Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 22 petitions and more

  1. President Obama: Keep fighting poaching! (US)
  2. Give Marcus Curry maximum sentence for brutally killing Puppy!
  3. Iowa Bar Association: Remove Judge Joe Smith for giving woman who hanged dog no jail time
  4. Queremos o selo "NÃO TESTADO EM ANIMAIS" em produtos de higiene pessoal e limpeza! - We want the label "NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS" in toiletries and cleaning!
  5. Stop P&G form torturing & testing their products on animals.
  6. ACT: Target U.S. Bank - HLS Lender Lets Lab Keep Killing
  7. Namibia! Stop the seal slaughter!
  8. Please Help Stop the Seal Fur Trade.
    For more: Anti-Fur Society
  9. End EU funding for bullfighting
  10. Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting?
  11. Save Whales and Dolphins! Stop Seismic Testing
  12. Urge China Southern Airlines to Stop Flying Primates to Laboratories!
  13. Pravda za Dragana Staina (confirmation needed)
    Belgrade, Justice for Dragan Stain who saved a little cat
  14. Humane Society International: Stop Wildlife Abuse (all need confirmation)
  1. Abandon des animaux : Plus de contrôles!
  2. Fin des animaux sauvages dans les cirques en France
  3. Pêche industrielle : Stop au gaspillage!
  4. Les dauphins ne sont pas des bêtes de foire!
  1. Support a Federal Ban on Hunting Animals in Captivity
  2. Support Recovery Plan for Canada Lynx
  3. Stop Construction of Uranium Mine Near the Grand Canyon
  4. Stop Use of Dangerous Herbicide
  5. Urge Walmart to Rehire Woman Fired for Trying to Prevent Animal Cruelty
  6. Demand Regulation of Canada’s Oil-by-Rail Policies
  7. UPS: Stop Supporting Big Oil
  8. Condemn Zoo for Animal Abuse
  9. Demand Justice For Attack on Environmental Activist
  10. Stop Increasing Euthanasia Rate in County Shelter
  11. Commend Nation’s Largest Sanctuary for Victims of Animal Abuse
  12. Condemn the Environmental Protection Agency for Endangering Animals
  13. Praise Pennsylvania for Working to End Dog Fighting
  14. End the Non-Medical Use of Antibiotics on Animals
  1. Hawaii Council Members: Vote to Approve Bill 79 to Prohibit GMO crops on Hawaii Island
  2. Mayor McGinn, Council Members Bagshaw, Conlin and Licata: Save Seattle Gardens! Stop the Mandatory Downsizing of Community Garden Plots!
  3. Coca-Cola's Powerade: Stop the use of controversial chemical BVO
  4. Manufacturing companies utilizing "fake"/real fur from China: Stop the demand for skinning Raccoon dogs alive for their fur
  5. Hiroshima Government: Stop starving the tame deer
  6. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
  7. City of Ellisville Mississippi: change their animal holding facility
  8. Ringling Brothers: Stop abusive treatment on animals!
  9. As The Fur Flies, Warminster PA 18974: Shut their doors for good!
  10. City of Lake Waukomis, Missouri John Cady, Platte County Prosecutor: Charge Thomas Newhouse with a Class D Felony for animal cruelty
  11. City Council, City of Brigantine, New Jersey: Replace the Dog Park at the Community Center Complex
  12. Michigan lawmakers: Please pass a law to protect animals from being left alone in hot cars
  13. Congresso Nacional: Revoguem o inciso II do parágrafo 1º do artigo 1º da Lei 11.794/08
  14. Mayor Webb Melder and City Council members of Conroe, TX, Judge J.D. Lambright, Judge Matt Masden: Stop the ordered execution of Gus
  1. REMOVE Evil Cats Facebook Page (no target, should report it first)
  2. United States: Ban Animal Kill Shelters
  3. Justice for Pataud: a poor dog killed in the street in front of his owner in France
  4. Save the Borneo Pygmy Elephant
  5. Save the Green Sea Turtle
  6. Wisconsin, Ban the use of Hunting with Dogs
  7. Wisconsin, Don't send dogs to their Death
  8. DO NOT SIGN! Save the Native Animals of NSW, Australia
  9. Demand Humane Facilities for Endangered Marine Mammals in Aquariums
  10. Justice for Roxy
  11. Cancel Ordinance In Tropical Park To Stop Feeding Cats That Are Starving.
  12. SAVE THE GREAT BARRIER REEF from Port Expansion and dredge dumping.
  13. Save the Tooth-billed Pigeon
  14. Save the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
  15. Prohibit Irresponsible Private Firework Shows in West Seattle
  16. Support a Spay/Neuter License Plate for the State of Michigan (no target)
  17. Repeal the "Imminent Threat Policy" in Western Australia
News & Polls:
  1. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person?  Vote NO
  2. Should we ban fur farming in Ireland? Vote YES
    Minister Coveney doesn’t like fur farming but he’s not banning it
  3. Sign up to TigerTime now
  4. Alyn appointed lead negotiator on EU animal health strategy
  5. China Has Larger Vegetarian Population Than US
  6. District Attorney: Take care of your pets or face consequences
  7. Two Tiny Kittens Rescued From A Junk Pile
  8. Justin The Kitten Is The Cutest Little Badass You’ll Ever Meet
  9. Police Officer Saves Abandoned Chihuahua And Her… Kittens
  10. Dog and Baby Deer Play With a Ball - Adorable Best Friends
  11. Raccoon Steals Cats' Food And Makes A Great Escape (VIDEO)

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