Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25 petitions and more

  1. Rescue the Slow Loris: The Cutest Endangered Species
  2. Tell USDA to Prohibit Contact Between Captive Wild Animals and the Public (US)
  3. Tell Your New Jersey Legislator to Stand Up for Pigs One More Time(NJ)
  4. Help Dog Owners Keep Their Pets (MA)
  5. Speak Out for Pets like Sasha and Bear (MD)
  6. Craigslist: Stop advertising Animals on your website and subjecting them to abuse and murder!
  7. To forbid dolphin murders on Faroe Islands and in Japan!
  8. Declara a Tordesillas un lugar pérfido para la humanidad y fatídico para los animales indefensos - Tordesillas, Spain, is a medieval stronghold, with local political corruption that shows the most pervert torture and murder in a vile and despicable way, to one of the most beautiful animals on Earth - bull!
  9. Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory!
  10. Stop coal exports in the Pacific Northwest and halt climate disruption! (US)
  11. Fight back against climate-destroying carbon pollution (US)
  12. Federal: Oppose the “King Amendment” to House Farm Bill
  13. Save our forests from post-fire logging! (US)
  14. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  15. FB event: BULLFIGHTING, we want to stop it now!!! Cyberaction!
    Please send a protest-mail, just copy/paste, choose the letter and the receivers, members of the European Parliament!
  16. Urgent need to protect the Himalayan region and its communities
  17. Tell Home Depot and Lowe to stop selling poisoned plants! (US)
  18. Save free access to alternative and natural remedies (EU member countries)
  1. Praise the USDA for Strengthening Puppy Mill Regulations
  2. Applaud School for Ending Use of Animals in Medical Training
  3. Urge Iams to Stop Cruel Animal Testing
  4. Applaud Whole Foods Market for its Support of Labeling GMO’s
  5. The NFL Must Stop Funding Animal Testing
  6. Demand Russia Release Greenpeace Activists
  7. Praise Empowerment of Children in Sea Turtle Conservation
  8. Condemn Mining Company’s Efforts Toward Disastrous Project
  1. Justice for State Fair Dog
  2. City of Denton: Create an Ordinance to Ban the Declawing of Cats
  3. SAVE ROXY: Honorable Judge Chris Ninomiya, Dickinson County, Michigan: Vacate the order to destroy the pittbull mix known as Roxy, currently housed at the Almost Home Animal Shelter. Give her another chance.
  4. Rutherford County Elected Officials: Ban "Drop Box" For Unwanted Animals at Animal Control
  5. Beck Furs: STOP animal cruelty & STOP selling fur!
  6. Merced, CA Police Department: STOP using injured animals for target practice!
    Update: We did it! Merced Police change barbaric animal policy.
  7. Michigan Renaissance Festival: Do Not Allow Exotic Animals At The Festival
  8. Indonesia Government: Stop Animal abuse
  9. Stop Malaysia's Barbaric method of getting rid of strays
  10. China Southern Airlines: Stop Cruel Primate Shipments
  11. Gumtree: Stop advertising and selling animals
  12. Dirigida a los diputados de la LX Legislatura del estado de Zacatecas: zacatecas sin corridas de toros - State of Zacatecas: No to Bull fighting!
  13. Stoppt den massenhaften Vogelmord in Ägypten!
    Stop the mass bird-killing in Egypt!
  1. Tell China to Close Tiger Farms
  2. No Tax Dollars to Poison Wildlife
  3. Demand Bean Seafood Plant Stop Ripping Apart Live Lobsters & Crabs
  4. Ask Brisbane Police to Investigate Dog Being Walked Outside a Car!
  5. Act Now to Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.S.
  6. Save Pit Bulls - pictured is Tazzy, killed by NYC Animal Control
  7. Stop Hartelust! - Stop this Dutch animal trader in the vivisection industry!
  8. Stop the Halal butcher/slaughterhouse opening in Basildon
  9. Stop Vivisection and any type of Tests on animals NOW!
  10. Against fur and leather
  11. Stop horse slaughter
  12. Shut down the Montana wolf hunting and trapping Facebook page.
  13. Save cats from torture and slaughter in Peru
    Read Update #3 September 23, 2013
    Partial victory, more signatures please!
  14. Ask Rihanna to Stand Up for the Slow Loris
News & Polls
  1. FB album: Protest impotriva eutanasierii in fata Curtii Constitutionale
    Romania, Bucharest: app. 200 people are asking in front of the Constitutional Court for the dismissal of the "Euthanasia Law". VIER PFOTEN's team is there to protest against an immoral and inefficient law allowing the mass killing of dogs in Romania!
  2. Romania's Constitutional Court decided in favor of PL912!
  3. Curtea Constituţională a decis: Câinii maidanezi pot fi EUTANASIAŢI. Legea trebuie promulgată de preşedintele Băsescu - Constitutional Court Ruled: Stray Dogs Can Be Euthanized. Basescu Has Promulgated The Law!
  4. FB event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
    Please support the Romanian Dogs who are safe now!
  5. FB album: Save the Death Camp Dogs Campaign Romanian Crisis Doggies
  6. Puppy Doe: Facebook Group Started in Case of Tortured Dog
  7. Critics trying to rescue dogs from 'sanctuary of sorrow'
    Former Supporter Calls Forks Dog Sanctuary A Torture Chamber
  8. Maine Voters: Don’t Take the Bait - Bear baiting, hounding and trapping
  9. Shelters forced to reject strays in Kuala Lumpur!
  10. Scotland for Animals expelled from Parliament
    Last night (24th) Scotland for Animals representatives were expelled from the Scottish Parliamentary Cross-Party Animal Welfare Group. This is a first in the history of the Parliament.
  11. GreekSTRAYS - Neutering | holiday information and homes in Ermioni, Greece
  12. Baby Doe/Kiya Guest Book
    *Please Scroll all the way to the very last name/message at the bottom, and add your name/message/city/state and or country by placing your cursor there. Thank you!*
  13. Baboons arrive at Sanctuary
    Good news! A large, east coast laboratory has stopped conducting research on baboons. As a result, nine females aged 13-23 years old—Pearl, Missy, Chloe, April, Friendly, Spicy, Brooke, Kennedy and Lulu—have been granted the freedom they have been denied for years.
  14. Country’s First Fur Ban Goes Into Effect
  15. Guide dog saved baby by pushing pram away from car
  16. Lion, tiger, and bear all live together. [VIDEO]
  17. A Cute Kitten vs Two Scary Things (Apples)

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