Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10 petitions and more

  1. Nous sommes tous des Dauphins assassinés à TAIJI au Japon. Agissons pour que cela cesse! - Japan, STOP the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter!
  2. Against the use of animals by the Royal Institute for tests of medicine.
  3. Demand more public hearings for the future of gray wolves! (US)
  4. Save the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN)
  5. Let Organic Chickens Roam Outdoors
  6. Stop Racing Turtles Before They Go Extinct
  7. Tell FWS What You Think (submit provided comment)
    For the gray wolves, URGENTLY (new) comments needed from everybody!
  8. Stop Plans to Build Intensive Factory Farm in Castle Frome
  9. Stop destroying "Endangered Forests"
  10. Stop the Enbridge pipeline!
  11. Website: Animal Legal Defense Fund - News and Alerts, take action please!
    Especially: Sign the Animal Bill of Rights! (US)
  13. Please send two emails re: animal shelter allegations
    Please send the two below emails so that this shelter will be investigated for animal cruelty. The emails are already written, the emails addresses are there. All you need to do is copy and paste and send. It takes less then 60 seconds.
  14. Plea from Carmen Arsene, Romania!
  15. Romania: URGENT – By 10/9/13 – Latest News and ACTIONS – Plus Lots of SAV Past Links
  16. Wir möchten die Streuner in Rumänien retten, es gibt dafür nur eine Lösung!
    We want to save the stray dogs in Romania, there is only one solution for it!
  17. Urgent extra letter for the sake of Romanian Dogs!
  18. Every email address counts! Ask the Romanian Government and Parliament to stop killing stray dogs.  Your protest mail will be sent immediately after signing! Please participate and share as much as possible! Romania, STOP your barbaric acts! Dogs are being 'euthanized' by chloride, gasoline, slow and cheap poison injections, slowly dying the most horrendous deaths, caused by sadists paid by Romanian officials!
  1. Stop Illegal Dumping of Dredging Material
  2. Commend Sustainable Human-Wildlife Coexistence Research
  3. Tell Indian Government to Increase Protection for Zoo Tigers
  4. Commend Mississippi Lawmakers for Banning Hog-Dog Fighting
  5. End Cruel Practice of Bear Baiting
  6. Stop Mistreatment of Sea Animals in Canadian Aquarium
  7. Thai Prime Minister Must be Truthful About Oil Spill
  8. Demand Horse Drawn Carriage Rides be Outlawed
  9. Demand Russia Allow Greenpeace Entry into Arctic Sea
  1. Stoppt die Mörder Massaker an die geliebten Tieren Romania
  2. Abgeordnete in der EU aus Deutschland: Stoppt den Wahnsinn in Rumänien
    MPs in the EU from Germany: Stop the Madness in Romania
  3. Romania: Stop euthanasia of strays in Romania (target?!)
  4. Create a policy to stop the use of destructive palm oil products by New York State
  1. Thank Hilary Clinton for Combating Elephant Poaching
  2. Retire Nosey the Elephant from the Circus Industry
  3. Urge the Australian Government to keep the Tasmanian Forest Agreement
News and Polls:
  1. Do you agree with euthanasia of stray dogs? Vote NU/NO
  2. POLL: Should it be legal to hunt alligators? Please Vote NO
  3. Romania, Parliament Votes For Euthanasia After 14 Days As Main Tool To Manage The Stray Dog Population 
  4. 41 Zimbabwe elephants poisoned in worst national case ever!
  5. Idaho Wolf Management Receives Boost from RMEF Grant  ...?!
  6. Texts adopted - Thursday, 13 October 2011 - Dog population management in the European Union  and Final List of MEP'ers who signed the declaration
  7. FB event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
    Romania, update, help needed!
  8. FB album by Michelle Holmes Save the Death Camp Dogs Campaign Romanian Crisis Doggies
  9. Life for a stray dog in Romania
  10. Please vote to help the cats win! 2013/09/07
  11. FB album by Karrel Christopher GOATS - Animal Rights
  12. Website: Mission Rabies - Vaccinating 50,000 Dogs across India in just 30 Days
  13. Feeding Animals in Egypt : Humane Society International
  14. Dogs Sent for Meat Slaughter Rescued in Manila

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