Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29 petitions and more

  1. Tell the NOAA: Don't undermine California's shark finning ban!
    DEADLINE: July 31
  2. Urge Japan to stop killing whales
  3. Don't let them get away with this anymore
  4. Stop koalas becoming industry casualties
  5. Ask MS Schools to Stop Funding Pigs' Illegal Suffering
  6. Urge Michigan Horse-Racing Track to Forgo Cruel Trapping!
  7. 11th hour for wolves (US)
  8. Ban Canned Hunting in South Africa!
  9. Petition Urging Passage Of Sri Lanka’s Animal Welfare Bill
  10. Petition: Declaration of origin and method of fishing!
  11. Action Alert: Demand California's Carbon Market Not Fund REDD+ Old-Growth Forest Logging - 2 petitions from the Rainforest Portal, one after another
  12. Protect our national parks, forests, and monuments from fracking
  1. Tell Oklahoma’s Governor to Save Sacred Mountain
  2. Protect India’s Tigers from Harmful Human Activities
  3. Ban Oil Tankers from the West Coast of Canada
  1. Animals in trouble: Support Naresh Kadyan to be their voice
  2. Presiden @SBYudhoyono: Segera Bentuk Komnas Perlindungan Hewan!
    Indonesia. President SB Yudhoyono: Immediately Form National Commission for the Protection of Animals!
  3. President Obama: Do not remove protections of wolves in the Lower 48.
  4. Parliament of India (Rajya Sabha): PAY ATTENTION to illegal and inhuman acts - Review the present Meat Export Policy of India.
  5. Solicitamos a la policía local y a todo organismo pertinente que actúe para erradicar el maltrato animal que es conocido en el municipio de Alzira - Spain: We ask the local police and relevant agencies to eradicate Animal Abuse in the town of Alzira  
  6. WTO: Stop allowing animal factory farming and live export trade of farm animals
  7. Transfer the chimpanzees used in shows in Schwaben Park to a suitable shelter.
  8. The Legislative Assembly of Alberta in Legislature Assembled: Stop Coggins Slaughter for EIA positive horses
  9. Keatin Walker,Chase Grein,Travis Bouslog and the USDA : stop the opening of a slaughter house in IOWA
  10. Prohibit the sales of pets at local Bahraini markets!
  11. CRAIGSLIST: Prohibit dangerous "free to good home" pet listings!
  12. TO THE HONOURABLE THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF NEW BRUNSWICK: to amend the current “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act”
  13. Hacer valer la ley Nacional 14.346 contra el maltrato animal
    Argentina: Enforce National Law nr. 14,346 against Animal Abuse, Lujan Zoo!
  14. Javier Meléndez, Presidente Seccional De Samalayuca: Hechar De La Fuerza A Estos Agentes De La Fiscalía - Argentina, div. pres. Samalayuca: No impunity for these dog killing officials!
  15. St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office: Maximum punishment to Adrienne Martin for the killing of Brownie
  16. Vet ties shoelace on dogs snout intends to euthanize without sedation.Lets change his standards to humane ones
  17. Gobierno De Buenos Aires: Prohibir Y Penalizar La Traccion A Sangre
    Argentina: Prohibit and Penalize abusive 'Blood-Traction' with Horses
  18. "Weigern Sie sich endlich unschuldige Hunde zu töten!"
    Denmark: Stop killing innocent dogs
  19. Sponsor Bill: "Indiana Dog Protection Act"
  20. Nova Scotia Gov: Law to prohibit leaving Dog(s) in a vehicle in summer months
  21. Don't Hoist, Bind, and Starve Bulls for Superstition!
  22. Ministro Per L'ambiente: Abolire La Caccia  - Italy: Abolish hunting
  23. Gobierno de la República: Creación de una ley Nacional de proteccion a la vida animal - Mexico: Create a National Law for Animal Protection
  24. Miguel Angel Mancera Jefe de Gobierno D.F (@ManceraMiguelMX) México: Clausura Definitiva del Bazar Pericoapa D.F, lucran con cachorros enfermos.
    Mexico: Close the Bazaar of Pericoapa. Apply the Law on Protection of Animals and the recent amendment to the Federal Criminal Code which prohibits the sale of diseased animals and animal abuse is penalized.
  25. Destitución Y Castigo Para El Sargento Rojas Que Quemó Vivos Dos Perros: Destitución Deshonrosa Del Sargento Rojas Y De Los Agentes Involucrados - Colombia: fire Sergeant Red and cops involved in the burning of 2 Dogs!
  26. Craigslist: Please STOP the LIVE PET SALES or TRADING of any kind!
  27. D.E.F.R.A and P.M. David Cameron: Label meat products of ritual and/or no-stun slaughtered animals
  1. Urge the South African government to halt the devastating betrayal of its Wildlife
  2. Demandamos el cierre del Centro Antirrábico de Lima y la liberacion de Vinces
    We ask for an efficient and ethical balance between public health and welfare of animals; close cruel concentration camps for thousands of animals in the Peruvian capital.
  3. Longline fishing must be banned!
News & Polls:
  1. Taking Ag Gag to Court
  2. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO! 58.6 %
  3. Live Export Investigations
  4. England’s ceremonial mayors eschew fur to support animal rights
  5. List of Fur-Free Retailers, Designers, and Brands
  6. Two men charged with animal cruelty for tossing kittens out of truck window
  7. Former NIH Director Says Animal Research Doesn’t Work
  8. Official statement: Bear baiting in the Ukraine

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