Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4 petitions and more

  1. Take action now: USFWS abandons wolves nationwide
  2. Investigate New York City Animal Shelters In Violation of Humane Laws
  3. Federal: New Horse Slaughter Ban Proposed as U.S. Slaughterhouses Seek Approval to Resume Production
  4. Tell the U.S. Government to Ask for Protection for Threatened Species
  5. Demand that the BLM Implement New Guidelines for Wild Horses
  6. Help Save Horses From Slaughter (US)
  7. Protect Endangered Orcas from Dirty Coal
  8. President Obama: Keep fighting poaching!
  9. Stand with RAN in calling on US snack food industry to cut rainforest destruction from its products
  10. New ORV Trails Wrong Places, Wrong Message
  11. Tell McDonald's to Stop Hurting Hens
  12. Save Gros Morne: Don't FRACK it up!
  13. Take It Taller: Save The Great Bear Rainforest
  14. Current Advocacy Campaigns from IDA's Action Center
  15. Email your MP to help protect wild animals from exploitation (UK)
  16. Support President Obama's Fight Against Wildlife Crime
  17. Stop the Northwest from Becoming a Conduit for Dangerous Coal Exports
  18. Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits
    Sample letter is here.
  19. Protect Endangered Orcas from Dirty Coal
  20. Take Action to Stop the Port Ambrose Project! (US)
  1. End Fur Farming in Ireland
  2. Property Management Company: Don’t Force Tenants to Declaw Their Cats
  3. Protect Vulnerable Communities from Toxic Pollutants
  4. Shut Down Circus for Abusing Animals
  5. Applaud Massive Urban Rooftop Solar Panel Program
  6. Applaud Los Angeles’ Purchase of Electric Buses
  7. Make Coffee Company Allow Customers to Refuse Lid
  8. Ban Meat Sales of Threatened Species
    1. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: To stop animal cruelty and sadist killing strays
    2. Stop the Unconscionable Kangaroo Slaughter
    3. Stop Sheffield Council from shutting down Millhouse Animal Sanctuary: stop the noise abatement order
    4. American Dairy Association and Dairy Council,Inc.: Stop mistreating our cows!
    5. Hawthorne Police Department: Stop Shooting Our Pets!
    6. Woodstock Georgia Police Department: Charge Officer Berry With Spartacus' Murder!
    7. Stop euthanasia of Ducks and Geese in Gaston County Dallas Park, NC: Keep our wildlife safe in our parks for all to enjoy
    8. Belfast City Council: Save Carrickfergus pound
    9. Cairns Regional Council & Federal Government: Do not destroy the homes of 25,000 bats who reside in the Cairns CBD.
      Argentina: Vet's as well, all involved should take care of having dogs and cats neutered
    11. Luchemos por la creación de una protectora de animales!
      Spain, Cava: Stray Animals need Animal Protection
    12. Palisades Property and Casualty Insurance Company: Stop Discrimination Against Specific Animal Breeds!
    13. Dolphins and Marine life being killed by U.S. Navy Sonar Technology: Find an alternative to Sonar!
    14. TUAPA Shelter in Taiwan: Stop Animal Cruelty inside the shelter!
    15. The Humane Society of Harford County : Enforce a mandatory 72 hour hold on all animals admitted.
    16. Walmart store in Romeoville, Illinois: Stop the sale of aquatic animals
    17. The U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress: Amend the Animal Welfare Act to protect Pets from Police Departments
    1. Close Live Animal Export Loopholes for Australia!
    2. Say NO to Cruel Crates for Pigs
    3. Dutch Authorities MUST Investigate The Abuse and Death of Mini Horse
    4. China: Pass Laws to Protect Non-Endangered Animals!
    5. Stop the government funding of research facilities that use animals
    6. STOP Baiting and killing our wolves in Yellowstone National Park!
    7. Peru- Stop Using Endangered Condors in Bullfights
    8. Say NO to Permits to Kill Bald Eagles
    9. American Veterinary Medical Association – Take a Stand against Declawing Cats
    10. Can Everybody Understand? YouTube Promotes Animal Killing Still
    11. Stop Permits for India's "Begging Elephants"
    12. Place the African Lion on the Endangered Species List
    13. Stop the exploitation of captive orcas & dolphins by Sea World!
    14. Thank India for Banning Animal Testing for Cosmetics
    15. Peru: Don't Expose Indigenous Tribes to Amazon Oil Drilling!
    16. Don't Turn North Carolina Into a Trash Dump!
    17. Protect Our Ecosystems
    18. Ban Fireworks in South Carolina
    19. Stop WalMart from selling Fish - disturbing update
    20. Justice for dog shot and killed by LAPD
    21. Salvar Crias De Tortugas
    22. Put up Deer Crossing Signs on Holtz Parkway
    23. Save the Walden's Hornbill
    24. Save the Hawksbill Sea Turtle
    25. Make directors of companies criminally responsible for environmental damage.
    Some News:
    1. Russia, hell on Earth
    2. ...more on Russia
    3. Fb page for Borko, a Crippled Boy Needing Help
    4. Video: Nala - Scared stray Pit Bull living in a ditch - rescued!
    5. Marine Reunites With the Guardian Angel That Saved His Life

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