Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 14 petitions and more

  1. Cárcel al hombre que utiliza gatos como carne de cañón para ''entrenamiento'' de sus perros pitbull.
    Jail the man who uses cats as cannon fodder ''for'' their dogs training pitbull.
  2. URGENT: Pigs Who Will Be Violently Exploited at Festival Need Your Voice!
  3. Stop Virginia Running of the Bulls Event
  4. Sea Shepherd: Three things you can do today to stop the cull...
  5. Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts (US)
  6. Your Senator Must Oppose Bad Coal Ash Bills (US)
  7. Demand Justice for Murder of Sea Turtle Activist
  8. Ask University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston to End the Use of Goats in its ATLS Courses
  9. Tell UPS: Stop Supporting Big Oil's Front Group!
  1. Preserve Historic Florida Park
  2. Put an End to ‘The Deadliest Horse Race in the World’
  3. Praise President Obama for Fighting Global Wildlife Trafficking
  1. Captura y castigo de Juan Castillo Perez por maltrato animal
  2. Walmart Canada: Reinstate Carla Cheney for protecting animal rights.
  3. FISU and EU: Boycott Kazan Mafia killers of Strays and Universiade on blood
  4. Exigimos cumplir La ley de protección animal en Puebla
    We demand to Uphold the Animal Protection Law in Puebla.
  5. DEPARTMENT OF LAND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT NORTHERN TERRITORY: Stop the aerial culling of Heritage horses in Tempe Downs Station NT
  6. Ken O'Dowd Federal M.P: Stop the aerial culling of Heritage horses in Tempe Downs Station NT
  7. Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty
  8. Les chats du refuge de l'île de Syros sont en danger: aidez-les!
    Nestle, Mars Co: Help the Cats Rescue on the Isle of Syros in Greece
  9. Boycott "Kumano" as a tourist. As long as Taiji / Wakayama P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins, small whales.
  10. Dr Denis Napthine, Premier of Victoria, Australia: Stop Duck Shooting in Victoria Australia
  11. PET'S PARADISE: STOP SELLING BREEDER ANIMALS: Stop selling breeder animals, only sell rescue animals (to sell rescue animals?!?! - adopt don't shop!)
  12. Stop the cruelty towards chickens.
  13. Miss Kitty's Saloon - Please Stop Selling CRUEL FOIE GRAS
  14. Legalise the keeping of registered, desexed and vaccinated pet rabbits in QLD
  15. Make it possible: End factory farming in Australia
  1. Stop Logging Malayan Tiger Rainforest
  2. End Animal Experiments at Bristol Myers-Squibb
  3. Thailand- Don't Destroy the Tiger's Last Intact Habitat
  4. Save Beluga Whales from Pebble Mine
  5. We consider for themselves dangerous further to be under the leadership of such leaders! (target?!)
  6. Demand apology from Appellate Defender Dennis Hendrickson for his callous insensitivity.
  7. Ask the Ecuadorian government the elaboration of laws against animal abuse
  8. Stop Iceland Killing Endangered Whales
  9. Ban all products which include bear bile from the U. S. and include that ban in all trade agreements
  10. Stop Debi Day from jailing Randy Decarlo and killing his rescued hounds
  11. We demand a Worldwide Animal Revolution. It's 2013, time for Change!
  12. Help Save the Oceans (target?!)
  14. Stop New Unregulated Geothermal! Keep Hawaii Clean and Green!
  15. Urge all US state govenors to use greener power.
News, Polls, Videos
  1. Animal Abuse leads to Investigation, Mexico
    log-in and click on "This belongs on CNN"
    Timeline Photos (GRAPHIC CONTENT)
    Report a crime to INTERPOL - to report a Crime, open 'Country' 
  3. Australia, NSW: hunting 'pests' like dogs, cats, pigs, foxes, deer and goats in their parks <-> No Hunting in our National Parks <-> Hunting in National Parks 
  4. Russia: The officials BURN PIGS ALIVE!
  5. Farm to Fridge – The Truth Behind Meat Production
  6. UPDATE on the woman who put plastic bag over her dogs head.
  7. Website - Victories for Animals
    Every action we take, every letter we write, every time we speak up for animals, it gives them another chance to live.
  8. [Breaking News] Sumangri Dog Farm New Construction Permit Cancelled – City of Seogwipo Confirms Violations of Law
  9. 90+ Cats Rescued From The Meat Trade in Thailand. 
  10. Polish parliament rejects kosher slaughter
  11. Virtual reality experiment shows meat-eaters what it’s like to be a cow
  12. Oregon Ranchers Lose Bid to Eliminate Wild Horses from Malheur Nat'l Forest
  13. Freedom for Bears at Chief Saunooke Bear Park
  14. Video dedicated to Milena Malesevic, who rescues homeless dogs in Sarajevo (paypal account)
  15. An Urgent Appeal for Land... Hillside Animal Sanctuary
  16. Smart Dog Knows Amazing Tricks You've Never Seen Before
  17. Heroic Man Saves Dog Thrown into Traffic... Watch the Happy Ending
  18. Baby and His Husky Have an Adorable Deep Conversation

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