Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19 petitions and more

  1. Tell Governor O'Malley to say no to LNG exports (MD)
  2. Please Take Action for Safe Communities for People and Pets (AR)
  3. Two Hunting Bills Are on Their Way to the CA Governor (CA)
  4. Stop the cull of Romanian street dogs
  5. URGENT: Dog in Horrific Condition Being Returned to Owners?
  6. No Fracking Way! Support a National Ban on Fracking
  7. Genetic modification of farm animals has no place in a healthy food system (UK)
    please check what to do if you live outside the UK. Sample Letter IS provided!
  8. Save Endangered Sea Turtles from Guatemala Shrimp Trawls
  9. URGENT! Peru: BAN Torturing & Eating Cats & Kittens!
  10. Please send a polite mail to the Courthouse in Romania!
    This Dog massacre 'by Law' must be illegal!!
  11. Romanian Parliament grants license to kill stray dogs
    Romania protests, KEEP MAILING, it will be sent immediately to Barroso, Eur. Commission, and several Romanian Mayors!
  12. Stop the Indiscriminate Slaughter of Wildlife
  13. Protestbrief an EU-Präsident Martin Schulz wg Hundemord Rumänien
    Protest letter to EU President Martin Schulz wg dogs murder Romania
    (confirmation needed)
  14. "Huffington Post Japan" should publish this report (Pilot Whales, mother and baby) of Taiji to the Japanese reader
  15. HELP US Change Brooks Animal Shelter in San Antonio Texas
  16. Tell Soldotna Police Chief not to kill Freedom the stray Husky (Petition)
  17. Please Challenge the Hunter Harassment Law in Pennsylvania
  18. Hands off the Arctic | Greenpeace Netherlands
  19. Just Say "NO" to Anti-Wildlife Provisions (US) (confirmation needed)
  1. Massacre de chiens en Roumanie - Slaughter of dogs in Romania
  2. Contre l'abattage des chiens fugueurs dans l'Aube
    Against the killing of runaway dogs in France
  3. Contre l'expulsion des chats du Goulet. Situation extrêmement urgente!
    Against the expulsion of cats Goulet. Extremely urgent situation!
  4. Halte aux massacres des phoques - Stop the seal massacre
  5. Pour que les assassins de la petite chienne Kenza soient punis
    Punishment for the murderers of the little dog Kenza!
  1. Demand Justice in Elephant Abuse Case
  2. Demand New Jersey Tighten Sentences for Animal Cruelty
  3. Applaud Efforts to Rescue 1,150 Chickens
  4. Clean Up Radioactive Water Leaks at Fukushima
  5. Tell Council to Stop Poisoning Foxes
  6. Protect Animals by Regulating the Online Pet Market
  7. Stop Cruel Animal Race at Agricultural Fair 
  8. Demand that Nigerian Government Restrict Marijuana Cultivation in Forest Areas 
  9. Protect New Mexico’s Water
  1. Please Help Rescue Freedom!
  2. Embajador de Peru en España : Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli: Parar la tortura en contra de los gatitos en la Quebrada Peru
    Ambassador of Peru in Spain, Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli: Stop the torture of kittens in Quebrada, Peru
  3. Sorin Oprescu, alcalde de Bucarest: Prohibir el sacrificio masivo de perros callejeros en Bucarest - Sorin Oprescu, mayor of Bucharest: Prevent mass culling of stray dogs in Bucharest, Romania
  4. "Huffington Post Japan" should publish this report (Pilot Whales, mother and baby) of Taiji to the Japanese readers.
  5. Les préfets de l’Aube et de la Haute-Marne: Annuler l’abattage des chiens errants la nuit - France: Against the killing of 'stray' dogs at night!
  6. Vicepresidenta Comisión Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural Sra. Marit Paulsen: que los Toros no sean la excepción a la Ley de Protección Animal
    Spain: Include Bulls under Animal Animal Protection Act!
  7. Mayor Castro (City of San Antonio) and other government officials: Advertise the Brooks facility to the public or find a more appropriate place to house animals that welcomes visitors.
  8. Super U : cessez de vendre des œufs de poules élevées en cage.
    Super U: Stop selling eggs from caged hens.
  9. Montgomery County: Protect Ten Mile Creek, Backup Water Supply for 4.3 Million
  1. NOAA add orca Lolita to endangered species act and return her to freedom
  2. Tell California's Governor: Phase Out Lead Ammunition
  3. Tell University of Virginia to Stop Using Cats
  4. Save Rare Maui's Dolphins in New Zealand
  5. Immediately STOP the baited trapping of pet cats at Bay Point
  6. Stop the importation of Fur from China
  7. Tell Governor Brown to Save Bobcats
  8. Romanian gangs buy horses for just 10 euros ($13.36) and send them to slaughter.
  9. Demand Justice for Horses recently Found Abused in Palisades Park
  10. UK – End Badger Cull Secrecy
  11. Merced Police: Don't Use Injured Animals as Target Practice!
  12. PRESERVE WICKHAM PARK (Melbourne Florida)
News & Polls
  1. Phone Call and Training with Cenk - Saturday - 2pm EST
    Join Wolf PAC Founder and host of 'The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur and others for a conversation this Saturday  - September 21 at 2pm EST! Simply call the conference number below and be at a computer!
  2. Letter from Carmen Arsene, please read! Start sending your petitions! Help to take care of dogs in Romania! Time to send in your petitions / signatures to the Court!
  3. Germany: The ugly matter of animal suffering has become a hot issue in Germany’s electoral campaign.
  4. NC8 2013-09-06 1030AM Robert Goldman.mp4 Wolves, US!
  5. Dances With Wild Wolves: Rally on National Mall
  6. The Wolves Were Never at Our Doors
  7. FB Event: We need funds to act in justice City Hall Craiova
  8. CanadaHelps - GivingPage: VOKRA's Walk for the Kitties, 2013
    Sponsor walk for Cats, Canada
  9. USDA Restores Important Check and Balance on Retail Pet Sales to Ensure Health, Humane Treatment
  10. Tierschutzverein Robin Hood - Vote for Robin Hood!
  11. Harmony Fund - Donate to Help Animals All Over the Planet
  12. Website: Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia
    Raising Awareness to Alleviate Animal Suffering in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  13. Statement of ETN e.V.: Only “Neuter - and Release” will help reducing the number of strays in Bosnia and Herzegovina .pdf file
  14. Donation Project: Emergency vet fees and winter food appeal
  15. Email - Video: National Feral Cat Day, One Day a Year - Alley Cat Allies
  16. Website: Animal Equality Germany | Zur Verteidigung aller Tiere
  17. First Retail Fur Ban in Nation Goes Into Effect in West Hollywood
  18. Brave Puppy Descends Staircase (VIDEO)
  19. Bubbles And Bella, Elephant And Dog, Are Inseparable BFFs (VIDEO)
  20. Website: The Pet Collective - cute, funny animals
  21. Fb page: - Animaux

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