Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5 petitions

  1. Speak Out Against ‘Animal Scramble’ in Cottage Grove, Oregon
  2. Save the Gray Wolf – Protect America’s Wild Heritage for Future Generations (US)
  3. Tell to Stop Wolf Lies!
  4. Demand that the FWS Retain Protections for the Gray Wolf under the Endangered Species Act
  5. Demand that the BLM Implement New Guidelines for Wild Horses
  6. Congress: Elephants are on the brink (US)
  7. President Obama: Keep fighting poaching! (US)
  8. Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits
  9. Wild Geese Reportedly Slaughtered by Virginia Neighborhood!
  10. California Residents: Speak Up to Save Prison Cats Today!
  11. Help get animals on KRudd's agenda!
  12. Don't Drown out Dolphins' Voices
  13. President Obama: Stop Arctic Drilling NOW
  14. Fight for the Reef
  15. Horse crisis: take action!
  16. Boycott the Ballenberg Museum and all courses (confirmation needed)
  17. Tell Facebook we want an animal abuse option when reporting unacceptable content on Facebook.
  1. Hold Officers Who Shot and Killed Dog Responsible
  2. I don't want to eat my horse!
  3. Stop the Stealing of Dogs for Dog Fighting
  4. Stop the government funding of research facilities that use animals
  5. Stun ALL Animals Before Slaughter and Label ALL Halal Meat
  1. Commend Philippines for Taking Stand Against Ivory Trade
  2. Shut Down Circus for Abusing Animals
  3. Protect Alaska’s Beaches From Plastic Waste
  4. Urge California to Develop Humane Methods for Dealing with Mountain Lion Incidents
  1. USDA - APHIS (The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service): Stop/Reverse Bills Like the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act)
  2. President Obama: Stop the government funding of research facilities that use animals
  3. Bring emergency shade for captive wild horses and burros
  4. U.S. Navy: Save the Mermaids! Sonar Testing Kills Marine Mammals
  5. Dolphins and Marine life being killed by U.S. Navy Sonar Technology: Find an alternative to Sonar!
  6. The U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress: Amend the Animal Welfare Act to protect Pets from Police Departments
  7. City of Hawthorne, Police Chief, Mayor & Governor of California: Investigate shooting of "Max", demand resignation and retrain officers.
  9. Animal Lovers: Help the shelter with 100 dogs (target?!?!)
  10. Embajador de Peru en España : Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli: Parar la tortura en contra de los gatitos en la Quebrada Peru
  11. Let's Stop Dog Racing in India
  12. Gobierno de España: Atropellar a un perro y huir sea delito penado por ley
  13. JULIO CÉSAR PEREYRA, Intendente de Florencio Varela: Que ningun perro sea levantado y encerrado en el zoonosis
  14. Maurizio Cattelan: Please Remove Your Horse Displays Permanently!!!
  15. The City of Collins: Repeal Breed Specific Legislation
  16. Bistro Bobette: Remove cruel foie gras from your menu
  17. Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken, Sen. Klobuchar, Rep. Nolan of Minnesota: Reinstate Dr. Lynn Rogers' permit to conduct research on black bears.
  18. The Hawthorne police department: take action against police misconduct
  19. Hawthorne Police Department: Arrest Officer Salmon who shot the dog, teach officers how to handle dogs
  20. The Humane Society of Harford County : Enforce a mandatory 72 hour hold on all animals admitted.
  21. Palisades Property and Casualty Insurance Company: Stop Discrimination Against Specific Animal Breeds!
  22. Justice for Cali
  23. TO SIGN OR NOT??? American Veterinary Medicine Association : Allow the choice to have Non Veterinarians to do Routine Work on Livestock (animals should not be dehorned)
  1. Bring Sea Turtle Activist's Killers to Justice!
  2. Stop Killing OUR Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountain States, Wisconsin, Montana, and Alaska NOW
  3. Protect Wild and Captive Chimps from Harm
  5. Mijn overleden hondje Tonka***
    Keep animals away from shelters. (target?!?!)
  6. Ban Japan from growing human organs in pigs
  7. Police still resorts to despicable tactic by splashing acid against activist
  8. Save the Walden's Hornbill
  9. Save the Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  10. Make director's of companies criminally responsible for environmental damage.
  11. Ritiro immediato dal commercio di pesticidi senza antitodo
    Immediate withdrawal from the market of pesticides without antidote, which kill Pets and Wildlife, too
  12. Start No Kill Animal Shelters In Georgia
  13. Protect Brazilian National Parks - do not allow roads inside the Parks
  15. Stop Staffies Having a Bad Name (no target!!!)
  16. Strive for overcome the planet-destruction business deal
  17. Save our beach and the ecosystem that surrounds her

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