Monday, July 22, 2013

July 23 petitions and more

  1. Protect our Appalachian Mountains and waterways (US)
  2. Stop exposing communities to toxic coal ash! (US)
  3. Protect Birds and Bees From Neonics (US)
  4. Help Give Anti-Trapping Legislation the Push it Needs Ask Governor Brown to sign AB 789 immediately (California residents only)
  5. The Malice of Macy's - Sponsoring Rodeo Cruelty
  6. We Need The Coral Recovery Plan!
  7. Take action on the dog meat trade – write to the President of the Philippines
  8. Ban Fur Trapping On Public Lands in the United States (US)
  9. Urgent Appeal. Please support Front Liners this week In South Korea
  10. TWO PROPOSALS IMPORTANT TO THE FUTURE OF MEXICAN GRAY WOLVES HAVE BEEN RELEASED. 2 Actions, click on 'Here'. Post your comments for the Mexican Wolves! NON -US also!
    1) Ask for a true Recovery plan!
    2) Wolves are essential; ask for a true Recovery plan!
  11. Cárcel y castigo para individuo por matar y arrastrar a perros y gatos en Yucatán
    Prison and punishment for individual to kill and drag to dogs and cats in Yucatan
  12. Oppose BLM Plan to Eradicate NV Mustangs from Humboldt Herd Area (US)
  13. Help Captive Chimps, Save Wild Ones Too
  14. Montbeliard, France: Justice for the massacre of Dog Pataud!
  15. Cruelty Beneath the Covers? Go Down-Free With Alicia Silverstone
  16. Stop Cruelty Against Donkey
  17. Stop REACH! No animal testing for a failed chemicals policy
  18. Big cats look set to return to English circus UK, Ireland to take action
  19. Demand the Full Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses We Were Promised (UK)
  1. Stop Vivisection on Research Animals
  2. Prosecute Ranch Owner for Neglecting Horses
  3. Prevent Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Commend Belgium for Protecting Wild Animals (confirmation needed)
  1. Stop à un plan de capture de chats pour euthanasie mis en place illégalement versus plan pour stérilisation - Stop a catch plan for euthanasia of cats introduced illegally versus plan for sterilization
  2. Nourrissez les crustacés des viviers de la poissonnerie
    shellfish breeding grounds for the fish
  3. Opération Sauvetage du Canis lupus familiaris,IL FAUT INTERDIRE LA CONSANGUINITÉ ET L'APPLIQUER - Operation Rescue from Canis lupus familiaris MUST ALLOW THE CONSANGUINITY AND APPLY
  4. CORREZE Refuge-fourrière-déchetterie d'Uzerche: honte!
    Correze Refuge-pound-dumped Uzerche: shame!
  5. Petition against the course «Butchering Small Animals»
  1. FDA & AVMA : Stop Poisoning Wildlife Animals with Injectable Euthanasia Solutions
  2. Walmart: Stop the inhumane treatment/sales of live animals
  3. Santa Rosa County Animal Control, FL: Stop euthanizing more than 85% of the dogs and become more rescue friendly.
  4. Муниципальный приют Красная сосна не финансируется более 6 месяцев
    Moscow, Russia, Krasnaya Pine: this shelter for homeless animals is in a critical situation, protest please by signing!
  5. Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention!
  6. AT&T Sprint Verizon Walmart Costco Bestbuy Amazon & All Samsung/LG Retailers: Help Stop Heinous Butchering of Dogs in S. Korea-Boycott Samsung & LG!
  7. Harrods: Please stop selling fur!
  8. Gobierno Español: Leyes Mas Severas Para El Maltrato De Los Animales
    Spanish Government: Strong Laws against severe Animal Abuse!
  9. Al congreso de los diputados de españa: Cárcel para los maltratadores de animales - Spain: detention in the case of Animal Abuse!
  10. Federal Petition (sign/share): The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act
  11. City of Ellisville Mississippi: Stop The Inhumane Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Ellisville Mississippi
  12. Erradicar los carros tirados por equinos de la Ciudad de Montevideo Uruguay - Uruguay, Montevideo: Ban Horse carriages
  13. Replace Fort Bragg July 4th Fireworks Show with Laser Show
  14. Absetzung des Show-Acts mit Hunden
    Stop the extremely loud Show Acts with Dogs
  15. Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann, Bürgermeister Olaf Cunitz, Herr Scondo: Qualvolle Tötung der Krähen durch Herrn Scondo, Blumenland-Scondo
    Stop the killing of Crows
  1. Free Lolita, the Captive Orca Whale
  2. Ban Dolphin Captivity
  3. List African Lion as Endangered Species
  4. Ban Toxic Chemical Killing Endangered Indian Vultures
  5. Leave ENDANGERED species ALONE!
  6. Urge Melaleuca to Return to No Animal Testing
  7. Stop violent extermination of dogs in Ulan - Ude
  8. Toronto Canada EMERGENCY, DOG NEEDS HELP, Stuck on Balcony
  9. Massachusetts: Crack Down on Black Market Dog Hauling!
  10. Save the Pink Dolphin from Extinction in Hong Kong and Taiwan!
  11. Ban ALL Wild Animals in Indian Circuses!
  12. Stop eating cats and dogs in Asia
  13. Stop Toxic Pesticide & Herbicide Use in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
  14. Refundable charge on plastic/glass bottles, cans in Northern Ireland
  15. Supermarkets should only use biodegradable plastic bags!
News & Polls:
  1. The June 2013 Ploiesti Siege on stray dogs
  2. They Die Piece By Piece
  3. Website: Keep Michigan Wolves Protected
  4. NM Company Faces Setbacks in Horse Slaughter Plans
  5. Commission votes against prairie dogs.
  6. Despite Promises, UK Fails to Reduce Animal Experiments
  7. You Are a Terrorist If You Film Animal Abuse or Unsanitary Conditions
  8. Tortured Texas Dog Recovering; $35,000 Reward Offered
  9. BLM Continues "Business As Usual" Wild Horse Roundups With Plans to Remove 1,300 Wild Horses Over Next Eight Weeks
  10. Please Like this FB page: The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs
  11. Vote for a Charity: Feel Good Park by Animal Friends Insurance
  12. Website: Wildlife SOS
  13. IFAW - INTERPOL "Operation WENDI"
  14. Website: Animal Legal Defense Fund
    Landmark “Ag Gag” Lawsuit Fights Threat to Freedom of Speech
  15. Victory! Animal Dealer's Owner, Manager Arrested on Hundreds of Felony Charges!
  16. Bullfighting, Dog Fighting, Cockfighting Banned in Veracruz, Mexico
  17. Cheezburger : A Day in the Life of Nero the Cat
  18. A pig and his oatmeal!
  19. XXXX  Pravda za Dragana Staina  XXXXXXXX "Rectification: Head of Municipal Police invited me to a meeting at which I was informed that his ministry will revise the application, since the filing has not taken into account all the circumstances of my case - says Dragan Stain. I'm not in jail."

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