Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29 petitions and more

  2. Tell Wayne State University to Stop Cruel Heart Experiments on Dogs (US)
  3. Please Help Millions of Farm Animals (US)
  4. Urgent Help Needed for Homeless Cats Stranded on Long Beach Jetty! (US)
  5. Urge Aflac to Stop Exploiting Live Ducks!
  6. URGENT: Ask Company to Ditch Cruel Shark Exhibit at Nightclub!
  7. Help Nosey, Who Is Being Forced to Perform in Indiana!
  8. Urge NBC Sports to Cancel Big Game Hunting Show!
  9. Stop France's Plans to Honor Bullfighting!
  10. USA: Oppose Government Plans to Reduce our Wild Horse Population! (US)
  11. Fight Illegal Fishing in U.S. Waters
  12. New Hampshire: Protect People and Pets (NH)
  13. Kansas: Protect People and Pets (KS)
  14. Ask WAZA to help stop dolphin hunts
  15. Write Wild - Protect Canada's Bees and Pollinators!
  16. Tell Gov. Jindal to Stand With Our Wetlands (US)
  17. Stop the dog slaughter in Romania!
  18. Radu Banciu sa fie arestat pentru instigare la uciderea animalelor fara stapan
    Romania, Radu Banciu, this 'journalist' to be arrested for instigating and paying for the killing (and skinning) of stray dogs!
  19. Stop Wolf Hunts
  20. Proposed Revision to the Nonessential Experimental Population of the Mexican Wolf  Please comment on the proposed changes and include the following 4 key points that can be found here: Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery! (campaign is international).
  21. FB event: Video sharing with South Korean government, companies & international organizations  South Korean Dog Meat Industry! Please protest! Sample letter and email addresses are provided!
  22. Say NO to the killing of stray cats and YES to a friendly approach.
    Netherlands! Click on 'Teken de petitie' (mr/mrs; first, last name, email)
  23. Stop Big Companies from Burning Our Forests (US)
  1. Applaud Nepal for Conserving Tigers
  2. Save Malayan Tiger by Stopping Logging
  3. Urge School District to Allow Eleven-Year-Old’s Diabetes Service Dog at School
  4. Commend Hong Kong for Banning Shark Fin from Menus
  5. Urge the National Football League to Stop Testing Injuries on Animals
  6. Support Conservation Organization’s Efforts to Protect Jaguars
  7. Stop Development from Destroying the Traditional Lifestyle of Tribal Population
  8. End Wolf Hunting in Minnesota
  9. Demand that NBC Cancel Cruel Hunting Show
  10. Applaud State for Protecting Bobcats
  11. Applaud Nationwide Departure from Animal Testing
  12. Incentivize Humane Treatment of Livestock
  13. Print Warning Labels for Factory Farmed Products
  14. Extend Habitat for Wild Bison
  1. Gov. @Sarundajang2014 & Bupati Sompie Singal: No mining on small islands. Save Bangka – North Sulawesi!
  2. European Parliament, EU Council of Europe & Pope Francis: Russian Federation We Ask To Stop Cruel Slaughter Of Homeless Animals
  3. European Union: Kick Romania out
  4. Taean, S. Korea! Revoke the permit for illegal dog meat farm immediately and protect the welfare of Taean residents!
  5. European Union: Please take action regarding Romania, a European country challenging Europe
  6. Gobierno rumano: Que paren los abusos y la matanza en masa de los perros callejeros - Romanian Government: Stop the abuse and mass killing of stray dogs.
  7. The Mayor of the Greek Island of Hydra: Stop the poisoning of cats on the Greek Island of Hydra
  8. Аркадий Мамонтов : помогите привлечь к ответственности малолетнего живодера, Егора Мизонова , проживающего в Красноярском крае, пос. Шарипово - Russia, Arkady Mamontov: Help to prosecute minor knacker, Yegor Mizonova living in the Krasnoyarsk region, pos. Sharipovo
  9. Abschuss-Stopp der Streunerkatzen im Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer
    Stop shooting of stray cats in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park
  10. The Obama administration: Protect our pets from police brutality in the U.S.A., make Laws to protect them from being shot by police officers.
  11. Jim Buckmaster, Stop Allowing the Re-Homing of Pets on Your Site
  12. FUNDACION OSO, ASTURIAS: Retiro digno para las osas paca y tola
    Bear Foundation, Asturias: A dignified retreat for these bears
  1. Help Protect Threatened Rhinos
  2. Stomp Out Animal Cruelty From Chemical Testing!
  3. Tell NBC Sports to Stop Covering Bloodsports!
  4. End Taiji Dolphin Slaughter
News and Polls
  1. How eating dog became big business in Vietnam
  2. Reply from Craigslist: craigslist Pets and “Puppy Doe”
  3. Would You Pay $19 To Kill a Wolf? [VIDEO]
  4. Message for Europe! [VIDEO] Romania...
  5. Condolences Page for the Stray of Romania
  6. Website: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bulgaria 
  7. Vietnamese Children Celebrate World Rhino Day
  8. Website: Institute for In Vitro Sciences
    Advancing Science and Animal Welfare Together
  9. Male Dog In China's Changsha City Stands Guard 10 Hours For Female Companion Who Fell In Gutter (VIDEO)
  10. Firefighters Rescue Cat from Burning Home
  11. Fall in Love With This One-Eyed Pirate Kitten - He's Helping Other Kitties Find Homes

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