Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16 petitions and more

  1. Save Coho Salmon with a Science-based Stream Conservation Area Ordinance
  2. Stop the New England Tar Sands Pipeline (US)
  3. Washington University, St. Louis: Top Med School Still Hurts Cats
    information, addresses and a petition are inside the link.
  4. Demand Accountability and Transparency for Government Employees (US)
    Documents show questions about Wildlife Services probe in animal cruelty
  5. Pledge to Shed Exotic Skins From Your Wardrobe
  6. WISH20 – Eradicating Ecocide
  7. URGENT! Keep the Clovis Prairie Dogs FREE!
    (Please use the sample letter to send an email)
  8. Tell PETA to stop killing animals
  9. Jail This Man For Animal Cruelty
  10. Peru: "Law prohibiting abuse and animal sacrifice as part of public events or private" (Please send a sample letter to the email addresses provided in the link)
  11. Ask your rep: press Jewell on the NAS report (US)
  12. Locals in Przelewice, Poland protest building of mink farm
    (Please send a short message)
  13. Boycott "Hiraizumi" as a tourist. As long as Iwate P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins, small whales.
    Stop The Killing Of The Amazon Porpoises/Dolphins
  15. ¡Por el cierre de todos los delfinarios en Europa!
    We require the Closure of all Dolpinaria in Europe
  16. Introduce CCTV as mandatory in slaughterhouses in England. 
  17. Stand By Animals In China
  18. Oppose Cruel Trapping of Beavers in New Jersey (NJ only)
  19. Urge President Obama to Impose Trade Sanctions on Icelandic Whaling Companies (US)
  20. Oppose Pilot Tidal Turbine Project in Admiralty Inlet, WA
  21. URGENT: Pigs Who Will Be Violently Exploited at Festival Need Your Voice
  1. Commend Conservatory for Protecting Endangered Species
  2. Save California’s Bobcats from Trapping
  3. Save the North Atlantic Right Whale From Extinction
  4. Force State Government to Clean Polluted Lake
  1. Que se cumpla la Ley Contra el Maltrato Animal de Yucatán vigente.
    Yucatan, Mexico: Enforce the Law Against Animal Abuse!
  2. Pima County Board of Supervisors: Ban sales of dogs and cats in pet stores
  3. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: Get the Yorkie ELI Bear medical treament immediately
  4. The City of Easton, PA: Fire the Police Officer that shot Xaviar in the back of the head twice.
  5. Congress and senate: Harsher punishment for animal abusers
  6. Dr. Songabe, DAFF Director: Veterinary Public Health : STOP SHIPS OF SHAME - LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT
  7. Justicia Mexicana : Condena para Juan Castillo Perez
    Mexican Justice: Conviction for Juan Castillo Perez!
  8. Boycott "Hiraizumi" as a tourist. As long as "Otsuchi, Kamaishi" / Iwate P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins, small whales.
  9. Feed or Free the Lions In Buenos Aires: Feed the lions kept in the Buenos Aires Zoo or release them to the wild.
  10. Stop halal process of animal slaughtering for commercial purpose - Abhishek Kadyan
  11. Starbucks: Stop selling baked goods containing palm oil!
  1. Ban Foie Gras in New York
  2. Ban Ivory Imports to the United States
  3. Russia: Crackdown on Illegal Logging of Amur Tiger and Leopard Habitat
  4. Protest Stray Cat Hunting in Switzerland!
  5. Sansar Chandra the poacher who killed 200 Tigers should not walk free
  6. Florida Cruelty to Animal Statute Must Be Toughened
  7. Dog Fighting - Stop The Violence
  8. Save polar bears swimming to Greenland (Denmark)
  9. Ban Pesticides Used to Kill Tigers!
  10. Stop killing Sumatran elephant and Sumatran tiger
  11. Stop bullfighting bulls - parar as touradas de touros
  12. Demand Justice For The Dead And Shot Dogs From Godech
  13. BOYCOTT and END FAST FOOD PLACES (McDonalds, Burger king, Wendys, Taco bell, Popeyes, Checkers, etc.)
  14. Save the Saola
  15. Save the Amur Leopard
  16. Save The Vaquita Porpoises
  17. Urge supermarkets to end the use of confined lobster tanks
  18. Boycott "Hiraizumi" as a tourist. As long as "Otsuchi, Kamaishi" / Iwate P, continues slaughter
News and Polls:
  1. Vote for Full Moon Farm and help us WIN!
  2. Documents Reveal State Officials, Not Scientists, Led Decision to Strip Endangered Species Protections From Wolves Across Country
    Endangered Species Act’s Science-based Mandate Sidestepped for Political Expediency
  3. Graphic Image: Outcry Over Dead Ponies on Bodmin Moor
  4. Special Needs School Counsellor Charged With Bestiality Involving Pet Dog Now ‘Accused of Having Sex With A Boy And Showing Him Pictures Of Bestiality
  5. Sumatran Orangutan Dies After Beating From Villagers
  6. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Cat meat trade discovered
  7. Bees Dying by the Millions
  8. Email - Thanks to you, good news for Yellowstone wolves!
  9. Should chimpanzees have legal rights?
    The ‘animal personhood’ movement believes dolphins, great apes, and elephants deserve to be able to sue — and now it has a plaintiff.
  10. Designer labels Ladakh and Huntingbird are now officially fur-free!
  11. Spain's endangered Iberian lynx brought back from brink of extinction
  12. Bus riding dog is reunited with long lost Florida owner
  13. Borko, Bulgaria, taking a stroll with Granny!
  14. Help us buy land for a dog shelter outside Travnik, Bosnia
  15. Please help Axel, the dog that crawled out of HELL
    scroll down for the recent update on Axel.

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