Monday, September 9, 2013

Click to donate sites

Beside 'click to donate' sites that surround this blog (RainforestSite, AnimalsRescueSite, Freekibble, Wopek, Big Cats, ClicAnimaux, etc) there are some more I am aware of. 

Check out the list and Click to Donate - it is free and it helps :)

Care2 daily clicks
I click on every except for breast cancer as it includes research on animals :(

Save and protect endangered Bolivian and Columbian wildlife for free!

ACTU Animaux
for each animals listed on the left side click 5 times :)

Soscouvertures - Des couvertures pour les animaux
with every click sponsors fund 2 square centimeters of blankets for dogs :)

Barking Mad - Dogtown South Africa
you can click 3 times :)

clics - aideauxrefuges
click on the blue letters where it says "Aidez-moi"
choose the second option where it says
"Offrez un click gratuit toutes les 24 heures à cet animal!"
10 clicks for 10 animals and you are returned to the starting page :)

Clic pour animaux: chien, chat, cheval
4 clicks per each animal listed :)
once you click on one animal and give it 4 clicks there will be
a list of other animals on the right side that need clicks, too :)

Dog of the Month
every month there is a new contest - vote :)

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