Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6 petitions

  1. Sign Petition Urging Obama to Designate a New Advisor on Climate Change (US)
  2. Stop the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand
  3. When it comes to trophy hunting, rural African communities don’t get the gold
    petition: Help protect African lions from hunters
  4. MT: Tell Libby Officials to Repeal Their Breed-Discriminatory Ordinance (MT)
  5. RI: Great News! One Last Step. (RI)
  6. Protect America's Last Wild Buffalo (US)
  7. URGENT! to get Administration permission to save thousands of animals after flood in Uttarakhand
  1. Stop and prevent animal cruelty during Lag-Ba-Omer bon fires
  2. Stop the killing of wolf in Norway!! (2nd petition)
    Stop the killing of wolf in Norway!!
  3. Don't Let Beno's Death be in Vain. Save the surviving animals in Surabaya Zoo.
  4. Support the DENIAL of Shock Probation for CAT MUTILATOR Alex Phelps!
  5. Save the Bawean Deer
  6. Whitewater-Baldy Complex Fire, New Mexico: Largest fire in New Mexico history
  7. Halt to all Agro-business in Sri Lankan Elephant Habitat.
  8. Save the Orinoco Crocodile
  9. Petition to Save a site of high wildlife value, from development.
  10. Save a species on the brink of extinction. Black-footed ferrets Petition
  11. Protect Orcas from Toxic Coal Terminals
  12. Stop Using Wolf Fur in Fashion Design
  13. Save the Woodland Caribou from Extinction
  14. Save the Alaskan Sea Otter from Slaughter
  1. Stop Pushing Sumatran Tigers Toward Extinction
  2. Urge Restaurant to Stop Using Unhealthy Oils in Cooking
  3. Tell Subway to Add Certifiably Gluten-Free Options
  1. Stop Dr. Fallen from his Malpractices and his Injustice.: Remove his veterinary license/ change his inhumane medical procedures.
  2. Vigorously prosecute Marcell Sibley, accused of felony animal cruelty
  3. Hawthorne police officers - Cruel and Excessive Force: Some form of reprimand, suspension, or possible termination from duty
  4. President Obama: Make sure that every state has the "Do not shoot my dog" bill.
  5. Maryland State Legislature: Mandate Licensed Dog-Breeders - Create Jobs & Decrease Fighting Dogs

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