Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 26 petitions and more

  1. Il disastro a pochi passi dalle nostre coste
  2. Demand justice for Pakistan sheep massacre victims
  3. Protect the Grand Canyon Watershed! (US)
  4. Malaysia: Protect the rainforest reserve and turtles
  5. Ask Christy Clark to stand up for BC
  6. ERASMUS MC: Stop met Apenexperimenten!
    Netherlands, Erasmus Medical Center: Stop Experiments with Monkeys!
  7. Protesteer tegen massaslachting Gadhimai festival (confirmation needed)
    Appeal to the Dutch Government to protest against the mass slaughter of animals during Gadhimai festival in Nepal.
  8. Save the Goats of Khokana
  9. Stop Big Ag From Silencing Whistleblowers!
  10. Pigs Deserve to Turn Around!
  11. Keep Canines Cool: Don't Leave Dogs in Hot Cars!
  12. Tell the BLM You Want Southern New Mexico's Public Land Protected! (US)
  13. Please End the Live Export of Australian Sheep!
  14. Manifestation contre la maltraitance animale (confirmation needed)
  15. Pétition contre la maltraitance de Farida Khan envers ses chevaux
    Petition against Farida Khan and the abuse of horses (confirmation needed)
  16. Please Urge NYC Company to Halt the Use of Glue Traps
  17. Federal: Support Efforts to Ensure New or Renovated Buildings Don’t Endanger Birds
  18. Tell USDA to Revoke Dealer License for Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
  1. Urge State to Pass Stricter Animal Abuse Laws
  2. Protect Horses From Brutal Heat
  3. Applaud Hillary Clinton for Working to End Elephant Poaching in Africa
  4. Eliminate Asbestos Industry in Russia
  5. Demand GMO-Free Greek Yogurt
  1. Ban Oil Drilling in Polar Bear Seas
  2. Ban the Pesticide Killing Honeybees
  3. Protected Reserves for Critically Endangered Vaquita Porpoises
  4. Air France- Stop Transporting Research Primates
  5. Save Deuce!
  6. Ask Macys to stop sponsoring cruel Rodeos where animals are killed for sport , #macys
  7. Breed Dogs Left On The Street At The End Of Summer
    Breed Dogs Left On The Street (2nd petition)
  8. Stop Puppy Mills (target?!)
  9. Ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores across the nation!
  10. Mandatory spay and Neutering for Miami animals
  11. Urge the House to Keep the King Amendment out of the House Farm Bill Against Animal Safety
  12. Ban Horse Meat in Europe
  13. Rodeios no Brasil ou qualquer parte do mundo, nunca mais.
    Stop Rodeos in Brazil or anywhere in the world.
  14. Allow Pit Bulls in Muscatine Iowa
  15. Save the Great Barrier Reef From Bombs!
  16. TUI Travel PLC: Stop Facilitating Trips To Marine Mammal Display Facilities
  17. Urge Sen. Warren to Protect Massachusetts Fish and Fishermen
  18. Defend Affordable Solar Energy in Europe
  1. Mayor and City Council of Arab, Alabama: Require a well-run City of Arab Animal Shelter.
  2. The Humane Society of Charles County: Cancel the HSCC July '13 Sale, and All Future Sales and Free Giveaways of Kittens, Dogs, and Cats
  3. Stop the eviction of a well cared for cat colony at CVS
  4. Lapeer County Board of Commissioners: Set new standards for Animal Control Officers
  5. Boulder City Council: Leave the Green Tag Program Unchanged.
  6. President Barack Obama: Ban all U.S. pet stores from selling puppies and kittens.
  7. All Slaughterhouses In Toronto, Canada: Stop Slaughterhouse Transport Of Pigs During Heatwaves And Subzero Temps
  8. Hugo Liebel: Stop letting people ride Nosey the elephant
  9. Stop New Jersey Bear Hunts
  10. US FWS: Restore the permit to rescue falcon chicks on bridges
  11. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Do not kill Barred Owls in the Pacific Northwest
  12. Stop Supporting Inhumane Spinal Cord Experiments on Animals
  13. Tony Abbott: Ban Live Export and do NOT apologize for it.
  14. Sofortiges Ende der Bärenkämpfe und fünfstellige Spende an ein Bären-Schutzprojekt - Immediate end to bear baiting, and five-digit donation to a Bear Conservation Project
  15. México, Distrito Federal.: No al Encierro de Linces en Campus UVM
    UVM, Mexico: Stop plans to lock up lynxes in a small space on Coyoacan Campus
  16. Dr. Bernardo González Árechiga UVM: Pedimos desista con su proyecto linces cautivos en el campus Coyoacan - Dr. Bernardo Gonzalez Arechiga UVM: We desist with his captive lynx project on campus Coyoacan
  17. ¡Alzo mi voz por los animales de guerrero!
    Raise your Voice to Care for Animals in War time
  18. Creando una nueva cultura en beneficio a nuestras mascotas.
    Mexico: Create a better Pet Culture
News & Polls:
  1. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO please! 58%
  2. Latest News in Gloucestershire  Scroll down on the right side:
    Should the Ban on hunting with Dogs be repealed? Vote NO! Only 48%
  3. Woman arrested for second time this month on animal cruelty charges
  4. Brink - Episode 03 - Public Slaughter
    Each year more than 100,000 wild baby seals are clubbed to death for their fur. Rebecca Aldworth, born into a sealing community, now confronts them in an effort to stop the brutal practice.
  5. Romania, (UK) paid business for Dog catchers and Mayors
  6. Ban Live Export - Tony Abbott #auspol wants to apologize to...
  7. Authorities seek felony animal cruelty information in Fresno for neglected dog (Photos)
  8. California's Drift Gillnet Fishery Too Deadly for Endangered Sperm Whales
  9. Stand With Wolves! Organize an event as part of the National Day of Action for Wolves on August 14th
  10. Congolese Ivory Kingpin Imprisoned for Five Years
  11. Street One: Unsere Marke  They joined the FUR Free list!
  12. Watch: 'Lucky' kitten's rescue by firefighters caught on helmet-cam
  13. Boxer Has a Blast Jumping on the Trampoline [VIDEO]

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