Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15 petitions and more

  1. Cops taking wounded animals to the gun range and shooting them
  2. Spune NU eutanasierii cainilor comunitari - PROTECTIA ANIMALELOR
    Say NO to euthanasia of stray dogs - protection instead of mass dog killings!
    (confirmation needed)
  3. Protestbrief an rumänischen Präsidenten und Verfassungsgericht
    Letter of protest to the President of Romania and the Constitutional Court
    (confirmation needed)
  4. Stoppt das Hundetöten in Rumänien - JETZT!
    Stop the killing of dogs in Romania - NOW!
  5. Roemeense straathonden ten dode opgeschreven!? Teken de petitie!Romanian Street Dogs doomed? Reject this decision!
  6. Stop the killing of stray dogs in Romania!
  7. Romania, URGENT, elaborate Protest-mail!
  8. FB event: Stop The Killings Of Strays In Romania And Ask The Eu To Investigate Romanian Corruption
  9. ROMANIA - STOP KILLING DOGS! (all petitions under one link)
  10. Protest email! Russian Federation, Universiade, mass killings of Dogs and Cats!
  11. France: Save the Wolves
  12. The Truth About Chicken
  13. End Civet Cat Suffering
  1. Urge Canada Ban Imports of Cat and Dog Fur
  2. Stop Animal Sacrifice in European Football
  3. Scrap Plan to Drop Poison on California Islands
  4. Protect Endangered Red Wolves
  5. Demand that Yahoo! Japan Stop Selling Endangered Animal Parts
  6. Commend Al Jazeera for its Comprehensive Coverage on Climate Change
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Start Implementing Animal Protection Law
  2. Bosnia! Implement humane stray-dog and cat population control and treatment
  3. Don't let Bosnia euthanize animals after 15 days spent in the city shelters
  4. Mr. Ovidiu Cretu, Major of Bistrita, Romania: Please give ALL dogs of Bistrita a chance to find their home!
  5. President Traian Basecu: Stop the mass slaughter of stray dogs in Romania
  6. Governo do Paraná: Delegacia Especializada em Maus Tratos para os Animais!!! QUEREMOS NO MINIMO 5.000 ASSINATURAS!
    Brazil: Create a specialized police department for animals, to speed up investigations and prosecutions of crimes against animals
  7. Mary Kay Cosmetics: Stop testing on living creatures
  8. Şile Belediyesi: Hayvanlar için Rehabilitasyon Merkezinin açılması
    Turkey: Request for an Animal Health Center
  9. Governor Of The State Of California: Stop Habitual Habitat Destruction Harmful To Grizzly Bears
  1. Urgent- Bengal tigress with cubs need your help!
  2. End Fur Farms In China Now!
  3. Stop Promoting Fur
  4. Sochi Olympics, Russia: NO to culling Dogs!
  5. Save the stray Romanian Dogs
  6. Stop South Africa ship carrying 3 500 live export on Tuesday to Mauritius from East London.
  7. Stop the badger cull (permanently)
  8. Challenge The Hunter Harassment Law In Pennsylvania
  9. Stop the illegal murder of my animals by Ontario Police and Hamilton SPCA
  10. US approves Bee death Pesticide as EU Bans it.
  11. Save Chance & Pancho: Grant a zoning variance & let alpacas come home for good!
  12. Take Action: Urge NOAA to Strengthen Proposed Bluefin Tuna Protections
  13. Help Protect America's "Founding Fish"
News and Polls
  1. Romania: Did you adopt a stray dog?
    -at your home
    -as a foster
    Please vote the first 'DA"!
  2. EXCLUSIV – Legea uciderii maidanezilor, atacată la Curtea Constituțională
    Romania: Law killing stray dogs attacked the Constitutional Court
    'They got the necessary signatures in order to attack this 'law' at the Constitutional Court of Romania. A former senator, actually president of the Federation for the Animals Protection, together with his lawyer fought to get these signatures in order to be able to fight this 'law'."
  3. Will You Walk Through Fire for Animals Too? and Why She’d Walk Through Fire for Romanian Dogs
  4. The Plight of Romanian Stray Dogs (an interesting article/book)
  5. Protest Impotriva Eutanasierii Cainilor, Cluj 10-09-2013 (FullHD)
    Romania, protest-demo in Cluj against the planned dog massacres
  6. Website: ANIMAL SPIRIT - Austria, Center for Animals in Need
    Also Buying Foals to prevent them from being slaughtered
  7. Michigan Animal Shelter Gas Chamber Ban Bill Passes State Senate
  8. Newsletter: A crushing blow to the ivory trade - Wildlife Conservation Society
  9. This Golden Retriever Puppy Is SO Excited To See Adorable Baby (VIDEO)
  10. Rescued Bait Dog Undergoes an Unbelievable Transformation...
  11. Eldad Hagar's YouTube Channel (Rescue Videos)

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