Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25 petitions and more

  1. Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare (UDAW)
  2. Thank the President for fighting the illegal wildlife trade!
  3. Help us send the Obama Administration 250,000 messages telling them not to frack our lands! - 8 petitions are inside the link. Each chapter is one petition. (US)
  4. Refocus on original wolf management goals (US)
  5. End cruel methods used for recreational wolf hunting (US)
  6. Live exports: Tell David Heath to stop hiding behind EU law
  7. Tell Montana: Let Wild Buffalo Roam! (US)
  8. Inspect Schwaben Park (confirmation needed)
  9. Don't mine the Tarkine
  10. President Obama, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States (US)
  11. Save the wolves in Canada!
  12. USA: Oppose the King Amendment to the Farm Bill (US)
  13. Say NO to Oil exploration in Pegasus Basin
  1. SIGN to help the abused animals in Macedonia!
  2. STOP Farida Khan NOW! STOP horse abuse!
  3. Show your support for Animal Care Officer Dafna Hadad against BCAC.
  4. Free Katya The Russian Bear.
  1. Condemn Walmart for Firing a Safety-Conscious Employee
  2. Stop Fruit Bat Trade
  3. Commend Activists for Protesting Dangerous Nuclear Power Plant
  1. EU and UN: Stop Korean sadist- barbaric tradition in Russia 
  2. General Russian Prosecutor General Yury Yakovlevich Chayka: SEND HEARTLESS BARBARIC KILLERS TO PRISON 
  3. Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for fake Ugg Boots Suffering Slow, Sickening Horrendous Deaths
  4. Government: Ban Puppy/Kitten Farming
  5. Australia's forestry industry: make amendments to forestry practices so that koalas are protected!
  6. Que La Zoofilia Y El Maltrato Animal Se Tipifiquen Como Delitos En Venezuela
    Criminalize Bestiality and Animals Abuse in Venezuela
  7. State of Wisconsin: ban wisconsin dog owners from keeping dogs outside in winter time
  8. Save Pig: Stop the cruelty and murder of Pig a loving family pet
  9. City of Sterling Heights, MI: Leave Samson alone and let him go home to his family
  10. Justice for the "pit bull" that was left on a Toronto balcony: We want better policies and procedures from the OSPCA
  11. Gobierno del Estado Libre y Soberano de Puebla, Estados Unidos Mexicanos: Acción Enérgetica en Contra de José Luis Reyes Ventura, alias El Matagatos - State of Puebla, Mexico, U.S.: Take Strong Actions against Jose Luis Reyes Ventura, alias El Jarocho or "Catkiller": He deserves to be punished for his vile and grotesque acts!
  12. Al Gobierno Del Estado De Hidalgo: Clausura Definitivamente De Perreras Del Estado De Hidalgo - Mexico, Hidalgo: Close these killing shelters and give the abandoned dogs a chance to be adopted
  13. Jefe de Gobierno del Distrito Federal, Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa: Eliminación y prohibición de venta de animales en el mercado de sonora - Mexico, Federal District, Dr. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa: Elimination and Prohibition of the Sale of Animals at the 'Mercado de Sonora' market
  14. Mugasa: BASTA de censura contra el maltrato animal
    Mugusa: ENOUGH of censure against animal abuse
  15. Que cierren el zoológico de Surabaya, en Indonesia y atiendan a los animales.
    Close Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia and take care of it's Animals
  16. Ministry of Forestry, Aceh Governor: Investigate Genk's death and stop Illegal Ivory Trade!
  17. Office of the Indonesian Government in Bali. The Governor must perform his promise - end the slaughter of Sea Turtles!
  1. Expel British OIL company Soco International from Virunga World Heritage Site!
  2. Prevent Elephant Deaths from Train Collisions in India
  3. Ban Pesticide Deadly to Polar Bears
  4. Stop burning green forest for cultivation fields!
  5. Stop the Illegal, Commercial Bushmeat Trade
  6. Stop Live Export!
  7. ACTION to CLOSE both ends of illegal rhino horn trade!
  8. Stop the King Amendment to the Farm Bill!
  9. Shut Down Hellish 'Holding Facility' For Strays In Ellisville, MS
  10. Stop eutanazji Tajfuna! Pomóżmy Polce i jej aresztowanemu psu.
    Stop the euthanasia of the dog Typhoon!
    Stop eutanazja! Uwolnijcie psa! W obronie polki i jej psa!
  11. Close the Swedish minkfarm (target?!)
  12. Eliminate biofuel production subsidies and promote sustainable agriculture
  13. Haz algo por el Zoológico de Chapultepec (trato digno y atención médica a los animales). - Mexico: improve the Chapultepec Zoo, petition for fair treatment and medical care to animals
  14. Challenge EU Member States to stop the illegal trade of wood in the EU.
  15. Protect Irish Hen Harriers - Councillor John Sheahan Should Resign
  16. Support Service Learning for Every Classroom in the United States
News & Polls:
  1. World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade
  2. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO please! 57.8%
  3. Latest News in Gloucestershire  Scroll down on the right side for the poll:
    Should the Ban on hunting with Dogs be repealed? Vote NO! Only 48%
  4. Poll: Should we ban fur farming in Ireland? Vote YES! 75%!
  5. Innocent pit bull stolen and chained in the woods
    Facebook groups are posting Nina's picture everywhere in hopes that someone recognizes the terrain and will turn in the evil criminal who stole Nina!!!
  6. The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves! Sept. 7th, Washington DC
  7. Reclaiming Abolitionism: It’s Time for Us to Take a Stand for Animals
  8. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought
  9. Cat and Dolphin Playing Together [VIDEO]
  10. Lion loves his rescuer!
  11. Robin Williams has a tickle fight with Gorilla!

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