Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27 petitions and more

  1. Australia: Stop Timber Plantations From Killing Koala Bears
  2. Ask Washington University to End the Use of Cats in its Pediatrics Residency Program
  3. Help the Dogs and Cats of Greece
  4. Stop the Massacre of Romania's Stray Dogs
  5. Protect Deer in Maryland and Virginia… From The National Park Service (US)
    Please Comment Today - Deadline is September 27
  6. Prostestbrief an EU-Präsident Martin Schulz wg Hundemord Rumänien
    Protest letter to EU President Martin Schulz regarding dog massacre in Romania
    (confirmation needed)
  7. Protestbrief an rumänischen Präsidenten und Verfassungsgericht
    Protest letter to the President of Romania and the Constitutional Court
    (confirmation needed)
  8. We say NO to the violent & illegal removal of 30 dogs from the private dog shelter of Mrs Niki at Velina, Corinth
  9. Stop the killing of one fifth of the Lithuanian wolves!
  10. Federal: Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Act Urges Use of Alternatives to Animal Testing
  11. Borneo: Emergency Call for National Park
  12. Take A Stand for California Mustangs in Massacre Lakes HMA (US)
  13. BLM to Wipe Out Wild Horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard (US)
  14. Tell the Snack Food 20: Cut Conflict Palm Oil, Not Rainforests (US)
  15. The Declaration of Human Rights are now being severely violated in Romania!
  16. I won’t let elephants disappear. Will you?
  17. EU sow stalls: The suffering of pigs in cages continues!
  18. Pétition Soutien au Professeur Hubert Montagner : pour interdire l'accès aux corridas aux enfants de moins de 16 ans. - Petition supporting professor Hubert Montagner to prevent access to bullfights for children under 16 years.
  19. Tell Congress: Stop the Monsanto Protection Act (US)
  1. Commend Efforts to Close Online Puppy Mills
  2. Prevent Massive Gold Mining Project in the Amazon
  3. Prosecute Hunter Who Sparked Giant Yosemite Wildfire
  4. Commend Efforts to Protect Remaining Rhino Species
  5. Condemn Animal Planet Host for Violating the Endangered Species Act
  6. Stop the Destruction of Indian Rainforests for Coal Mining
  7. Commend World Bank for Saving Tigers
  8. Commend China for Reducing Its Dependency on Coal
  9. Condemn Law Banning People from Caring for Hurt Wildlife
  10. Commend Activists who Guard the Lives of Resting Seals
  1. NBC: Take Your Elephant-Killing NRA Lobbyist Off The Air
  2. William F. Galvin and Massachusetts Representatives: Please enact "Kiya's Law" aka Puppy Doe. A law specifically aimed at "Battered Pet Syndrome".
  3. Shut Down Olympic Animal Sanctuary
  4. City of Beaumont Animal Services - Beaumont, Texas: Change their hours so that more animals have the chance of being adopted
  5. The People of the World: Keep endangered Bengal Tigers Alive. (target?!)
  6. Boycott 2014 11th World Congress of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association in Seoul, S. Korea-End the Shameful Violence Against Dogs & Cats!
  7. Daegu, South Korea! Close Down Chilseong Market's Despicable and Illegal Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law!
  8. Seoul, South Korea! Enforce the Ban on Despicable Dog Meat Trade-Close down Illegal Dog Slaughterhouses & Restaurants in Gyeongdong Market!
  9. Mayor of Municipality Stari Grad: Stop the slaughter of stray dogs in Sarajevo, Bosnia
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina: This is why I stand AGAINST euthanasia of stray animals
  11. Primo ministro spagnolo Mariano Rajoy Brey: mettere fine alle inumane crudelta' di cui sono oggetto i levrieri galgos - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey: Stop the cruelty towards greyhounds
  12. A las autoridades de la provincia de Santa Cruz: Que se aplique la ley 14.346 y que este funcionario presente la renuncia - The authorities of the province of Santa Cruz: Apply the Law and fire this official.
  13. @Harrods: Cut the crap, stop stocking kopi luwak!
  14. The President: Stop Healthy Cats & Dogs From Being Euthanized
  1. Tell the Senate to End Tax Breaks for Oil, Gas, and Coal!
  2. Tell Ken Cuccinelli to Pay UVA Back for His Climate Science Witch Hunt
  3. Tell the EPA You Support New Limits on Carbon Pollution from Power Plants
  4. Fire or fine police officer who shot puppy in the head
  5. Stop using tax dollars to kill wildlife
  6. Stop Conservation Officers killing British Columbia's cougars, return balance to the Environment
  7. Allow The Public Access To Slaughterhouses
  8. Is There a Better Way/Path for Horses to Work in New York City?
  9. Stop building gas wells in or near our Provincial Parks
  10. Don't uproot hundreds of trees at Leakin Park
News and polls:
  1. More help in Vatra Dornei, Ilanca, and vet training in Craiova 
  2. EU Kommissar zum Streunerhundeproblem: Ausnahmslos alle Mitglieder der Weltorganisation für Tiergesundheit müssen die OIE Richtlinien respektieren - EU Commissioner for stray dog problem: Without exception, all members of the World Organisation for Animal Health OIE must respect the guidelines
  3. Fb event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
    Romanian dogs rescued, support them please!
    Fb profile: Becky V Folkard
    Fb profile: Michelle Holmes
  4. Fb event: Romanian Public Shelter Dogs in Crisis
    Buying land in Romania so that dogs can be safe! Please donate, whatever is possible! Paypal  
  5. Tierhilfe Hoffnung e.V. | Ute Langenkamp
    Smeura, the largest Dog rescue center in Romania!
  6. Why She'd Walk Through Fire for Romanian Dogs
  7. Romania Animal Rescue Site   Neuter and Spay Campaigns!
  8. Fb page: Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes
  9. Fb event: <3 <3 <3 Glücksbringer für zwei und vier Pfoten <3 <3 <3
    We don't give up! Wir geben nicht auf!
  10. Fb page: Maoland shelter - Romanian rescue center
  11. Wolfsabschuss: WWF macht Beschwerde gegen Kanton Wallis
    Wolf shot: WWF makes complaint against Canton of Valais, Switzerland
  12. Exxon Sonar Surveying Blamed For The Deaths Of 100 Whales Near Madagascar
  13. New Study: State Department Ignores Keystone XL's Ugly Toll on America's Endangered Wildlife - Overlooked Impacts to Whooping Cranes, Northern Swift Fox, Sturgeon and Other Endangered Species Fails Requirements of Endangered Species Act
  14. Legally Brief: The Government’s Secret War on Wildlife (US)
  15. iWorry | Say NO to ivory - Join the March for the Elephants
  16. United Nations event and Clinton Global Initiative target illegal wildlife trade
  17. Conservation Partners Announce $80M Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action: Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants
  18. Soi Dog wants to thank you, for helping to save the dogs & cats of Thailand.
  19. SOS Virunga National Park [VIDEO]
  20. Animal Hero Awards 2013: Former Royal Marine nominated after rescuing 500 dogs in Afghanistan
  21. 15 Volunteer Firefighters Rescue 'Precious' The Wiener Dog (VIDEO)

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