Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4 petitions and more

  1. Stop a Uranium Mine from Opening Near Grand Canyon!
  2. Protect the San Pedro Conservation Area
  3. Urgent - The Borderlands Need Your Help! (US)
  4. Governor Brown: Stop Clearcutting in CA's Forests! - Sierra Club (CA)
  5. Protect the Catskills from the Belleayre Mega-Development
  6. Tell Gov Cuomo: Veto A.8031/S.5824 and save the Hudson River from ruinous development (NY)
  7. Support a ban on shark finning in NZ waters.
  8. Stop Deep Sea Oil - Say No To Anadarko
  9. Tell FWS What You Think | Defenders of Wildlife
    Deadline Sept. 11th! Everybody can participate!
  10. PETA Uncovers Cruelty at Government Dog-Breeding Unit
  11. Stop cruel military exercises on live animals in the EU!
  12. Waunakee Citizens, Take Action for Safe Communities for People and Pets (WI)
  13. The stray animals of Europe | B&H - Gorjevac Dog Shelter in Bihać
    Scroll down please, petition needs more signatures!
    Against the horror dog-pound in Gorjevac, Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  14. Endangered Species Coalition
    The Endangered Species Act turns 40 this year, and there’s never been a better time for Americans to celebrate its success and speak out in its defense. We’re asking people in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio to write a letter to the editor to celebrate and defend the Endangered Species Act. We’ve included some sample letters to the editor below and some highlights to consider including in your letter.
  1. Ban Exfoliating Microbeads for Their Harm to Aquatic Life
  2. Commend Company on Plans to Increase Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  3. Stop Torturing Bulls in Spanish Town
  4. End Carriage Horse Abuse in Rome
  5. Ban Violent Italian Horse Races
  6. Protect Small Asian Mammal from Exploitative Coffee Production Process
  7. Demand Florida Aquarium Improve Conditions
  1. Ask WHSmith to make gun magazines promoting animal killing age-restricted
  2. US NAVY: Stop the East Coast Underwater Explosive Training Killing Whales & Dolphins
  3. EU, when do you think it is time to act?
  4. Romania: Immediately stop the plans off killing of stray dogs
  5. Stopper le massacre des baleines pilotes (globicéphales) aux Iles Feroe
    Stop the slaughter of pilot whales at the Faroe Islands, Denmark
  6. Stop Euthinasion Of Animals: To stop killing animials now.
    petition creator is the same as the petition target?!
  7. Dave Hughes: Give up animal milk
  1. Justice for Wolf Killed in Kentucky
  2. Investigate Baby Deer Killed by SWAT Team in Wisconsin
  3. Demand American Idol not allow Jennifer Lopez back on the show
  4. Demand Justice for Wexford County Pets with Better Management of the Shelter
  5. Urge support for a Nevada state funded, spay and neuter program.
  6. Save the Killer Whale, Tilijum, at Sea World
  7. Save Limestone - Karst Areas in Bukit Bulan Kab. Sarolangun Prov. Jambi INDONESIA
  8. California Restoration, Water!
  9. Save Rosia Montana (target?)
News and Polls:
  1. Reporting Internet Animal Abuse
    Never ask to remove animal cruelty videos, REPORT them!
    Send a message to INTERPOL
    FBI — Map of Field Offices
    FBI Tips and Public Leads
  2. Ce ar trebui făcut cu câinii fără stăpân din Capitală? Vote for option 4!
    What do you think should be done with Stray dogs in Bucharest?
    1. Move to a shelter
    2. Euthanasia (kill them)
    3. Leave them alone
    4. Give them professional care, followed by an adoption campaign
    5. Not interested
  3. FB Event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
  4. Dairy farmers frothing over Hughesy's latest challenge to give up milk
    Answer the poll by clicking on "click here to take the survey"
  5. Man is arrested after neighbor captures neglect of dog and puppies on video
  6. End of dog meat eating  ...+ Newsletter: Soi Dog Foundation - 03-09-2013
    Important Steps Forward In Ending The Dog Meat Trade…
  7. These aerial shots of factory farming look like bloody zombie wounds
  8. Newsletter: Howling Success at the Minnesota State Fair
  9. AB 789 Prohibits Cruel Wildlife Killing Methods (UPDATED)
    California signed into Law, Bill AB 789, sponsored by Born Free USA and The Humane Society of the United States, will ban the most inhumane wildlife trapping practices, also decreasing the chance of family dogs being killed in traps
  10. Our victories: Stop a catch plan for euthanasia of cats introduced illegally versus plan for sterilization - Victory for Cats in France (use translator please)
  11. Crazy Puppy Party | Official Pup Aid Video (also sign the petition if you can)
  12. Kittens Arthur and August rescued after shutting down subway service for nearly two hours
  13. Dog Stranded on a Busy Highway Gets a Heartwarming Rescue
  14. Sweet Dog Cries for Joy in His Soldier Daddy's Lap

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