Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7 petitions

  1. Save Sumatra’s Forests
  2. Speak Out and Protect Gray Wolves!
  3. US friends, please speak up for big cats and public safety
  4. URGENT: Ask Spain to Make the Right Decision on Bullfighting
  5. Tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell: Put a Stop to this Delisting Catastrophe
  6. Help end long distance live transport
  8. Mexico: Save the last conserved forest between Cancun and Playa del Carmen
  9. Hunt for Hospital Food Standards
  10. Write Wild: Stop the Site C Dam!
  11. Road To Nowhere: Your time is up! (US)
  12. Take Action: Stand Up for Gulf Wildlife (US)
  13. Saving the pond Kerloquet (Carnac 56) (confirmation needed)
    France, Carnac: the level of the pond was lowered, which endangers the wild fauna and flora, so the dam needs to be repaired.
  14. Thank President Obama for Leading on Climate (US)
  15. End the use of Dolphins in traveling circuses
  16. Stop Gadimai Sacrifice (sample letter and email addresses at middle of page)
  1. Protect Lion And Tiger Cubs From Shopping Mall Torture
  2. Applaud Ohio for Passing Bill to End Animal Cruelty
  3. Stop Encouraging Growth of Invasive Species
  4. Halt Massive Power Line Project to Protect Mountain Range
  5. Force State Departments to Take Responsibility for Ozone Standards
  6. Protect Redwood Trees from Highway Widening Project
  7. Support Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods
  8. Exotic Animal Park Allows Kids to Play with Tigers
  2. European Parliament: Implement an animal abuser registry
  3. Save The Wolves: Stop people from hunting wolves
  4. Stop the growth of Human Organs in Animals
  5. Governor Rick Snyder: Keep tar sands out of the Great Lakes; Replace the Enbridge pipeline
  6. Katy Coba, Director Oregon Department of Agriculture: Ban neonicotinoids in Oregon
  7. Oklahoma State Government: Save Longhorn Mountain
  8. Stop selling palm oil
  9. President Obama: Institute a nation-wide 10-cent can and bottle return policy, and begin phasing out disposable plastic drinking containers.
  10. Target Corporation: Stop buying and offering single-use plastic shopping bags
  11. NOAA and NMFS: Remove language from the Shark Conservation Act proposed rule
  12. Pledge to Stand Up for the Environment
  13. City of Houston: Houston Heights Requests an Historic Tree Protection Ordinance
  14. Save Knowland Park! Protect Oakland’s Largest Wildland Park from a Destructive Development!
  15. President Obama: Stop Hydraulic Fracturing
  16. Save Bay Tree Lake from being drained!
  17. State College Spikes : Stop Frog Cruelty! No Frog Legs Sold in the Stands
  18. Congress: Implement a law that would require restaurants and bars to recycle their recyclable waste.
  19. San Jose City Council: Take action to Save the Willow Glen Trestle and Los Gatos Creek habitat
  1. Demand Justice for Starved, Injured Horses on California Ranch
  2. Stop animal cruelty
  3. Stop the ridiculous animal hunt in Asia for their superstitious goods!
  4. Start No Kill Animal Shelters In Georgia
  5. Canada, Ban Honey Bee Killing Pesticides Now!
  6. Keep Elephants Out of the Nevada County Fair
  7. Stop The Pit Bull Ban In all Cities
  8. Mijn overleden hondje Tonka
    Keep animals away from shelters. (target?!)
  9. Save the Iberian lynx
  10. Stop the Sale of Hermit Crabs in Jefferson Mall, Louisville, KY
  11. The Sustainable, Affordable Resolution of Thames Tideway pollution
  12. Remove GMOs From Pet Food And Equine Feed
  13. Stop the atrocities done to animals by a few sick military men
  14. Save the Philippine Eagle
  15. Save the Arakan Forest Turtle

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