Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 24 petitions and more

  1. Save Australia's Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
  2. Tell Barack Obama "Don't Frack in Public!" Ban fracking on public lands
  3. Big Oil: What Are You Hiding?
  4. Illinois: Urge Governor Quinn to Sign Animal-Friendly Bills into Law! (IL)
  5. NC: SB 626-Lifesaving Bill on Governor's Desk (NC)
  6. Stop the rollback of Canada's Environmental Laws
  7. Save Australia's koalas
  8. Stop koalas becoming industry casualties
  9. Violations of the Animal Welfare Act shouldn't be business as usual!
  10. Tell New EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy “End Mountaintop Removal” (US)
  11. Submit a comment by July 26 opposing this catastrophe:
    Take Action: Save an Ocean Refuge Under Attack 
  12. Tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell: Put a Stop to this Delisting Catastrophe (US)
  13. Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts (US)
  14. Protect America's Wolves!
  15. Tell FWS that you strongly oppose their misguided proposal to delist nearly all wolves.
  16. Make Miami Dade a NO KILL county
  17. Stop Bear Baiting In Ukraine - Call on Royal Canin to take responsibility
  18. Por la erradicación definitiva de los zulos de perros cazadores en Catalunya.
    For the final eradication of the hideouts of hunting dogs in Catalonia.
  19. Prevent Increased Hunting Of Sea Otters (US)
  20. Allow Vickie Dywer to rescue more animals
  21. Francesco: cane scappato o sbranato. Per fare chiarezza
    Italian Authorities: Investigate Oasis L, involved in the transfer of a dog
  22. Join Lea Michele in the Fight Against Horse Carriages!
  23. Join our Labelling Matters campaign - Email the Farm Animal Welfare Minister today calling for Method of Production labelling for meat and dairy products.
  24. Hey Google! Don't Fund Evil!
  1. Protect the Blue Shark From Harmful Fishing Practices
  2. Demand Doll Company Produce Environmentally Friendly Catalogues
  3. Put an End to Dog Fighting in Car Trunks
  4. Stop Big Coal From Killing Orcas
  5. Stop Using Armed Guards to Scare Environmental Activists
  6. Punish Officer Who Brutally Killed Dog
  7. Commend Governor for Requiring Animal Abusers to Pay for Seized Animals' Care
  8. Stop the Annual Seal Slaughter in Africa
  9. Make Rhino Poaching a Felony in Mozambique
  10. Thank Government Agency for Fighting Wildlife Trafficking
  11. Demand Bangladesh’s Factory Owners Stop Polluting Waters
  1. Livingston County, Kentucky: Stop breed specific legislation
  2. DA Paul Zellerbach, Supervisor John Benoit: Ban Bernadette Schwenn from ever having animals again.
  3. Super Pet: Stop selling Crittertrail Cages
  4. Eagle Pet Center in Shakopee, MN. The animals need rescue and the store needs to be shut down!
  5. Corrine T Smith Animal Center: To stop the killing and get people there that care about them.
  6. Stop bear baiting in Ukraine
  7. Su Santidad el Papa Francisco: Que la Iglesia se desvincule de las fiestas en las que se tortura animales.
    Pope Franciscus: May the Church be AGAINST Animal Torture!
  8. Justice for Grumpy
  9. Annulation de la nouvelle mesure d'abattage massif de loups
    France, Deputy Reeve of Nice Mountain: NO Massacre of Wolves!
  10. Al Gobierno de España: Que se prohíba la caza con galgo o podenco
    The Government of Spain: Prohibit the hunting with galgos or other dogs.
  11. Prohibicion De La Caza En España
    Gov. of Spain: We're starting this initiative to ban hunting in Spain
  12. Al Gobirno: No Al Ahorcamiento De Galgos
    Gov. of Spain: Prohibit the hanging of Greyhounds
  13. Save the Tiger: Heed its "Leave Me Alone" call
  14. Verónica Balbuena: Que El Gobierno De La Ciudad Realice 200 Castraciones Minimas Diarias - Argentina, Veronica Balbuena: City Council, we request at least 200 Castrations every day
  15. City of Jacksonville : Make it illegal in Duval county to leave a dog in locked car
  16. Albany County, NY Commissioners: Stop Ringling Circus from coming to Albany
  1. Stop Vivisection at University of California
  2. Romania- Send Tania the Zoo Elephant to a Sanctuary
  3. Help Captive Chimps, Save Wild Ones Too
  4. Stand Up for Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Animals!
  5. Urge MAC Cosmetics To STOP ANIMAL TESTING!
  7. Save the Trees on Nashua's Main St.
  8. Save the Fin Whale
  9. Save the Galapagos Penguin
  10. Stop Governmental Support and Subsidy for Fracking
  11. Please... Stop eating cats and dogs in Asia!
  12. Animal Cruelty Cases Need Harsher Penalties
  13. Stand Against Animal Testing in the UK!
  14. China's horrifying abuse to animals!
  15. Make a stand to stop animal cruelty now! (no target)
  16. STOP Animal Cruelty Should BE JAILED
  17. Shut down the corrupt BLM
  18. Ask the Canadian government to support the Moose Sex Project
  19. Stop Catching Wild Turtles for Turtle Races
  20. Horrific Tar Sands Spill: Demand Oil Company Open Access to Media and NGOs
  21. End Massive Tax Breaks for Fracking in the UK
News & Polls:
  1. Help us Tell the World about South Korean Torture of pet dogs
  2. Help Save Lives from Moran Meat Market South Korea- Urgent
  3. Save Japan Dolphins Day! Worldwide! 2013
  4. Animal rights activists 'akin to terrorists', says NSW minister Katrina Hodgkinson
  5. Mars inc. / Royal Canin is supporting bear baiting in the Ukraine – through them, do you?
  6. Redford, Richardson, AG King join fight against horse slaughter
  7. Shamed whale meat rejected by ports and cargo companies is returned to Iceland
  8. AP first to implement painless castration for cattle
  9. Tel Aviv Police sets up volunteer unit against animal cruelty
  10. Animal Care's Eight Romanian Rescue Dogs [VIDEO]
  11. Heroes Rescue a Badly Disabled Puppy and He Has a Miraculous Recovery!
  12. Real-Life Fox And The Hound: Abandoned Baby Fox And Terrier Share Disney-Like Friendship (PHOTOS)
  13. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO please!
  14. Latest News in Gloucestershire Scroll down, on the right side are the polls:
    Should the Ban on hunting with Dogs be repealed? NO! Only 48%
  15. Poll: Should we ban fur farming in Ireland? Vote YES!

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