital: Allow personal pet visitation to long-term patients in hospitals
  13. Port Pirie, Australia, Police Department and Regional Council: Find the people responsible for harming the pets of Port Pirie
  14. End Soring Horse Abuse: This is against a horrible abuse towards Tennessee Walking Horses.
  15. una policia que perciga e investigue el maltrato animal y lo penalize A policeman who pursues and investigate animal abuse and penalize
  1. Stop torture and killing of animals
  2. Stop allowing pets to die in cars!
  3. STOP Baiting wolves in Yellowstone National Park!
  4. STOP using Cadmium, Mercury and Lead in Batteries!
  5. Stop Gold Mining in an Ancient Forested Area in Chalkidiki
  6. Pour que le gouvernement engage un repeuplement d'abeilles en France
  7. Keep San Antonio clean and free from litter!!
  8. Stop the Legal Hunting of African Elephants
  9. Idaho Follow Michigan and Ban Traps
  10. Wisconsin Follow Michigan and Ban Traps
  11. Montana Follow Michigan and Ban Traps
  12. Wyoming Follow Michigan And Ban Traps
  13. Help the SPCA from having to close down animal adoption departments due to lack of funding
  14. Koalas killed to make paper in Japan and China.
  15. Save The African Elephant From Poachers (target?!)
  16. Ban Wildlife-Killing Plastic Bags in Wyong Shire
  17. Stop Gold Mining in an Ancient Forested Area in Chalkidiki
  18. This Land Is Our Land - Don't Frack It Up
News & Polls:
  1. 2013 Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings™
  2. Retired Racing Greyhounds In The Thousands Need Homes
  3. The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds Flat
  4. Petfood is being made with stray dogs and diseased sheep, say police in major investigation
  5. New Report Highlights Disturbing Level Of Wildlife Crime Throughout UK
  6. EXCLUSIVE: Charity wildlife cull to save the exotic species
  7. Animal Liberation Front Sabotages San Diego Fur Store, Homes
  8. Blood Phones, Coltan and Gorillas
  9. After Strong Protests, Royal Canin Will Pledge To Give £250,000 To Save Up To 20 Bears In Ukraine
  10. EU and China sign landmark agreement, join together to fight illegal wildlife trade
  11. North Carolina House Passes Bill To Rescue Dogs Left In Hot Cars

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