Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31 petitions and more

  1. Save the tigers
  2. KY Residents: Support Safe and Humane Communities! (KY)
  3. MT: Support Safe and Humane Communities! (MT)
  4. Help Us End The Inhumane Confinement Of Sows In Gestation Crates
  5. Speak Up for Washington's Wolves
  6. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  7. S. Korea, please ban the dog and cat meat consumption now!
    Divide over 4 mails! 
  8. Take a Stand for the Wolves of Alaska -Kenai Nat'l Wildlife Refuge!
  9. Ban Ki Moon UN Sec Gen (World Education) - kids in your OWN COUNTRY are taught to torture dogs? This is a hypocrisy. - Let's reach 10.000 signatures please
  10. Stop The Bill That Threatens Our Last Wild Places & Creatures
  11. Seite muss geschlossen werden! page must be CLOSED! Confirmation needed.
  12. Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting?
  13. Don't Let Them Wipe Out Animal Protection Laws
  14. PCRM Action Campaigns. Take Action with PCRM
  1. Applaud Solar Power Program Benefiting Country’s Poorest Citizens
  2. Preserve Fragile Mountain Ecosystem
  3. Applaud Hungary for Burning Genetically Modified Crops
  4. Say No to Floating Nuclear Power Plants
  5. End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
  6. Stop Animal Care Budget Cuts in Florida
  1. City of Lawrenceburg: It's Time For A Change At The City Pound!!! The Practices There Are Senseless, Unethical, & Morally Disturbing!!!
  2. Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce in Canton, Ohio: Stop Showing Cruel Fur in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame Fashion Show
  3. Adopt a standard practice of treatment for Farm Animals, so abuse and /or neglect can be detected.
  4. Bahçelievler Belediyesi Ve Barinak Yetkilileri
    Turkey: Shelter Animals under bad conditions are waiting for your help.
  5. No al maltrato animal como patrimonio cultural del estado de Querétaro (tauromaquia, charrería, peleas de gallos, etc)
    Mexico: No to Animal Abuse as cultural heritage of the state of Querétaro (bullfighting, horsemanship, cockfighting, etc.)
  6. Commissioner of Police, Baroda : Arrest the Sreenathji Society residents, for killing stray dogs.
  7. Department of Environmental Affairs plus 9 Provincial Conservation Departs.: END THE USE OF WILD ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES
  8. The Durham Fair Association: Cancel the Elephant Encounter Show
  1. Australia: Don't Change Your Free-Range Labels!
  2. Stop the Roo Culls in Queensland!
  3. Salvemos os Animais do Parque das Hortências em Taboão da Serra
    Let us save the Animals in the Park Hortênsias Taboão da Serra
  4. Stop the Horse Slaughter Plants in Roswell, NM and Iowa from Reopening on August 5, 2013
  5. Call For The UK To Reject The South African Proposal To Trade In Rhino Horn
  6. Boycott Beef in Oregon! It will protect cougar, stop animal abuse, and protect our ecosystems!
  7. Animal Abuse Registry
    Animal Abuse Registry (2nd petition)
  8. Stop Thailand elephant crushing!
  9. Never Eat Tyson Products (Including KFC which is Supplied by Tyson) (no target)
  10. Save Bears of Georgia - Patriarchate of Georgia, Georgia's Gov., Parl.: Change the situation for the Bears, tied-up with iron chains, or imprisoned in a small cages, their cubs being sold alive or killed for their meat
  11. Support, say no to the agreement 113-2013
  12. Justice for Rayna and Tyson
  13. Idaho Reinstate Wolf Specialist Carter Niemeyer
  14. Exotic Meat Company
  15. Stop Barrel Dogs in Greece
  16. Close Down Animal Concentration Camps (no target)
  17. Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle
  18. Save the Hyacinth Macaw
News & Polls:
  1. NRC Charity Awards 2013 Fur for Animals!
    Roll over the photo and click on 'Stem op deze advertentie'.
    Fill in your email address and tick the first box.
    Click on the 'Stem' again. Needs confirmation.
  2. Farmers demand kangaroo cull as Queensland population surges to 25 million
  3. Book released on animal rights in Islam
  4. SeaWorld accused of animal cruelty after disturbing footage shows young dolphin struggling to get back in the water as trainers do NOTHING
  5. Daily News: Seventy-Five Fin Whales Caught in Iceland
  6. Justice for Mistoffelees
    Mistoffelees and Robert Brooks’ supporters are seeking 10k signatures on a petition at that asks for changes in policy and, more importantly, practice at the shelter that will give other pet owners a chance to reclaim their treasured companions , and they ask you to consider adding your name and sharing. The petition is titled Petitioning Mary Leavens, The Humane Society of Harford County: Enforce a mandatory 72 hour hold on all animals admitted. To visit the petition page at and sign, click HERE.
  7. WILD HORSES: Taking back the West -one contraceptive dart at a time
  8. Labor to appoint independent animal welfare inspector
  9. KSA adopts animal welfare guidelines
  10. Horses on Death Row fundraising from America to help Romanian horses
  11. People in Asia Fight Back Against Dog Meat and Other Animal Torture
  12. In the Himalayas, Nepali villagers hunt down poachers to help save the tiger
  13. A Visit to Wolf Park in Tippecanoe County
  14. Website: Goathouse Refuge
    The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found (Pittsboro, NC).
  15. EURL ECVAM Creates Alternative Testing Methods Network
  16. Brave Pit bull gets shot and saves dad's life while protecting her family from armed intruders

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