Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27 petitions

  1. Tell WAZA to stop participating in Dolphin massacre at Taiji Japan
  2. Maine Must Catch Up on Bear Protection  (Maine residents only)
  3. Stop the “New Prosperity” Mine at Fish Lake
  4. Tell the B.C. Government: No Pipelines, No Tankers, No Problem
  5. Quadra Parks Deal in Jeopardy
  6. End the slaughter of animals without pre-stunning (UK)
  7. Sec. Kerry: Investigate the conflicts of interest in the Keystone review
  8. Morrissey vs. Gordon Ramsay in Foie Gras Fracas
  9. Email - Leaked Documents Show Fed's Wildlife Abuse Went Unpunished (US)
  10. Speak Out Today for Illinois House Bill 2991 (IL)
  11. Tell Barack Obama: Don't frack on public lands
  12. The Time is NOW Congress Must Say NO to Pets Sold for Research
  13. Tell President Obama to Reject the Keystone XL!
  14. You can save your food from foreign corporations
  15. The Rouge: Getting it right for Canada’s first National Urban Park
  16. Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees (US)
  17. Stop the Great Barrier Train Wreck
  18. Take Action to Help Ailing Elephants Now
  1. Encourage University to Stop Investing in Big Oil
  2. Increase Conservation Efforts of Indochinese Tiger
  3. Ban the Sale of Lion Meat
  4. Applaud State’s Electric Vehicle Mobile App
  1. Save the Amsterdam Albatross! BAN longline fishing on Amsterdam Island!
  2. Iowa Court Overturns Conviction Of Puppy Beaten To Death With A Baseball Bat
  3. Stop the Abuse training of elephant in Thailand
  4. Demand that the Ringling Brothers Circus stop Cruelty against Animals!
  5. Justice For The Animals In Broward County Shelters
  6. STOP catching and killing frogs!
  7. Help save family Pygmy goats from being impounded
  8. Stop hunting the Roloway monkey!
  9. Save the Wolves
  10. Stop China's Shenhua from draining groundwater for coal project
  11. Save the Asiatic Wild Dog
  12. Stop Governor Jindal! Save Louisiana's Wetlands!
  13. Stop Sand Mining in Trempealeau County-Say YES to moratorium
  14. Save the Sumatran Rhino
  15. Ban Castration of Farm Animals without Pain Killers
  16. Ban Masked, Begging Street Monkeys in Indonesia
  17. Tell Pepsi- Stop Sponsoring Big Cat Exploitation
  1. Brighton, Colorado - Acting County Attorney: Prosecute Richard Pilicer To The Fullest Extent of the Law
  2. City of Cheonan, S. Korea! Please crack down on the illegal trade of dogs for human consumption at the 'Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market' immediately!

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