Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11 petitions and more

  1. Stop belugas being taken from the wild in Russia
  2. Protect baby tigers, lions and other wild animals
  3. Ask Christy Clark to stand up for BC
  4. Contact Prime Minister Harper about the Tar Sands
  5. Save Gros Morne: Don't FRACK it up!
  6. Urge Montana to Expand Yellowstone Bison Habitat!
  7. Congress: Stop the old-growth chopping spree in our Tongass (US)
  8. Keep the 400 Remaining Sumatran Tigers Alive
  9. Tell Lakewood Officials: We Want Safe and Humane Communities (OH)
  10. Belleville, KS: Speak Up for Bo and for Your Community (KS)
  11. Support Year-Round Habitat for Wild Bison in Montana (MT)
  12. URGENT, ROMANIA! Helfen Sie den rumänischen Hunden! Please sign and share! To Minister Edward Hellvig, the President Traian Basescu, the Prime Minister Victor Ponta, and the Ambassador in Berlijn Dr Comanescu
  13. Romania, the Massacre of 65000 sentient Dogs! Send (adapted) letter please!
  14. Save Bluefin Tuna From Overfishing
  15. Österreich: Regenwald im Tank
  1. Demand That Cosmetics Be Free of Toxic Metals
  2. Commend Efforts to Prevent Shark Finning
  3. Commend Nuclear Power Plant Closure
  4. Halt Plans For Unnecessary Chemical Testing on Animals
  5. Revise Limits for Cancer-Causing Carcinogen in Drinking Water
  6. Ban Cruel Tiger Cub Swims At Private Florida Zoo
  7. Commend Seattle Zoo for Tree Kangaroo Conservation
  8. Tell State to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Penalties
  9. Praise Farm Animal Sanctuary
  1. Stop Covering Up Dog Killing Fields In Sky Valley For Political Gain And Get The Dogs To Safety
  2. President Obama: Hold Polluters Accountable-- Restore Clean Air to Our National Parks!
  3. Zeitungen/Zeitschriften/Newspaper: Berichterstattung gefordert! Write articles about this massacre!
  1. Stop Massive Opencast Mine in Midlothian
  2. Save the strays in Romania
  3. Stop Dog Euthanasia in Bucharest, Romania
  4. No To Euthanasia And Yes To Neutering Romanian Stray Dogs
  5. Save animals from being skinned alive
  6. Stop Poachers Killing & Now Poisoning African Elephants Into Extinction!
  7. Stop The Roundup Of Wild Horses Across The Navajo Reservation Now
  8. Stop Covering Up Dog Killing Fields In Sky Valley For Political Gain And Get The Dogs To Safety
  9. Stop the Misspending of Funds and Animal Neglect at the Pasadena Humane Society (target?!)
  10. Stop the destruction of Lutra lutra in Djerdap national Park (Iron Gate National Park)-SERBIA
  11. Ley Para El Maltrato Animal En Chile (target?!)
    Chile, a Law against Animal Abuse
  12. Save Russian Domestic Foxes!
  13. Ban the Cruel Practice of Declawing Cats!
  14. Do not buy real leather products. The leather industry is a cruel industry.
  15. Protect the Tasmanian Forest World Heritage Listing from Mr Abbott's plans
  16. Tell Australia not to Scrap Carbon Tax
  17. Help Us Save The 75 Mature Trees In Brickell Avenue Which Is An Historical Area
  18. Ken Cuccinelli: We Won’t Let You Get Away With Your Climate Change Witch-Hunt
News & Polls
  1. Documentul care face inutil referendumul. Din 13 septembrie, maidanezii Capitalei pot fi eutanasiati (use translator please) Town Hall in Bucharest has decided officially to kill all strays in shelters, starting on Sept. 13.2013. Basically, all the dogs captured on the streets of Bucharest, WILL BE KILLED!
  2. Stray dog situation in Romania by Carmene Arsene
  3. Şedinţă de îndată a CGMB pentru ANULAREA referendumului privind câinii comunitari - Romania, Urgent General Council meeting to cancel the referendum on stray dogs immediately
  4. Romania, l’uccisione dei cani randagi è un business da 300 milioni di euro
    Romania, the killing of stray dogs is a business worth 300 million euros
  5. Horse Slaughter: New Mexico Government Rangers Storm Private Properties Searching & Seizing Horses
  6. Crippled cattle ship crisis - Australia's Live Export
  7. Animal welfare issue at centre of German elections 
  8. Tierschutzverein Robin Hood Vote for Robin Hood
    fill in the info with name and email address and you'll receive 3 codes you can use to vote for one or more contestants.
  9. USDA Closes Internet Sale Loophole for Pet Breeders After Pressure from Animal Groups
  10. Minnesota's wolves needed for ecological balance
  11. Tragedy as animal lover dies and his girlfriend is seriously injured after falling hand-in-hand off 150ft cliff while trying to rescue their runaway puppy
  12. Soldiers Reunited with Dog and Her Pups They Saved During War

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