Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21 petitions and more

  1. Berner Luchsin "Luna" soll leben
  2. CERRAR PROTECTORA FIGUERES-GIRONA - Spain: Close this animal pound in Figueres-GIRONA where dogs and cats are killed indiscriminately.
  3. Save the Swedish wolf population
  4. Tell FWS to Investigate the Tragic Killing of a Mexican Gray Wolf
  5. Anti-DogFighting Campaign Plea
  6. Please protest the shipment of primates
  7. Help Defeat The King Amendment To The Farm Bill!
  8. Improve living and working conditions for the Viennese horse-drawn carriage horses
  9. Tell Congress to reinstate funding for rescuing marine mammals
  1. No Mas ZOO En Uruguay: Prohibicion De Zoologicos En Uruguay
  2. Pela Implantação do Projeto Posto de Proteção Animal em Barretos-SP - Brazil. Mayor of Barretos-SP: Give support to the implementation of project Tour Animal Protection
  3. Indonesian Government in Bali: STOP the illegal slaughter of Sea Turtles!: Enforcement to Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing of sea turtles
  4. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jiménez: Que endurezca la ley que hay por maltrato animal.
    Spain, uphold and apply the Law against Animal Abuse!
  5. Gumtree + all papers that put dogs + cats 'Free to a good Home': stop advertising free animals
  1. Help us to stop the slaughter of street dogs in El Salvador
  2. Idaho, Stop The Gut and Spine shooting of wolves
  3. Wisconsin, Stop the Gut and Spine Shooting of Wolves
  4. Wyoming, Stop the Gut and Spine Shooting of Wolves
  5. Stop Millions of our Taxpayers going to Kill our native wildlife.
  6. Demand the harshest justice for this Yorkie
  7. Stop the practice of Denning in Montana
  8. Stop the practice of Denning in Wisconsin
  9. Stop the practice of Denning in Idaho
  10. Stronger Animal Abuse Laws
  11. Save Rare and Critically Endangered New Zealand Dolphins
  12. Stop starving tame deer
  13. No Permits for Florida Bull Run
  14. Ayudar A Perritos y Gatitos En Centro Vacacional
  16. Stop factory farming! Stop all animal experiments! (no target)
  17. Make animal testing history! (no target)
  18. Remove Ban Pit Bulls Across America Page
  19. Dissection of animals in the class
News & Polls
  1. Vote for Les Stroud as your favourite celebrity in The BiLLe’s Celeb Charity Challenge and help Marineland whistleblowers at
    This finding would help with the lawsuit against Marineland.
    Please register and vote daily for the next 5 days:
  2. People must elect officials who will not allow brutal torture of wolves
  3. ‘Bang! I accelerate’: Quebec mayor forced to apologize for saying how much he enjoys killing kittens with his car
  4. A tale of 2 rescues: Dogs from outside Floyd County are healing thanks to ARF
  5. Report Animal Cruelty | ASPCA
  6. NC Legislation Will Allow Breaking Into Vehicles to Rescue Dogs from Hot Cars
  7. A voice for elephants
  8. Kitten meets hedgehog. [VIDEO]
  9. Dog Finds A Tiny Kitten, Risks Everything To Save Her
  10. Sweet Dog Cries for Joy in His Soldier Daddy's Lap
  11. Couple Has a Special Bond With an Unusual Jungle Creature- a Hippo
  12. Dog rescue in central California (Gaia, Sydney, Matilda & Gabriella) [VIDEO]
    To read the full story, GO here: If you would like to make a donation to Hope For Paws, please click here: and if you would like to make a donation to the Bill Foundation, please click here:
  13. FB Page: Stop Animal Testing & Vivisection T.Z

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