Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12 petitions and more

  1. Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (US)
  2. Help President Obama Combat Climate Change
  3. Stop South African Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, from petitioning CITES to open the rhino horn trade
  5. Woolies, please reconsider your palm oil policy!
  6. Stop Catching Wild Turtles for Turtle Races
  7. Help Save Chimps From Research
  8. Tell the EPA: Keep Our Water Clean and Safe
  9. Global call for a protected Arctic.
    1 skyscraper. 6 women. No permission. What will you do to save the Arctic?
  10. Voice Your Opinion on the Future of Captive Chimpanzees in the United States
  11. Help us save endangered whales
  12. SPORT OHNE MORD! Sport without murder.
  13. Take Action: Comments Needed to Ensure Mexican Wolves' Future!
    Please put the rest of proposed rules on hold and speed up approval for more direct releases into additional areas. The 4th generation wild lobos are not expendable and are an essential part of recovering this unique wolf subspecies. Quit stalling and complete a comprehensive recovery plan, available for the public, before tinkering with the current rule (except for allowing wolves to be reintroduced into additional suitable places) Keep them on the endangered species list.
  14. Congress: Elephants are on the brink
  15. Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, Justice Barin Ghosh take action!
  16. Stop culling bukit batok street forested dogs
  17. Mother Pigs Jabbed, Electro-Shocked at Sausage Provider to Schools
    Kids Deserve Humane Food, Not SQM Sausage 
  18. Save Whales and Dolphins! Stop Seismic Testing
  19. Now is the time to speak up for hens!
  20. Help millions of pigs, sign the petition!
  21. Tell Kellogg's: Cut ties with Wilmar, the world’s least sustainable corporation, unless it agrees to clean up its act now!
  22. Tell President Obama: Protect the Grand Canyon Watershed!
  23. Sec. Kerry: Investigate the conflicts of interest in the Keystone review
  24. Take Action: Fisheries Protections at Risk
  25. Stop Plastic Pollution
  26. Write Wild: Save Fish Lake - Stop the New Prosperity Mine!
  27. Help End the Namibian Seal Slaughter
  28. San Diego: You Did It! (San Diego residents only)
    City Council unanimously approves the ordinance to restrict the sale of milled pets
  1. Reunite Escalade and George
  2. URGENT HELP NEEDED for the strays of HAR in ROMANIA!
  3. "I AM HERE" An Urban Intervention To Make The Invisible Visible
  4. Call for Officer to be charged with animal cruelty and sacked from the Police Force!
Asia for animals
  1. Protest: Gadhimai Hindu Slaughter 'Festival', Nepal, 2014
    Mail automatically to 60 Nepalese Embassies by taking action.
  2. Stop the Fur trade, Australia
  3. Stop the Fur trade, Germany
  4. Stop the Fur trade, Italy
  5. Stop the Fur trade, UK
  6. Stop the Fur trade, US
  1. Applaud Firm’s Decision to Drop Fossil Fuel Investments
  2. Hold Pepsi Accountable for Promise to Phase Out Carcinogenic Chemical
  3. Don’t Build Harmful Desalination Facility on West Coast
  4. Don’t Drill Near National Parks
  5. Insist on Renewable Energy in Africa
  1. Dog Racing in Vietnam Must Be Stopped
  2. Mayor of Mangalia, Romania: start a civilized management of dogs!
  3. Prohibition of Bestiality video creation and distribution; other protections against exploitation
  4. Martha hilda Gonzalez Calderon: parar la matanza masiva de perros en la ciudad de Toluca estado de Mexico
    Martha Hilda Gonzalez Calderon: Stop the mass slaughter of dogs in the city of Toluca Mexico State
  6. Organizadores de la tradición de matar delfines en Dinamarca: Acabar con la matanza de delfines calderones en la isla Feroe en Dinamarca
    Organizers of the tradition of killing dolphins in Denmark: Stop the killing of pilot whales in the Faroe Island in Denmark
  7. WSPA - Sociedad Mundial para la Protección Animal: Sanción a Humberto Cavazos C. por matanza de animales en peligro de ext
    Mexico, WSPA: Punishment for Humberto Cavazos C. for killing animals in danger of extinction
  8. UK Government: Ban unregulated Dog Breeding!
  9. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa & Señor Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto: Acabando definitivamente con el MALTRATO ANIMAL
    Mexico, Miguel Espinosa & Mr. Chairman Nieto: Ban Animal Abuse definitely 
  10. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa & Señor Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto: Abolir sufrimiento & maltrato animal! JUSTICIA
  11. A la Unión Europea : Para que realicen una Ley en contra de las Corridas de Toros en España.
    EU: Formulate a Law against Bullfighting in Spain!
  12. Cámara de Diputados: PROHIBIR LA CORRIDAS DE TOROS.
    Mexico, Deputees: Prohibit Bullfighting
  13. NO a la matanza y captura de los mapaches en la playa de tampico tamps. Miramar
    Mexico: NO to the killing and capture of raccoons on the beach in Tampico Tamps. Miramar
  14. Adidas: que detengan la matanza de canguros
    Adidas: take a stand against the Kangaroo Massacre
    Argentina, Lamar Mercedes Bs: End Horse Slaughter
  16. Embajadores de Japón en América Latina: Intercedan para que termine la matanza de delfines en Taiji y en TODO Japón
    Stop the killing of Dolphins in Japan
  1. Australia- Stop Permits for Live Exports
  2. Keep Protection for Endangered Species at U.S. Border
  3. No FRACKING In The UK... Take Action...
  4. Catch and prosecute the poisoner of 23 shelter dogs in Siteia, Crete
  5. Ask the President to employ Executive Order to protect Mustangs & burros
  6. Stop Slaughtering Elephants!
  7. Ban Religious Slaughter in Poland
  8. Ban the Calgary Stampede
  9. Stop the destruction of green belt land in Thurrock
  10. Costco Stop selling Monsanto's Roundup
  11. Tell the toilet paper giants that we NEED recycled toilet paper
  12. Support The Shard protestors
    Related: Global call for a protected Arctic. 1 skyscraper. 6 women. No permission. What will you do to save the Arctic?
  13. Demand Justice for the Recklessly Released Whale Shark!
  14. A Petition to Ban the Sale/Distribution of Disposable Plastics at Washington State University
  15. Stop killing American Wolves and Mountain lIons.
  16. India- Stop Exotic Tree Plantations on Tiger Reserves
  17. Tell Wal-mart- Reinstate Employee for Protecting Dog Left in a Hot Truck
  18. Fight Illegal Transport of Sick Horses
News & Polls:
  1. Should the University of Colorado STOP using live animals for classroom science experiments on its Boulder campus?  Scroll down and Vote YES! to STOP please. Down again, to 55.62%
  2. They Will Be Set Free (Movie Trailer)
  3. Australian poultry giant guilty of misleading consumers
  4. Please Don’t Kill The World’s Oldest Bear, Asks Minnesota State
  5. Born Free Campaigns
  6. Newsletter: President Obama vs. poachers - Wildlife Conservation Society
    petition is inside.
  7. Biodiversity: Feds propose more jaguar critical habitat
  8. SPCA in Virginia achieves no-kill status ahead of schedule
  9. Victory! The Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Banned in San Diego!
  10. Young Boca Raton entrepreneur plans to sell vegan shoes
  11. MUST WATCH: A Lioness Adopts a baby antelope. A short documentary that will open your eyes.

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