Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8 - Petitions and more

  1. Ask the Romanian Government and Parliament to stop killing stray dogs.
    Romania, STOP your barbaric acts! Dogs are being 'euthanized' by chloride, gasoline, slow and cheap poison injections, slowly dying the most horrendous deaths, caused by sadists paid by Romanian officials!
  2. Stop Slaughter and Animal Abuses in Romania!
  3. Unprecedented hunting of Romanian street dogs - Help to stop the massacre!
  4. SHOCKING PHOTOS: Appalling Conditions on Live-Export Ships
    Please sign at:  Urge the Australian Prime Minister to End Live Export
  5. Tell Sally Jewell: No Sheldon Horses to Slaughter Middlemen
  6. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  7. Ask China Southern Airlines to Stop Shipping Monkeys to Be Tortured
  8. Voiceless Friends - The Dog Meat Trade Exposed.
  9. GREY2K USA: Greyhound Racing in Macau
  10. Ask the University of Mississippi Medical Center to End the Use of Pigs
  11. Revealed: MoD Killing Animals for Cruel Training
  12. Stop Abuse & Exploitation of Elephants at A'Famosa Resort Malaysia
  13. Perenco: Oil and Violence in the Mayan Forest
  14. Tell Bank of America, No Forest Destruction for Coal
  15. Stop the expansion of coal exports from B.C.'s ports
  1. Romanian Government: STOP mass killing dogs! Adopt mass sterilization!
  2. SEMNATI PETITIA! Mass-media TREBUIE sa plateasca pentru instigare la violenta si crima
    Sign the petition
    ! Media must pay for incitement to violence and crime
  3. Enforce and create Animal cruelty laws in Bangladesh.
  4. A la justice belge: Pour une condamnation importante pour le meurtre de Xena
    A Belgian court: For a significant sentence for the murder of Xena
  5. Suspender la prueba deportiva 'ultra trail desafío oso somiedo'Protest! Somiedo City Council plans to organize 13,14 and 15 Sept. a sportive event with 500 runners passing through the Natural Park of Somiedo 24 hours. It is of high environmental value for Bear conservation.
  6. The Honorable Kent County Levy Court Commissioners: Exclude Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary from future animal control.
  7. Please save Bandit from being killed due to BSL
  1. Romania - do not legalize the mass killings of stray animals. Say NO to euthanasia of healthy animals
  2. Make PETA acknowledge and interfere with Romania's animal cruelty. (target?!)
  3. Romanian Community Dogs: Safe for the Romanian People and Their Children
  4. Don't kill Romanian stray dogs!
  5. End cruel trapping in all Wisconsin public lands.
  6. An appeal to Municipality of Chania Crete Greece to take responsibility of situation of stray animals
  7. Ban Hunting in Yosemite!
  8. Stop the killing of healthy animals
  9. Ask Georgia to Ban the run of the bulls
  10. Demand AZ Judge Stop Serial Killer
  11. Urge ayuda para los animales del "Centro Ecologico del Estado de Sonora"
    Mexico: Urgent help needed for the animals at the "Ecological Center of Sonora"!
  12. Save the Wildlife from Deforestation!
  13. Let Alabama rehabilitators do their job!
  14. Man from Russia on Facebook video deliberately ran over dog with his car please bring him to justice - No clue concerning their identity, if there will be, report to:,,
  15. Remove Cats Are Evil!  (no target, but the same advice)
  16. Bullies and Harassers should be removed from Facebook, cyber-bullying of individuals is unacceptable
  17. Richelle Graham back in the Lucky Lucy Foundation
  18. Equine Hospital in Newtown Pa
  19. Animals (pets) are Dependents, too
News & Polls
  1. FB event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU! - Romania, update! Please support them in any way possible! They are our hope in this horrific situation!
  2. Care este soluţia pentru rezolvarea problemei maidanezilor din Bucureşti?
    What is the solution to the problem of stray dogs in Bucharest?
    Romania: President also proposed that the law be set a deadline for the people who want to adopt stray dogs able to do so, and animals not adopted within this term to be 'euthanized'. Do you agree with the proposal of the President? Please vote 'NU'/NO on this poll against the Romanian dog cull. The killing methods are barbaric.We desperately need this as many people so far have voted yes. Fill in the security code!
  3. Ce ar trebui făcut cu câinii fără stăpân din Capitală? Vote for the 4th option!
    What do you think should be done with Stray dogs in Bucharest?
    1. Move to a shelter
    2. Euthanasia (kill them)
    3. Leave them alone
    4. Give them professional care, followed by an adoption campaign
    5. Not interested
    Don't forget to fill in the security code at the end!
  4. Dacă mâine ar fi REFERENDUM, TU ai vota pentru eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpân? - Tomorrow, at the referendum, will you vote for 'euthanasia' of stray dogs? Vote NU!
  5. Exclusiv – Vadim Tudor: În raportul medico-legal s-a ascuns faptul că Ionuț a fost violat. Vezi cum a fost posibil
    Romania, the little boy from Bucharest: first raped and killed?!
  6. Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti: Hysteria of the Stupids
  7. Boycott Romania for being barbaric, your money is used for the doghunters
  8. Iohannis: Nu sunt de acord cu eutanasierea masivă a câinilor comunitari, e o barbarie inutilă - Romania. According to PNL first deputy, also mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Johannis, massive euthanasia of stray dogs is a barbaric solution and should not be taken into account, only for sick dogs....
  9. Primarul Timişoarei este împotriva uciderii în masă a câinilor din oraş: “Sterilizarea este soluţia, nu exterminarea” - Mayor of Timisoara is against mass killing of dogs in the city: "Sterilization is the solution, not extermination"
  10. Re: Appeal to stop the systematic slaughter of str ay dogs in Romania
    Letter to the president of Romania, from 2 MEP'ers (.pdf)
  11. FB profile: Achileas Patroklos with updates on Romania's dogs. Puppies are in safety now, please consider giving some kind of help...!
  12. USDA’s Privatized Poultry Inspection Plan Would Leave Industry Unregulated
  13. Every 15 minutes, an elephant dies at the hands of poachers
  14. The Elephant Girl – Celia HoWritten from a poached elephant mother’s perspective, she tells how poaching and the huge ivory demand had ruined a dream life she and her child originally deserve; and how deep their bond is.
    Like her page please, a comment is very encouraging!
  15. On the Badger Cull, Mary Creagh
  16. VOLUNTEER NOW: Get political for Animals, New York!
  17. Website: Sylvia Raye Entertainer
    Animals have no voice, it's up to us to speak and act on their behalf
  18. Animal Justice Party pledges to shut down live exports with industry campaign
  19. Thank You Wolf Warriors!!
  20. September 6, 2013 UPDATE: Senate Bill 132 Signed into Law!
    California Mountain Lions Victory!
  21. Serbia: 5/9/2013 – Some Great News for Once – All Shelter Dogs Are Now to be Supplied With Weekly Regular Food Donations!!
  22. Police rescue dog who had been tied to a rock and thrown into river
  23. Cape Elizabeth girl, 12, saves two young horses from slaughter
  24. Dog Comforts Sick Little Boy After Superstorm Sandy (PHOTO)
  25. Mini Dachshunds REALLY Love Bath Time (VIDEO)
  26. How a Smart Puppy Plays Fetch by Himself - No Humans Needed!
  27. This Dog Survived the Unimaginable to Find Her Owner - Incredibly Touching

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