Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2 petitions and more

  1. Against the import of products coming from Denmark and the Faroe Islands because of the Whale slaughter en the Killing Camps for Dogs please send the protest letter
  2. It’s that wretched time of year again: dolphins to be slaughtered en masse
  3. Stop The Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter (US) - Also hundreds of gray wolves are killed by this division in the Northern Rockies each year!
  4. Austria, sign the solidarity statement against hunting
    click on "Solidaritätserklärung ausfüllen" to sign the petition
  5. Urge Denmark, Norway and Poland to Stop Torturing Animals in Military Trauma Training
  6. Justice for the Bypass Kittens killed on 23 Aug 2013
  7. Tell The National Pork Board to Say "NO!" to Cruel Crates for Pigs!
  8. Protect against permethrin poisoning campaign
    Fact: Permethrin-based spot-on flea products for dogs can kill cats ...
    Please sign the iCatCare petition for better regulation of permethrin
  9. Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series
  1. Urge Clothing Company to Stop Killing Coyotes for Their Fur
  2. Commend Woman for Sustaining Troubled African Herds
  3. Applaud Animal Welfare Organization for Primate Sanctuary Fundraiser
  4. Shut Down The Surabaya Zoo In Indonesia
  5. Stop Construction of New Coal Export Facility
  1. Free the breed in Ontario and repeal the pitbull ban
  2. Stop the use of herbicides in Canadian forests
  3. Ban livestock sales at "Pets At Home"!
  4. Create a Sandy Beach which dogs can also enjoy
  1. Publico En General: Compartiendo A Medios De Comunicacion
    Peru: Severe Punishment for Animal Abuse (no target)
  2. Abolizione degli allevamenti di animali da pelliccia
    Italy: Abolish the Breeding of Animals for Fur!
  3. EU, when do you think it is time to act?
    European Parliament's Committee on Petitions put this petition on the draft agenda of the meeting of the Committee on Petitions which will take place on: 16 September, 2013, at the European Parliament in Brussels. It is scheduled to be dealt with at around 15:00 o'clock (3pm). Please sign and share widely again!
  4. Legisladores y Gobernantes: Mejorar las leyes de maltrato animal y tenencia de mascotas en Chile - Peruvian Legislators and Governors: Improve Animal Cruelty Laws and pet ownership in Chile
  5. Die unmenschliche Behandlung vieler Straßenhunde in Ungarn
    Against the inhumane treatment of abandoned dogs in Hungary
  6. Congreso Nacional de Chile: Aprueben la ley de tenencia responsable de animales. Castigo a asesinos. - Congress of Chile: Adopt the Responsible Ownership Act of Animals. We want Punishment for Murderers!
  7. Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand's Prime Minister: Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  8. Tell Air-France KLM to Stop Transporting Animals for Vivisection!
  9. OPERATION BLUE SKIES : Make the skies "dolphin-safe" and stop the carriage of cetaceans to marine amusement parks
  10. Mufflons im Teutoburger Wald sollen leben
    Let the Mouflons in the Teutoburger Forest live
  11. Keine Ohrmarken für Rinder! Unterstützung für Balinger Landwirt H. Maier
    No ear tags for cattle! Support for farmer Balingen H. Maier
  1. We demand investigations in EU States to ensure that animal welfare treaties are followed. CLOSES TODAY, URGENT!
  2. Stop killing our Animals!
  3. Stop Romanian Horse Slaughter
News & Polls
  1. Россия без жестокости: международная акция СПб
    Russia Cruelty: St. Petersburg international action
    Oct. 6th. St. Petersburg will host the International Action "For humane law for animals in Russia. Sterilization YES! Euthanasia NO!" - Become the voice of those who can not speak!
  2. Update: 20 years after ALF raid, Utah coyote lab still active
    An update on the twice-targeted USDA Predator Research Facility in Utah.
  3. Website: Региональная общественная организация - Зоозов Элита
    Russia: Regional public organization - Zoozov Elite, for Animal Welfare
  4. Website/blog: Cat Shelter Felix, Serbia
  5. Website: Initiative zur Abschaffung der Jagd
    Austria: Initiative for the abolition of hunting (use 'translate' please)
  6. Whale Drags Down Boat With 12 Traditional Hunters on Board in Eastern Indonesia
  7. Website: Animal Friends Croatia (AFC) - organization for promoting of animal rights and vegetarianism (News)
  8. Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow | North America [VIDEO]
  9. Website: Victories for Animals
  10. Nothing Can Stop This Disabled Dog From Loving Life - Just Watch

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