Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10 petitions and more

  1. Ask Forest Service to Protect Wild Horses & Burros Near Las Vegas (US)
  2. Tell BLM: Cancel Plans to Remove Mustangs from Little Book Cliffs (US)
  3. Tell Secretary Jewell: Stop the horse slaughter
  4. Tell Maryland Elected Officials to Protect the Atlantic
  5. Tell President Obama to Protect the Atlantic
  6. Demand silence from Australia’s politicians!
  7. An Important Step Forward for Oregon's Rivers (OR)
  8. Tell Greenpeace to Stop Greenwashing Old-Growth Forest Logging
  9. Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Protect All Chimpanzees as Endangered
  10. Protect Chimpanzees under the Endangered Species Act
  11. Second appeal: Please Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits
  12. Never a Nikon! Whilst they make blood money from hunting
  13. Chavello Plak belongs behind bars! (confirmation needed)
  14. Netherlands, Europe: No more Puppy Mills.
    Name, Town, email; confirm in your mail/Scroll down to click on 'bevestigen'!
  15. STOP the (Pig) Farm Fires!
    Name, Town, email; confirm in your mail/Scroll down to click on 'bevestigen'!
  16. Say NO to Pig Abuse, apply the Law
    Name, Town, email; confirm in your mail/Scroll down to click on 'bevestigen'!
  17. GuZoo Animal Farm in Three Hills, AB
  18. Ask the Alberta Government to revoke the GuZoo's temporary operating license.
  19. Take Action for Wildlife with WildCare
  20. Tell the Jeffs to Stop Torturing Ducks!
  1. Tell Fashion Magazine to Stop Using Endangered Animals as Props
  2. End Sumatran Tiger Rental in Indonesia
  3. Condemn Merger of Cruel and Unsafe Hog Factories
  4. Thank Food Chain for Eliminating Cruel Pig Cages
  5. Stop Promoting Consumption of Red Palm Oil
  6. Demand Harshest Punishment for Dog Trainer Charged with Animal Cruelty
  7. Demand Justice for Severely Neglected Cats
  8. Thank Ohio for Making Animal Abuse a Felony
  9. Shut Down Abusive Veterinary Hospital
  10. Thank New Hampshire for Cracking Down on Poaching
  11. Applaud Apple for New Solar Panel Farm
  1. Save the Sierra Red Fox from Extinction
  2. Remove Poisons from Pet Food and Treats
  3. Save the Orangutan from Cruelty and Extinction
  4. Stop the Kangaroos Slaughter for Shoe Leather
  5. Let's raise our voices and SAY NO to Bullfighting in Portugal!
  6. Take Urgent Action To Help Mother Pigs!
  7. Stop Abusing Dogs in Greece
  8. Stop the mistreating of the carrying pets on the ships
  9. Animal Abusers Should Sign A Registry
  10. Animals have rights and feelings. Get government to pass more rigid laws.
  11. Ban "foie gras''
  12. Stop VAT on vet bills
  13. Avoid The Animal Exploitation
  14. Stop Fracking Up our Water!
  15. Save the Blue-throated Macaw
  16. Pest control Sacramento; must keep precaution while using sensitive chemicals
  17. Save the Sumatran Ground Cuckoo
  18. Protest National Public Radio Promoting Fracking Through Underwriters' Ads
  19. Save the Siberian Tiger from Extinction
  20. Tell Tanzania- Stop Using Dolphins as Shark Bait
  1. Hobby Lobby: Stop supporting cruelty
    Hobby Lobby: Stop supporting cruelty (2nd petition)
  2. City of Georgetown: Let Cynthia Bruno keep Hampton
  3. Howard County Council (Maryland): Stop the proposed agricultural zoning regulation changes
  4. Alvin Brown, Mayor of Jacksonville, FL: Don't Cut the Budget for Animal Care and Protective Services
  5. Frau BdM Ilse Aigner, Herrn SM Helmut Brunner, Herrn Landrat Stefan Rößle, : Verbot der Errichtung einer Schweinemastanlage im Donau-Ries
  6. Coordinador Provincial de Agricultura, Federico Verde: PAREMOS LA MASACRE DE CIERVAS PREÑADAS EN EL ALTO TAJO
  7. Marcial Marín Hellín, Consejero de Educación Castilla - La Mancha: Denunciamos la promoción de la tauromaquía en las aulas de primaria
  8. Autoridades municipales y estatales d Mexico: Prohibir todo tipo de peleas d gallos
  9. Revoke the GuZoo operating license & shut it down!
  10. GuZoo Animal Farm in Three Hills, AB: STOP the animal abuse and cruelty
  11. Goldstar Events: Stop selling discounted tickets to the Ringling Bros. Circus
  12. Pet Supplies Plus: Stop selling Rabbits
  13. Ayuntamiento de El Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga.: Que habiliten un parque para perros
  1. Address the issue of FoodTortureCulture in South Korea. Intervene to end the billion dollar Illegal Dog Meat Trade
  2. Propose & Pass Max's Law: a law to end police killings of pet animals under 60lbs. Guilty LEOs must receive felony & TER
  3. Intervene Now And Stop The Slaughter Of Our American Wolves!
  1. Fire the officer responsible for shooting Max
  2. End the cruel rodeo practice of calf-roping!
  3. Tell the Seaboard Corporation to stop housing pigs in cruel gestation crates
  4. Tell Thailand’s Environmental Minister to step up the fight against endangered species crime rings
  5. Tell the USDA to Crack Down on Livestock Auction Cruelty
  6. Pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to ban the barbaric butchering of American horses
  7. Make cockfighting a felony in all 50 states
  8. Tell the USDA to put a stop to the Wildlife Services’ indiscriminate animal killings
  9. Tell Congress to pass the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act
  10. Don't allow animal abuse on farms to be covered up!
  11. Stop the Canadian seal slaughter
  12. Demand that the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau do its job to get horse doping out of race tracks!
News & Polls:
  1. Should the University of Colorado stop using live animals for classroom science experiments on its Boulder campus? Vote YES to STOP please. Down to 55.9 %
  2. Vote for Cheryl's dream to Protect the unique Wildlife of Fraser Island.
  3. Where’s The Money? | Howling For Justice
  4. How I baited the media into showing slaughterhouse footage to over 200,000 people | Animal Liberation Front-Line
  5. Unlikely Partners, Freeing Chimps From the Lab
  6. Protest Held Following Hawthorne Police Shooting Of Dog
  7. Website: Nitro's Law -Nitro Foundation
  8. 10 Cutest Sleepy Pets on the Internet
  9. Power Plant Worker Finds Stray Dog a Home

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