Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5 petitions and more

  1. The stray animals of Europe | THE PETITIONS (3 petitions)
  2. Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife
  3. Protect The Northern Spotted Owl: Uplist Them to Endangered
  4. Keep Shark Fins off the Chopping Block! (US)
  5. Protect Wind Energy, Oppose SB71 (WI)
  6. Texas Department of State Health Services officials: Leave our community cats alone! (TX)
  7. Preserve America’s Natural Treasures (US)
  8. Sign now for a Frack-Free UK!
  9. Speak Out Against Animal Cruelty at University of California, Davis (US)
  10. Give Yellowstone's Buffalo More Room to Roam (US)
  11. Carmen Arsene: Protest letter, Romania, Dog killing, Craiova, Bucharest! 
  12. Red Alert - Craiova Butcher In Shelter - Dogs Being Illegally Killed
    Please send short sample letter on the giving addresses.
    Urgent protest, Romania, Craiova, Dog killing
    Please send a protest mail against the killing of innocent dogs! 
  13. Spune si tu cu noi NU EUTANASIERII! NU e vina lor ca nu au fost crescuti cum trebuie! - Romania: You want to kill them (the abandoned dogs)? It's not their fault they were not raised properly!
  14. Tell Sally Jewell: No Sheldon Horses to Slaughter Middlemen
    Palmer and J&S cannot account for the whereabouts of as many as 202 of the 262 horses received under the wild horse-adopt out - contract!
  15. Help Save The Taiji Dolphins
  16. End The Faroe Islands Whale/Dolphin Killing Festival
  17. Crippled Elephants at Ringling Still Suffering
  18. MAXIMUM penalty to the killer of Ella the Deer of Kansas City’s Elmwood Cemetery.
  19. Andre Menache on the Use of Beagles in Experiments
    Read the article and go to take action, please. (UK)
  20. Ask India to enforce laws that should protect hens from the cruelest confinement
  21. Stop Pollution Pot - Ban Super Toxic Rat Poisons
  22. Stop Congress from Cutting Conservation Funds (US)
  23. More Water Urgently Needed for Klamath Marshes and Wildlife (OR)
  1. Celebrate Largest Dam Removal in California History
  2. Stop Shoving Tubes Down the Windpipes of Cats
  3. Celebrate Bike-Friendly Cities in Texas
  4. Urge the Bureau of Land Management to Restore Threatened Bird Habitat
  5. Tell Online Breeder to Stop the Breeding and Sale of Teacup Dogs
  6. Protect Endangered Tigers by Closing Loopholes that Permit Global Hunting and Trafficking
  7. Tell Research Facilities and Laboratories to Stop Supporting the Trafficking of Animals Through Dealers
  8. Prevent Gray Wolf Slaughter in United States
  9. Commend Non-Profit for Rescuing Humpback Whale Trapped in Netting (confirmation needed)
  1. Pour des alternatives aux vaccins obligatoires testés sur les animaux
    For alternatives to mandatory vaccines tested on animals
  2. Justice pour Whisky, le chien martyr!
    Justice for the tortured dog, Whiskey!
  3. STOP aux empoisonnements de chats et d'autres actes de maltraitance animale à Roquemaure (Gard) - STOP the poisoning of cats and other acts of animal abuse in Roquemaure (Gard)
  4. Pétition contre l'élevage industriel
    Petition against factory farming
  5. Scandaleux : elle lutte contre la fourrure de chat et elle risque la prison
    Protest imprisonment of Anti Cat-Fur activist in Switzerland!
  1. International Whaling Commission: Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan
  2. The Romanian Government and the European Parliament: End Romanias Government abuse of public funds
  3. Nach Bukarest: Gegen den Beginn der Tötung der StraßenhundeBucharest: Against the start of the slaughter of street dogs
  4. President Traian Basecu of Romania: Stop the mass slaughter of stray dogs in Romania
  5. Romania: please do not allow the killing of healthy dogs!
  6. Imata Trainers: Don't Train Taiji Dolphins!
  7. EU, when do you think it is time to act?
  8. EU: make spaying and neutering compulsory!
  9. European Commission: Ban the chaining of dogs in the EU!
  10. Gobierno De Mendoza - Republica Argentina: Que Se Cierre El Zoologico Local
    Argentina: Close the local Zoo
  11. Etsy: Remove seller Ryan Biracree
  1. Stop Safari Hunting Tigers in Africa
  2. List Koala Bears as an Endangered Species
  3. End Dolphin Slaughter In Japan (no target)
  4. White House Officials Urge China To Outlaw Dog & Cat Meat Trade 
  5. Stop Korean/Chinese boiling dogs and cats alive
  6. Stop the needless barbaric slaughet of greyhound dogs in Southern Spain
  7. CRAIOVA stop killing dogs or lose your tourists (Kelly Roger's update with links)
  8. Stop Making Citizens Criminals
  9. Stop Animal Sacrifice at Nova Roma
  10. The UK Badger Cull
  11. Save Millions of Cats and Dogs (target?!)
  12. Urge Company to Stop Supporting the Cruel Dehorning of Cows!
  13. Save Bears From Cruel Confinement
  14. Demand Justice For Murdered Dogs and Puppies In Animal Shelters. (no target)
  15. Urge Indonesia to outlaw inhumane coffee production
  16. Please Make People Aware of the Dangers of Leaving Their Pets in the Car
  17. Please Amend the Chaining Law For Dogs In Greece
  18. Save the Brunswick forest from developers
News & Polls
  1. Updates on Romania's dogs on this profile Bagdat Oz
  2. Stray Dogs In Romania Must Be Euthanized, Says President Traian Basescu
  3. Valcea, Romania, 29.8.2013
  4. Ce ar trebui făcut cu câinii fără stăpân din Capitală? Vote 4th option!
    What do you think should be done with Stray dogs in Bucharest?
    1. Move to a shelter
    2. Euthanasia (kill them)
    3. Leave them alone,
    4. Give them professional care, followed by an adoption campaign
    5. Not interested
  5. Serbia: Urgent Appeal to Help Feed Rescue Dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica (Serbia). – Can You Help?
  6. Help Mariana care for desperate strays in Serbia
  7. Updated: Zoo Director Recommends Euthanasia for Infirm Sumatran Tiger
  8. Bears Go Hungry After Russia’s Record Floods, Some Will Be Shot
  9. Dire situations of small animals cry out for pet protection laws
  10. News | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  11. Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us
  12. Becca's throat slit, teeth pulled, needs help, but still smiles (Photos)
  13. NJ family pleads for safe return of stolen dog - Help Bring Katie Home - REWARD (Photos)
  14. Hoss The Yellow Lab Wears Baby Squirrel On His Head, Helps His (Human) Parents Tend To Orphaned Animals

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