Friday, July 19, 2013

July 20 petitions

  1. Tell Cargill we won't stand for child and slave labor in our food
  2. Let's Help Sharks Keep Their Fins (US)
  3. US Government: Give Panthers Room To Roam! (US)
  4. Tell USFWS to Take Emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf!
  5. Protect Our Pork! Keep Harmful Stimulants Out Of Our Food (US)
  6. Oppose Cruel Trapping of Beavers in New Jersey (NJ residents only)
  7. OH: Tell Reynoldsburg Officials to Repeal Their Breed-Discriminatory Ordinance (OH residents only)
  8. Malaysia: Regenwaldreservat und Schildkröten schützen
    Malaysia: Protect Rainforest Reserve and turtles
  9. Russia: Stop Poaching of Amur Tigers
  10. Tell Kroger to Take the GE-Free Pledge (US)
  11. One Year of Inaction by USDA Against Santa Cruz Biotechnology is Enough (US)
    It has been one year since USDA filed a formal complaint against Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. (SCBT) alleging multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Send your mail please!
  12. Urge Your Miami-Dade Elected Officials to Save Thousands of Animals' Lives (FL)
  13. Demand Justice for Lobos! Tell FWS to fully investigate this tragic killing (US)
  14. Tell FWS to fully investigate this tragic killing
  15. Tell the EPA to End Power Plant Water Pollution (US)
  16. Paul McCartney Joins the Chorus for Mali’s Transfer
  1. Demand Justice For Walmart Employee Fired for Reporting Dog Trapped in Truck
  2. Support Pet Adoption, Not Puppy Mills
  3. Preserve Marine Life in Antartica
  4. Stop Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon
  5. Help Rescued Dogs Find Homes
  1. President Barack Obama: Protect Animals from DBPs of Chloraminated Water
  2. 2013 Illinois: McLean & Vermillion Counties Stop Inhumane Gas Chamber Killings of Homeless Pets
  3. Kula Hospital, Maui Memorial Hospital, Hawaii Health Systems: Stop the starving and trapping of a decade old tame cat colony
  4. Deschutes County Fairgrounds: Please ban traveling animal circuses from your facility!
  5. Washington State Parks Officials: Stop Killing Geese
  6. Lackawanna Mayor & City Council Members: Fred Grasso needs to be permanently relieved of his duty as animal control officer.
  1. Save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper
  2. Remove Bird Netting from California Highway Bridges
  3. Ban the Cruel and Barbaric Practice of Bird Debeaking
  4. Protect Seahorses from Extinction
  5. Spain- Stop Fire Bull Fiesta
  6. Urge the California Senate to Protect California's Bobcats
  7. Prosecute Rudolph Poppe to the fullest extent of the law; convict him of felony animal cruelty
  8. Stop the practice of denning in Wyoming
  9. Don't kill the Keaau, HI Cats!
  11. Demand A Stop to the Meat Industry's Inhumane Mass Production of Animals!
  12. Montana, Stop the Gut and Spine shooting of wolves
  13. No hunting of cranes in Tennessee.
  14. No more animals to suffer at Eagle Pet Center!
  15. Ask the UK for Stricter Controls Over Bumblebee Imports!
  16. Save the Blue Whale
  17. Save the Sumatran Orangutan
  18. End Elephant Holocaust! Stop Blood Ivory!
Poll: Should La Toque executive chef Ken Frank be allowed to give free foie gras to his customers? Please vote NO.

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